“I love you like gangbusters”

TV Show: iZombie
Episode Title: And He Shall Be A Good Man
Original Air Date: May 28, 2018
Episode Number: 4×13

Episode Description

Clive, Ravi, Peyton, and Major work together to help Liv.

My Review

Well, that’s that then. I’m glad that this season is over because it was a pretty rough one with uneven storytelling and meandering plots. For next season, I would like the writers to tone down Liv’s quirks whenever she’s on a new brain because this was part of why I gave this season a bad grade. The past few seasons, the brains she was on were fun because I don’t think they were that forced, but this season, I definitely felt it.

This episode would have made for a pretty good series finale. Everyone had their happy ending: Liv is free to continue on as Renegade; Clive and Dale get married and get to have a family thanks to Liv; Major is now Commander (hee); Ravi and Peyton are still together; Blaine and Don E. are now the sole suppliers of brain for New Seattle. Not bad. And the best part of all is that we are rid of the most idiotic plot that happened to this show: Angus and his cult. Good riddance.

I did like the emotional beats in this episode with Liv saying goodbye to Clive, Ravi, and Peyton and then later with Liv giving the cure to Dale. That was awesome. Less effective was Liv mourning Levon’s death (Seriously, who the fuck cares about that character? They barely knew each other and then all of a sudden they were declaring their love? Meh.). Even less effective was the show trying to push the Major/Liv angle. They probably are endgame but I have never bought into their relationship. I hope we don’t see Major mooning over Liv next season. And I also hope that if the show really wants to have them be endgame that they don’t introduce another boyfriend for Liv. It’s getting old at this point.

My favorite moment was probably Peyton’s reaction when Ravi pulled a Han Solo as a response to her “I love you.” “Oh no, you didn’t.” Hee. “I love you like gangbusters.” They are too adorable.


“All the optimists I know are dead”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: It Reaches Out
Original Air Date: May 30, 2018
Episode Number: 3×08

Episode Description

An old friend taunts Holden with the answers he seeks; Naomi struggles to fit in; a mysterious low-level tech aboard the Thomas Prince enacts a terrifying plan.

My Review

What just happened?! Man, I hate that this show always ends on a cliffhanger because I don’t have the patience to wait one week to see how things get resolved! Maybe I should have waited until this season is over to binge the show. I never had to wait for the next episode while watching this show until this season since I watched the first two seasons over the summer last year.

Anyway, what an episode. The sequence of events during the last few minutes left me breathless and that last shot left me speechless. What did it mean? That time slows down near/around The Ring? I have to start reading book three now because I just want to know what the hell is going on.

Kudos to Steven for really selling us Holden’s paranoia and fear and his panic and desperation as he tries his best to conjure The Investigator. So thanks to that bit of protomolecule in the bottom of the Roci somewhere, the protomolecule is able to manifest this version of Miller and uses him to communicate to Holden somehow. But to what end? Why is the protomolecule communicating with Holden? Curious that no matter where the Roci goes, trouble always seems to follow it.

Loved all the Roci scenes with Amos and Holden. My favorite scene was probably Holden telling Amos that it’s a great quality of Amos to listen and not judge. Also really loved the scene where Holden was pleading to Amos to trust him and Amos does so without any second thought. Also, him backing Holden right away after Holden tells him that Miller told him to go to the Ring and then telling Alex to do as the Cap says was so great. I just love Amos and I love how loyal he is and just no-nonsense about everything. There’s no gray with him. It’s just black and white.

I have so many questions about Melba and the blind guy on the Roci. Are they working for the same group? Why frame Holden and have the OPA and the UNN aim their missiles at the Roci? Whoever is behind this: are they just out for Holden or they just needed someone to take the blame and be collateral damage? Really hope that Amos figures out the blind guy is not to be trusted. Not sure yet if Monica can be trusted since we haven’t really seen her do anything shady. Yet.

Anna is on to Melba. I wonder how long until Anna figures out that something is troubling Melba and susses out that there’s a conspiracy in the works. I don’t think Melba is the villain here. I have a feeling that she’s being coerced to do these things since it’s obvious it pained her to kill that guy. I wonder if there was anyone on that ship that she blew up?

