“Your internal meltdown is literally making the bed hot”

TV Show: This Is Us
Episode Title: Still There
Original Air Date: October 17, 2017
Episode Number: 2×04

Episode Description

Randall and Beth adjust to a new family dynamic; Kate books her first big gig; Kevin suffers a setback on his movie; Jack and Rebecca are visited by an unwelcome guest.

My Review

Going to start this off by saying that any episode that has a lot of Beth in it is automatically a great episode for me. With that said, this was a fantastic episode: not only did we get a lot of Beth scenes, the rest of the storylines were excellent.

I forgot how many times I teared up during this episode, but I’m pretty sure a lot of it was during Beth and Randall’s scenes with Deja. Beth was very impressive at her handling Deja and the issue with her not washing her hair. I mean, that was the perfect way to handle that situation. It broke my heart when Beth saw the bald patches and how she explained that it happened with one of her sisters when they’re stressed.

This led to Deja feeling comfortable enough to share about her feelings. It’s too bad all of that goodwill was broken when Deja felt betrayed when Beth talked to Randall about it. Beth’s reaction broke my heart and I just wanted to give her a hug right there. It’s going to be tough for both Randall and Beth, but I truly believe that they will make a positive difference in Deja’s life. They just have to keep at it.

Kevin’s storyline was so sad. He really was fighting with everything he can not to take those painkillers, but his story about not being able to pursue a career as a football player led him to take those painkillers. He was not going to lose another thing that he loves to do. This is not going to end well for him.

I’m shocked that Toby didn’t annoy me in this episode and that I liked his scenes with Kevin especially when Kevin was telling him about his football injury. It’s great that Toby was there to nurse Kevin and talk some sense into him about his recovery, but it’s too bad that it was all for naught. Kevin already made up his mind that he’s going to push himself to get better because he doesn’t want to miss out on the shoot.

Kate is pregnant, wow. This is an interesting storyline for her and for Toby. I just hope that this doesn’t derail her singing career. She can be pregnant and still pursue singing jobs. Here’s hoping the writers let her do both. I look forward to everyone’s reactions when they find out about the baby.

The flashback scenes were adorable with everyone except Rebecca getting sick with chickenpox. I thought it was so cute that Randall was doing everything he can to get sick. Randall’s question about grandma shooting MLK was so funny. I loved how Jack explained racism, though. That was perfect. Rebecca’s mother is the worst. At least she made an effort in the end and actually took interest in what Randall was doing. Randall’s response “Took you long enough” after she said that he’s a special boy made me laugh.

On a shallow note, how FINE did Beth look in the beginning of the episode? WOW. I think my jaw dropped on the floor, lol. I have such a crush on Beth. I can’t help it.


“What if we worked together again?”

TV Show: Halt And Catch Fire
Episode Titles: Search / Ten Of Swords
Original Air Date: October 14, 2017
Episode Numbers: 4×09 / 4×10

Episode Description

Donna celebrates a milestone with her closest allies; Cameron contemplates saying goodbye; Joe confronts an uncertain future.

My Review

Okay, I’m writing this while still recovering from the perfection of the last two episodes of this show so bear with me if this doesn’t make any sense. That was a beautiful finale, though, wasn’t it? All I wanted was to see everyone on here find the thing that gets them to that thing and I think these episodes did just that. I enjoyed everyone’s scenes and where we left them.

Bos and Diane: After getting a clean bill of health, Diane (after getting an answer from Donna) and Bos decide to go on that trip they’ve been talking about and live their life seeing as many countries as they can. Diane’s story about Bos wanting to take a picture of each shamrock they came across in Ireland was hilarious. So touching how Diane reacted earlier in the episode when Bos nonchalantly dropped that the doctor told him he’s probably going to live through the 21st century. So happy these two found each other and are genuinely in love with each other.

Bos and Cameron: Yes, this is just one of the scenes where I couldn’t help but cry/tear up. Their father/daughter relationship is one of my favorite things about the show so I’m glad they got a great last scene together and, oh, how beautiful it was. I loved that Bos didn’t tell Cameron to stay or to go, but offered her sage advice which she can use to decide for herself. Their scene really felt like the actors were saying goodbye to each other onscreen and that’s partly why I couldn’t stop the waterworks.