It hurt to see Drummer and Naomi at odds. I don’t want them to break up just yet! Freaking Ashford and his counsel. Really hope Drummer tells him to fuck off and listens to Naomi’s advise instead. I don’t trust Ashford at all and it’s so obvious that he wants to be captain of the Behemoth and not just its CO.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Was that other woman on the Thomas Prince flirting with Anna?

– Naomi and Drummer have great chemistry. I want to see more of them together.

– Amos’ reaction when he came upon Holden having a screaming match with no one was priceless. Also, apparently Amos is not your average person who talks to themselves sometimes, lol.

– Missed Bobbie and Avasarala but I figured they wouldn’t have fit in this episode since it was already so packed.

– Holden scanned himself over 30 times for protomolecule infection/exposure. Poor guy.

– What is Melba? Why can she gain all that strength? And how?

– Lastly, so happy this show got rescued by Amazon. Hallelujah!

“Well I’m not putting on an apron”

TV Show: Billions
Episode Title: Redemption
Original Air Date: May 27, 2018
Episode Number: 3×10

Episode Description

Axe explores an unappealing investment at a desperate moment. Taylor makes a personal compromise for business. Chuck suspects a major foe may be on to his scheme. Sacker calls in a favor from the FBI. Wendy advises an Axe Capper to make bold moves.

My Review

Having Chuck and Axe focus on their own “enemy” instead of focusing their attentions on each other is actually very smart of the show. Give both of them time to move past their last experience together and how they had to work together to get themselves and Wendy out of the jam. Maybe some viewers don’t like this new angle, but I do. Gives the show a breath of fresh air, in my opinion. I’m sure, in time, we’ll see both of them going at each other again.

Chuck going after his boss is actually the more interesting one for me if only because the AG is a huge deal and one of the most prominent and powerful positions in the country. You just don’t fuck with him unless you know you’re going to win. Now that Chuck has this information about Jock’s business deals during his time as the governor of Texas, this is all that Chuck needs to put his boss away for good. With Kate and the other guy (I still don’t know his name) working for him, he’s got a pretty solid team backing him.

I saw Condola’s play Saint Joan on Broadway this past Sunday so I’m finding it weird to see her on this show after seeing her in person as Joan of Arc and right after the show at the stage door signing Playbills and taking pictures with the fans. By the way, she is absolutely STUNNING in person. Also, if you’re in NY and want to see a Broadway show, I highly recommend Saint Joan. Its run ends June 10th (same date as the Tonys which I’m sure Condola will go straight to after she takes her final bow) so go while you still can!

Anyway, back to Billions. Like I said, I’m amused by the fact that I now have seen two cast members of Billions in person (I saw Maggie Siff waiting on a subway platform last year) and now I’ve seen Condola. Always kinda surreal to see actors/famous people in real life. By the way, Condola’s mom, Phylicia, came out at the stage door as well which was pretty damn cool!

I see I got sidetracked again, haha. So, Kate Sacker. I loved that we got more of her in this episode which is always a good thing. Chuck complimenting her that she has learned so much and how he taught her well like the proud father that he is made me smile. I also liked how it was echoed again in their last scene together when she was the one who said that he taught her too well and that this might end up biting him in the ass in the future. For now, he’s just happy that she’s working with him. Smart man. I’ve no doubt he sees Kate as his successor because she is just like him in more ways than one.

Seeing Axe scramble to cover the loss of Grigor pulling out his money was very interesting and I loved seeing him really work to come up with several ways to cover that loss. I’m glad he didn’t end up making that deal with Frotty because there’s no way that would have ended well but now he’s back to working with Grigor again which could end badly for Axe knowing what kind of businessman Grigor is.

I was right in thinking after the last episode that Grigor’s story about the boy and the mother who was gang-raped was about him and his mother. I have no doubt that that guy who took advantage of his mother and then who passed her on to his comrades is now dead and probably lying somewhere in a ditch. You do not mess with Grigor and get away with it. Axe has been forewarned. How interesting to have Axe’s mom be brought into the picture after hearing Grigor’s story. Are we going to find out more about Axe’s childhood? Are we going to see his father and find out if he has any siblings?

The parallel between what Chuck did going behind Kate’s back to talk to her father even after she explicitly told him not to and Axe going behind Taylor’s back and using her relationship with Oscar to buy out that company from under Oscar was well-done. Taylor didn’t deny that they were hinting to Axe to take that deal when they announced whom they were having dinner with so if that wasn’t their intention, it makes me wonder why they took that act pretty badly. Or maybe it’s because they had to break up with Oscar and that’s the one that’s causing them so much pain instead of what Axe did to them. Hmm. Really liked the scene of Taylor going to Wendy to get some kind of comfort or consolation. Really well done scene.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Ben Kim taking that moment to be bold and dancing to Hot In Herre in the elevator with Axe and some very important clients was hilarious. Kudos to Ben for finally getting the courage to blurt out his idea which will help Axe Cap tremendously.

– Chuck getting bamboozled by the AG into asking him and his wife to dinner was priceless. It was just like seeing a prey getting cornered into a corner with no escape and him not knowing what’s going on until it was too late.

– I see we’re continuing on with the parade of guest sports stars. This time it’s Maria Sharapova playing a tennis match against Axe. Nice.

– I continue to like the new female trader. Her correcting the guys on the pronunciation and giving them a lecture of what “frottage” means was awesome. All the guys were pretty impressed.

“So, should we acknowledge my presence now?”

TV Show: Westworld
Episode Title: Phase Space
Original Air Date: May 27, 2018
Episode Number: 2×06

Episode Description

Maeve continues her search for her daughter; Dolores calculates her next move; Elsie gets closer to the truth about Delos.

My Review

Aside from the gore and violence of Shogun World, I loved this episode. I want to challenge the writers not to show one beheading or amputation for one episode. The constant barrage of killing and mutilations is getting a bit much especially when it happens several times in one episode. We get the point that killing and violence will always be part of this show, but do they have to be so explicit? Is it really wise to show this much gun violence in today’s day and age?

This was probably one of my favorite episodes this season for two reasons: first was the Emily and William conversation which was just wholly fantastic. The second was the scene of Elsie and Bernard walking along the train track and Bernard telling Elsie “I believe if anyone can right this ship by force of sheer will, it’s you.” I’m right there with him on this point. Really wish Ford factored Elsie in to his grand plan and that’s why he had Bernard knock her out in season one so that she won’t be killed when the hosts started killing humans.

Emily is a great addition to the show and adds even more layers to William. I really enjoyed their conversation where they were both being honest (at least on Emily’s part) and talked about Julie’s suicide and why Emily was really there. Interesting that William was suspicious about Emily being a host that Ford created to fuck with him even more. Emily could still be a host, but I honestly don’t think she is. Her reaction when she awoke to an empty camp save for one man was priceless. “Mother…fucker.” I have no doubt that she will eventually catch up to her father and give him a piece of her mind. Also of note was how great the father/daughter chemistry was between Ed and Katja.

The Elsie/Bernard pairing continues to be my favorite thing. Their partnership is one of the best aspects of this season and I hope that we get to see more of their adventures together. Elsie’s reaction when Bernard told her that he believes she’s the one who’ll put everything right was GREAT. Her concern for Bernard when he volunteered his brain to be extracted so they can figure out what the fuck is going on and why the program is not responding (or whatever it is) made me smile. I appreciate that Elsie is treating Bernard like a human and showing concern for his pain.

That ending with Ford…does that mean Sir Anthony Hopkins is going to be back in some capacity? What does it mean? Did he insert his consciousness into The Cradle and that’s why Elsie can’t do anything about the malfunctioning robots? Someone smarter than me explain what this means. “Hello, old friend” had quite an ominous sound to it, didn’t it? Was Ford saying that to Bernard or to Arnold?

Dolores’ “oh shit” reaction when new Teddy shot that captured man from Hale’s party made me laugh. Methinks she’ll end up regretting doing this to Teddy. I wonder why she didn’t ask that programmer to erase the fact that she forced him to be reprogrammed to be harder and tougher than his old build. He’s going to be all bitter and sassy to her and I honestly can’t wait to see this and seeing her reactions

Is that it for Shogun World? It was a good detour, but I’m kinda glad we’re done with that storyline because it was just non-stop violence. Sad to see Akane and her husband not join Maeve, but it was the right thing to have them stay behind. I did like how Akane echoed Maeve’s advice about letting someone choose their fate even if that fate is death. I’m excited that Armistice’s counterpart decided to join Maeve, though. She is pretty freaking awesome.