Joanie: Her going to Asia backpacking and exploring was probably the right decision at the time, despite what Donna says or thinks. Joanie has no responsibilities right now so it was the right time to do this, have her figure herself out and what she wants to do with her life. This is her walkabout. I was in tears (this is going to be a recurring theme during this review, I’m warning you now) during her phone call to Donna. It started out all well and good and then she mentioned Gordon and how being in that shrine felt like he was still with her and I just lost it.

Haley: It broke my heart when the girl at the fast food place rejected Haley’s invite to go see the Natural Born Killers together. Just sucks that she didn’t feel the same way, but Haley’s going to be alright and will be stronger because of it. Granted, she got herself a boyfriend and dressed more like a “normal girl” during that time, but in the end, she dumped him and I think that was just the beginning of her finally accepting who she is. It made my heart swell when she started listening to Gordon’s tapes to calm and center herself and how that made her feel close to him.

Joe: He’s a humanities professor in college?! Who would have thunk it? I actually thought it was a perfect fit because he has so much knowledge and wisdom to impart and who better to impart that to than college students? They might not all be there because they want to be there, but I assure you that there’ll be one or two who’ll get what Joe’s talking about and I bet that’s enough for Joe. I know it’s silly, but I started tearing up when the camera panned around his office and we see a picture of Cameron on his bookcase and a picture of Gordon and Haley on his desk. Oh, my heart. He truly loved Gordon like a brother.

Joe and Comet: It sucked that Yahoo beat them to the punch, but them’s the breaks. Even if nothing came out of it in the end, his experience with the company was priceless and got him to bond with Haley and get to know her. And he got to spend time and work with his best friend and they were able to create this fantastic site thanks to Haley’s idea. You can’t put a price tag on that.

Joe and Cameron: The writing was definitely on the wall with these two so I wasn’t too surprised about their breakup. Guess Comet was the one thing that was keeping them together which is kinda sad if you think about it. I wonder if Comet was a success, how long would they have stayed together. Would they even have stayed together?

Cameron: Not too surprised either with Cameron and Alexa not working out. It sounded great initially, but their work ethic just didn’t gel together. I was dreading Cameron going back to Florida because I wanted her to stay and work with Donna again and, guess what? I got my wish!

Donna: She could have spent most of the episode swimming in that pool and I would have been fine with it. But thankfully she didn’t. Her turning the firm into a much more casual and less-buttoned down place of business was GREAT and it even gets Diane’s stamp of approval. I loved how she got the male partners to take a break by having them play video games and seeing them actually enjoy it. I loved that party she threw for the women at her company and her speech was fantastic. Women supporting women. That’s how it should be, not women cutting down other women to get themselves further up that ladder. If you’re that type of woman, shame on you and karma will bite you in the ass.

Saving the best for last…

Donna and Cameron: the last half of the episode from when Cameron showed up at Donna’s house to say goodbye up until their last scene together outside the diner was absolute perfection. This was everything I wanted for them for the finale and I got even more. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried my eyes out several times during their scenes because I was that emotional over the fact that they’re talking again and are honest with each other and…gah, my emotions.

Loved how they teamed up to help salvage Haley’s project with Donna removing the hard drive and Cameron trying to extract the data from the drive. Unfortunately it didn’t work, but it led to Cameron suggesting to Donna that they should work together again. Donna was totally taken aback by this and was utterly left speechless. Notice she didn’t say yes, but she didn’t say no either.

I already said I loved Donna’s speech; my absolute favorite part was of course her name-checking Diane and Gordon and, of course, Cameron: “People like my last and best partner, Cameron Howe.” Excuse me while I go and fling myself into the sun. I bet that would hurt less than dealing with all these Donna/Cam emotions. 😭 This is the part where I actually yelped and started sobbing because I couldn’t contain my emotions anymore.

Cameron falling into that pool was so perfect and definitely cut the tension that has been building throughout the episode. Great way to provide us with some levity. And I’m sure someone smarter can come up with an allegory of her falling into the pool and Donna’s love for swimming in the same pool. Haley coming out (see what I did there?) to tell Cameron that her falling into the pool was the funniest thing she’s seen and then Cameron and Donna saying to each other that sometimes they think “Haley’s gay” was awesome.