Maeve being all surprised to see her daughter having another mom made me shake my head. What made her think her daughter will just live there by herself with no one to take care of her? But it seems like it doesn’t matter because now she has her daughter and it looks like her mother is dead thanks to the Ghost Nation. Or is she? The fact that they didn’t kill Maeve and the daughter has to mean something. What did the leader mean when he told Maeve to go with them because they are both on the same path?

I doubt that Lee will leave Maeve’s group that easily. Will Maeve hurt him for calling for backup or whatever he was doing? Now that Maeve has found her daughter, for what else does she need Lee? Felix glaring at Lee for not helping Maeve was great. We know his sympathies lie with Maeve and not his bosses. Sylvester, on the other hand, is unsure. He’s always been scared of the hosts so it’s possible he might go with Lee if/when they get “rescued.”

Those reinforcements that Hale called, how long until they get killed? They seemed to be the first wave of aid that Delos sent with Strand’s team following not long after. Coughlin’s reaction to Stubbs’ first name was hilarious. “Ashely? Jesus.” 😅

“And a good day to you, sir”

TV Show: iZombie
Episode Title: You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away
Original Air Date: May 21, 2018
Episode Number: 4×12

Episode Description

Ravi and Clive work together to solve a case; Major pulls a surprising move on Liv.

My Review

Is this season over already? This season really has been a mess and it’s unfortunate because I truly do love this show. Less so after this season. I’m hoping they can rally and give us a fantastic fifth and final season. Now that the writers know it’s their last season, they better come up with a satisfying ending and plot the entire arc much better than the current season.

Major essentially drugging Liv and brainwashing her (literally) was not a good look on Major. He knew perfectly well that Liv has a boyfriend and yet, he gave her the his and hers brains so they can be a couple in love and happy and stuck in the 50s. What the hell. I honestly thought that first scene of Major coming back into the house carrying firewood and talking in this odd way was a dream and then when I realized it wasn’t, I just felt so uncomfortable watching all of their scenes.

We all know Liv is not going to die so there’s no suspense in that storyline. If anything, it will be Levon who ends up dead (very funny that the writers keep on killing all of Liv’s boyfriends) and possibly Chase will die too. I need this Fillmore-Graves storyline wrapped up together with the Brother Love nonsense. I just want our group back to their old lives before the zombie apocalypse happened at the end of the third season.

As much as I enjoyed Clive proposing to Dale (it was very sweet), I’m hoping that he broke things off with Michelle first before getting down on one knee. Let’s see if the show would actually go there and turn Clive into a zombie. I have a feeling that we will see Dale being the first zombie to take the experimental cure and that will turn her into a human permanently. Let Clive remain human. He’s awesome as is.

Lastly, when Chase said “Love is a many-splendored thing”, did anyone else immediately think that that’s something Logan Echolls would say? I sure did.

“There’s only so much booze and fucking you can buy”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Delta-V
Original Air Date: May 23, 2018
Episode Number: 3×07

Episode Description

All eyes turn to the edge of the solar system as a mysterious new presence emerges; Naomi recommits to her roots; Drummer butts heads with a seasoned new commander aboard the Behemoth; and a young Belter makes a name for himself.

My Review

God, I love this show. I’m praying to the TV gods that Amazon picks this up and gives us all the seasons until there are no more books to base the show on. Or they could go on with these characters and storylines for as long as they could. Crossing my fingers we’ll have good news before the holiday weekend officially starts tomorrow.

I can’t wait to start book three now that it looks like the show has started off with the story from that book in this episode. Lots of new characters, lots of new plots, lots of new potential, and a time jump. I thought the time jump was handled pretty well with just the right amount of exposition and relaying to the audience seamlessly what happened since the last episode which was 187 days ago.

Avasarala: I was right that it looks like she’s taken over the Secretary General position now that Errinwright has most likely been jailed and Sorrento-Gillis has been removed from his post. Kinda wish we’d gotten more of her in this episode, but I’m sure we’ll see her more in future episodes. She looks great wearing her usual wardrobe, but I missed seeing her in her Razorback spacesuit.

Bobbie: Yay, she got re-instated back into the Marines! Really sweet scene with her and Alex catching up and checking in with each other. Bobbie visiting Alex’s son and (soon to be ex) wife was very thoughtful of her. Her telling Alex that he’s the best pilot she knows and saying “You can fly me anywhere” was very sweet. Aw.

The Roci crew: This whole documentary thing could get old real fast, but I’m sure the writers will do their best not to let the documentarian and the cameraman get too annoying with them always butting in where they don’t belong. I found it pretty amusing that they both hit on Amos and Amos was just like “I don’t shit where I eat.” 😅

Amos: I am so bummed the Roci team is all scattered all over the solar system. It just doesn’t seem the same. Amos talking about Prax…oh, my heart. “He was my best friend in the whole world.” Amos was practically saying that complete with heart eyes. I wonder if he would have stayed with Prax in Ganymede if Prax asked him to stay with him and Mei. Amos calling the plants in the Roci “Prax Panels” made me smile. He loves him so much! Having read The Churn, the novella that tells about Amos’ backstory, I had to smile at how the show is teasing his backstory and keeping Amos’ history so mysterious.

The racer guy: All he wanted was to be famous for breaking all kinds of racing records and to impress his girl and he figured he’ll get that when he goes through The Ring. Only problem is, yeah….that was gruesome as hell him hitting a “wall” and stopping in an instant while traveling in 1G acceleration was something else. Just like with the protomolecule killing that person and rearranging her body parts and organs because it wants to study the human body, this was equally gruesome. Well, I guess the guy got what he wanted in the end: to be famous. There’s no way his name won’t be known within the system after that stunt.

Drummer: I LOVE HER. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and I just love that about her. Ashford is going to regret undermining Drummer in that last scene with him telling Drummer’s crew what will happen if they get caught with contraband. I mean, he’s not wrong, but him crossing Drummer like that in front of her own crew is not going to sit well with her. I am going to enjoy seeing these two go on a power struggle because both of them can definitely get under each other’s skin like no other. Also, am I crazy or does anyone else sense some sexual tension between them??

Naomi: I’m not happy about her no longer being part of the Roci crew, but I can’t complain too much because I absolutely adore her together with Drummer. What a formidable team they make. The Captain and her Chief Engineer. Yeah, I would watch a spinoff of these two. I hope that Naomi listens to Ashford and advises Drummer that they can no longer act like the Belters of old because now they have a legitimate chance at being part of the big two (Earth and Mars) and be part of the conversation when it comes to the system.

Melba: Who is she and have we met her before? How did she get all superpowered? Why was she trying to blow up that ship? Where was that ship anyway? Was it one of the ships that was heading to The Ring? I see that the guy who played the clones on Orphan Black was on the same ship as she was so it makes me wonder if he’ll play a larger part in this story together with her.

Anna: Her poor wife and daughter. I don’t think Anna’s going to go back home anytime soon now that she’s part of the civilian delegation flying to see what The Ring is all about. Interesting that that guy on the ship she’s on said that what they’re seeing is not alien-related, but technology-related. Scary stuff.

Miller: Whoa, is he back?? Was that just Holden hallucinating him or is the protomolecule somehow projecting Miller onto the Roci since last we saw Miller, he was being infiltrated by the protomolecule. Now that we have an idea that all of the protomolecule share one “consciousness”, what if Miller’s thoughts and consciousness are inside that thing (along with the others that it has consumed), and is trying to communicate with Holden for whatever reason? So many questions!

Other random thoughts and observations:

– I loved how the show introduced David Strathairn’s character. He even brought back the traitor Diogo. What’s their deal? Surely Dawes had an ulterior motive sending Ashford to be Drummer’s CO and then it looked like Diogo is there to do Ashford’s bidding and spy on Drummer. Hmm.

– I had to laugh at the Belter version of All By Myself playing when that racer guy got broken up with by his girlfriend (with his brother, no less).