Then both of them going to Comet one last time and talking about the possibility of their new venture Phoenix and how it’s going to be like and how it’ll end with the same events as when they were on Mutiny, but this time instead of not speaking to each other, they would still be friends. I got confused for a bit during this scene because I thought it was turning into a flash-forward thanks to the Phoenix sign lighting up behind them, but then it dawned on me that they were just fantasizing.

I loved that they ended up spending the night and the early morning together just talking (oh how I wish we got to see the entirety of their scenes) and grabbing breakfast at the diner. And of course this is where we see Donna getting an idea for something and excitedly telling Cameron before she leaves town: “Cameron, I have an idea.” Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Oh hello, Lillian Kaushtupper from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, playing the psychic Joe goes to visit.

– The Comet commercial was very well done and it was such a shame it didn’t see the light of day because Joe wanted to respect Haley’s wish. After it ended and Joe said a few things…then he mentioned Gordon and then he couldn’t go on, yep, I got choked up.

– I loved that we got one last Joanie/Haley scene before the series ended because their relationship is so pure and beautiful. How rare is it to see two sisters who genuinely care and love each other? Such a breath of fresh air.

– Donna losing it over Yahoo! was such a hoot. I wonder how many times they had to shoot that scene.

– Cameron’s reaction when she saw Donna in that red dress = my reaction. 😍 Yowza indeed. Also, Donna trying to play hackey-sack while wearing the dress was adorable as was her saying “I don’t get it.”

– Donna hugging Cameron in the kitchen and telling her “I’m gonna miss you” was another tearjerker moment.

All in all, I think this last season was the show’s best season. The characterization was so rich and left me fulfilled. I was very happy watching this season and I’m so glad that AMC gave them advance notice of this being their last so it allowed the writers to properly map out how they want to end the show.

I keep coming back to the word “beautiful” because it’s the perfect way to describe this show and especially this season. The reunion between Donna and Cameron was beautiful. The episode that dealt with Gordon’s death and the impact it had on everyone was beautiful. The Joe/Haley friendship was beautiful. Donna’s relationship with her daughters, the ups and the downs, it was beautiful. Joe and Cameron’s relationship and their reunion was beautiful (even though it didn’t work out in the end). Just lovely stuff all around.

I’m going to miss the hell out of this show and these characters. I wish everyone well in their career and I hope to see them again soon. I’m really excited to see where Kerry and the two girls playing Haley and Joanie show up next.

Thank you for four amazing seasons, show. It was a lovely ride.

“Well if I wasn’t sure I liked girls before, this confirms it”

TV Show: Fresh Off The Boat
Episode Title: First Day
Original Air Date: October 10, 2017
Episode Number: 4×02

Episode Description

It’s the first day of high school and Eddie wants to join the football team to impress girlfriend Alison, despite Jessica forbidding him to try out. Emery finds out that Evan has been moved up a grade and is in middle school with him. Louis battles with Kenny Roger’s right-hand man over changes at the steakhouse.

My Review

Poor Emery! His luck and charmed life finally ran out, now that it’s the Year of the Ox, his zodiac sign, and apparently it’s Chinese lore that you’ll get a bad year of luck. Should be interesting to see what else goes wrong for him this year, hopefully nothing too traumatic. I laughed out loud at Evan reacting strongly when Emery broke his mechanical pencil. “My lead rods!” 😅

Eddie’s growth spurt is so drastic, wow. He’s almost a foot taller than Jessica and it’s even more obvious when you see how small all the boys were in the opening credits. Even though Eddie and Alison broke up, I’m glad that Eddie’s friends made up with him and wanted to be there for him after hearing about Alison. Aww.

The high school having a female football coach was pretty cool. Eddie paying that kid $50 (!) to impersonate himself was not surprising. What’s surprising was him having $50 to pay off someone. That seems like a pretty steep price.

Evan skipping a grade, wow. Pretty impressive. So after he devoured those books during summer (and the Babysitter’s Club series), he gets to skip a grade? How about the other subjects? I mean, Evan has always been an A+ student, but I thought that was a bit unrealistic. They should at least have mentioned that his education on the other subjects is on par with the rest of the students.

Kenny Roger’s Michael Bolton’s Cattleman’s Ranch. Louis will win this war. At least he gets to keep his bear for now.

Loved this line from Jessica: “I am so mad I can’t hear myself speak. All I can hear is the anger in my ears.”

“I just want to sit and stare at nothing and silently scream for the rest of time”

TV Show: The Good Place
Episode Title: Existential Crisis
Original Air Date: October 12, 2017
Episode Number: 2×05

Episode Description

Tahani throws a dinner party to impress. Eleanor and Jason both have to lend a hand when things don’t go as planned.

My Review

Whoa, Jason and Tahani slept together?! Did not see that coming, but it was quite a delight and a nice surprise. Should be interesting to see how their dynamic changes (if at all) and to see how everyone else reacts over this development. It was very sweet of Jason to make Tahani feel better, though, and calling her an eight (which is better than a 10). Tahani was right. “That’s so unnecessarily confusing.”

Michael having an existential crisis was hilarious. His initial breakdown and then lying on Chidi’s lap was pretty priceless. His facial reaction reminded me of Munch’s Scream painting, lol. Jeanette/Janet OMG. Yowza! She looked amazing in that dress (I noticed the butt), but I wasn’t too keen on her being a blonde.

Eleanor’s breakdown at Bed Bath and Beyond over a family toothbrush holder was so funny. Also, her mom is the worst. She accidentally killed Eleanor’s dog by leaving him inside a sweltering car.

Eleanor mixing up words was also very funny: velociraptor = valedictorian. Also, her idea of pants having the same hole for the legs and Chidi saying “You mean a skirt?” Hee.

These two lines from Michael were my favorites from this episode:

“A millennial is someone who’s only been torturing people for a thousand years.”

“It’s Chinese for Japan.” (referring to his new tattoo)

I also loved this one from Jason: “Want some breakfast? I know how to make cereal.”

“I’ve always wanted to converse with my mushrooms”

TV Show: Star Trek: Discovery
Episode Title: The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For The Lamb’s Cry
Original Air Date: October 8, 2017
Episode Number: 1×04

Episode Description

With tensions and stakes high as Starfleet continues in their efforts to end the war with Klingons, Burnham begins to settle in to her new position aboard the U.S.S. Discovery.

My Review

Well, I take back what I said about Lorca in my comment about the previous episode. He captured the creature to study and he didn’t make it as I originally thought. He’s smart because it led to the crew saving those people. Thanks to Burnham’s observations and advice, they were able to figure out what the creature is about and its relation to the spore.

I was kinda bummed about Landry’s death, but after the stupidity of that whole scene and her actions, my disappointment was wiped away. Why the hell didn’t she listen to reason? Such an idiot letting it loose from its containment unit and not knowing much about its behavior.

Still liking Tilly and Burnham. I also like Stamets and Saru. I’m slowly warming up to Lorca. He’s hellbent on ending this war and I like that. Just hoping his dedication to this doesn’t end up biting him in the ass and that he’s not blinded by it. The show could use a bit of humor, though. Everyone is so serious all the time.

The Klingon scenes still bore me, but I kinda liked the development in this episode with two Klingons warring and having opposing ideas. What are the chances that the Klingon who was left on Shenzhou to die teams up with Discovery to take down his own kind? I think part of the problem I have with the Klingon storyline is that they all look the same to me and it’s hard to really learn who’s who because whenever they’re onscreen, I have to read the subtitles and instead of focusing on who’s talking, I spend my time reading what’s onscreen.

Georgiou’s message to Burnham might have made me tear up just a tad. Loved that she considered Burnham like a daughter.

“No munchkins allowed”

TV Show: How To Get Away With Murder
Episode Title: It’s For The Greater Good
Original Air Date: October 12, 2017
Episode Number: 4×03

Episode Description

Annalise takes on a case for the greater good and quickly realizes the stakes are much higher than she originally thought. Meanwhile, Laurel asks Michaela to help get information regarding Wes’ death and Connor makes a major life decision that is not supported by the group. In a flash-forward, a surprising confrontation during the night of the crime is revealed.

My Review

Really loved this episode because everyone were all on their A game especially Annalise and Michaela. Annalise putting the chief defender on the stand to help her win the case and to have something to use for her plan to file a class action lawsuit while risking Virginia’s career was pretty bold. Annalise is not unhinged yet, but she’s showing signs of being a bit too headstrong and having her feelings/emotions get in the way of reason. Her argument with Jimmy Smits’ character (I still don’t know his name) was very telling and he’s right. What Annalise is doing admirable, but she’s taking way too many risks and putting her clients and herself on the line. Should be interesting to see how this class action lawsuit pans out, though.