– “I don’t shit where I eat.” Wise words from Amos, everyone.

– Funniest moment of the episode was Drummer’s response to Ashford asking on behalf of Dawes how her bullet wound in her stomach is: something about her tattooing Dawes’ name around her wound to remind herself. Cara Gee’s delivery was perfect. 😅

– Loving Naomi’s new look – the purple hair!

– Are we going to eventually check in with Prax and Mei in Ganymede and see how they’re doing?

“Love is weakness”

TV Show: The 100
Episode Title: Shifting Sands
Original Air Date: May 22, 2018
Episode Number: 5×05

Episode Description

Octavia leads her people towards Shallow Valley against the advice of Clarke and Bellamy. Meanwhile, Kane and Abby adjust to a new set of challenges.

My Review

Was it just me or did anyone else felt as if they missed an episode between this one and the previous episode? I actually stopped the video just to make sure I didn’t miss an episode and sure enough I didn’t. I was so confused as to why everyone was already back on Earth when in the last episode, the prisoners woke up and were getting ready to do bad things to Murphy and Raven up in space.

Whoever wrote this episode failed in their part to put in a throwaway line about the crew going up there and bringing everyone back down. It would have been very helpful. Yes, there was that scene where Diyoza yelled at everyone, but I thought that was just the rest of her crew when they first landed on Earth. Again, complete writer fail.

Octavia is being very difficult right now and I usually like her, but it’s hard to be in her corner because all of these rash decisions are just bad. She risked the lives of Wonkru because she didn’t want to waste time taking the long route. 12 people died in the process. If they keep going like this, Diyoza’s people will easily outnumber them in record time.

Her threatening to kill her own brother if he ever goes against her and contradicts her is really pushing it. Are the writers purposely writing Octavia so we’ll end up hating her? It’s slowly working on me. I wonder if they plan on killing off Octavia at the end of the season by making her so hateful. I hope not. I hope she mellows out and listens to other people’s sage advice instead of blundering blindly and doing the first thing that comes to her mind.

Really wish Indra would stop pussyfooting around and tell it like it is to her Blodreina. If she really loves Octavia (which she said so here), she needs to stop being a soldier for a moment and speak truth to power. Octavia needs a reality check. Things might have been different in the bunker, but now that everyone is above ground, what’s stopping these people from disobeying Octavia. All it takes is one person to disobey her and if more people follow suit, will Octavia just go on a killing spree? Yeah, it’s a slippery slope. Indra needs to talk some sense into her surrogate daughter sooner rather than later. Octavia won’t listen to anyone else. Not Cooper, maybe not even Gaia. Maybe she’ll listen to Clarke so there’s some hope there.

Raven getting tortured. Hmm, must be Tuesday. These writers need to stop torturing Raven and this better be the only time she gets tortured. It seems inevitable that Raven will most likely get together with Shaw and it’s all good and Raven definitely deserves to be happy, but I wish that they didn’t have to get together. Let them just be friends first and if it turns out to be something more, then fine. Just don’t force it too fast.

My question is, did Shaw really betray Raven when he didn’t tell her about using Murphy to locate where everyone is hiding or was that part of the plan? Again, I don’t know if it’s just me or I wasn’t paying attention, but I thought the writers could have done a better job setting this up. What makes me think Shaw lied to Raven and Murphy and that he didn’t tell him the full plan was because if Murphy knew that he was being tracked, he would never gotten into the truck. But even then, Shaw and company didn’t even need to track Murphy because they already located or already knew where Octavia and his group were camping. I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Maybe I should just handwave simple logic whenever I watch this show because otherwise, I’d be just super confused.

My favorite part of the episode was Madi telling Murphy she thought he’d be funnier, hee. Just you wait, Madi. There’s still time to learn the real Murphy. I liked that Emori got off the truck to be with Murphy. Here’s hoping this is the start of them making their way back to each other.

I did not appreciate the blatant and eyerollingly-worthy shot of Clarke in the background seeing Bellamy and Echo kiss. She didn’t look too bothered, to be honest, hahahaha. Octavia, on the other hand, looks super pissed. Let’s see how long until she goes after Echo. I’m guessing it happens in the very first scene of the next episode.