Annalise almost going after Bonnie and Virginia was eye-opening. Yes, Bonnie and Nate worked together to mess up Annalise’s case, but she wasn’t entirely sure that Bonnie and Nate were working together. I’m all for Bonnie and Nate working together, but just not in taking down Annalise. They both need to move on from their hate of Annalise because their time could be spent on something better.

I’m excited to have Bonnie and Laurel working together because I’ve always liked their dynamic. Laurel going to Frank to ask him to talk to Bonnie about being an intern at the DA’s office was exactly just like a kid talking to daddy after mommy said no. Love it. I really liked Laurel’s scene with Frank and how she manipulated him almost into talking to Bonnie on her behalf by telling him that she will end up job-less and throwing away her career, something that Frank said to her when they first got together and how he would hate to see that.

I know people are saying that Laurel is selfish for putting Michaela in a difficult situation by asking her to use her internship to get evidence on Laurel’s father, but now that she has something (circumstantial though it may be – the flight log of her father’s private jet), maybe Laurel really is on to something. I just hope that Michaela doesn’t get found out.

Michaela winning Hell Bowl was not too surprising because she is awesome and Simon is an ass who doesn’t deserve anything good. I had a feeling Laurel’s tip about Kigali would end up winning Michaela the title. I’m loving the lawyer that she’s going to be interning for. Just hope that she’s not a tyrant and would treat Michaela with respect and be a great mentor for her.

Connor dropping out of law school and everyone intervening on his behalf was a fun plot. I do wonder if Connor will change his mind, though. Maybe he is better off out of law school or at least maybe he should take off a semester to see what else is out there. Now that his dads are visiting, maybe he’ll change his mind? Very interesting to learn that Connor has two dads?! That was pretty cool. Can’t wait to find out what the story is with that. Asher making a fool of himself in front of Connor’s dads was very funny. Never change, Asher.

Really sad to see Jasmine (Annalise’s client from the previous episode) ending up dead due to an overdose. She would have been better off in prison and Annalise should have figured this out and shouldn’t have bothered with getting her out after she found out more about her history of drug addiction. Annalise is going to blame herself for her death, mark my words.

The case this week was very good and the actors who were cast as father and daughter really did look like they could be related, so good job there, casting department. I do have a question, though. Was this a civil or criminal case? I only counted eight jurors so I’m thinking this was a civil case. Also, since I only just recently finished being a juror on a criminal case, I was surprised to see the jurors holding notepads and pencils to take notes during the case. Is that allowed in civil cases? Because it wasn’t allowed during the trial in my experience. I also had a knee-jerk reaction to hearing those voice recordings being played in court because there were a ton of that happening for the case I was involved with.

Lastly, seeing Michaela in the flashforward all bloodied and crying and breaking down was distressing. Who is she talking about? Who is dead? She kept mentioning a “he” and I’m thinking it’s the baby she’s referring to because Laurel did say that the baby is a boy when she had that scene with Annalise. And also, Michaela was in front of the nursery window during this scene so it’s reasonable to deduce that she’s talking about the baby. Of course, this could be red herring and she could be talking about any of the male characters. The plot thickens!

“What are we gonna do?”

TV Show: Arrow
Episode Title: Fallout
Original Air Date: October 12, 2017
Episode Number: 6×01

Episode Description

The future of the team is left hanging in the balance after the emotional showdown between Oliver Queen and Adrian Chase. Now, the focus shifts to uncovering the fate of each and every member of Team Arrow. Could anyone have possibly survived an island-wide explosion, or has the book closed on them, as it has on Oliver’s five-year flashback story?

My Review

Well, that was quite an underwhelming way to start off the season. Sometimes I ask myself why I still watch the show and I’m reminded as to why when we get an Oliver/Diggle/Felicity scene, but since those scenes are so few and far between nowadays, I guess the reason I’m watching is because I’ve been there from the start and would like to see this show through to the end. It’s certainly not an enjoyable experience most of the time.

Did not like this episode. It just was not good. Aside from Stephen, the acting was all around terrible (Emily is excepted because she didn’t have any meaty/emotional scenes). Even David who’s always reliable had a few terrible acting moments when Diggle was pretending to be shaken by what happened to him on the island and not able to shoot straight.

Not a fan of Dinah and I don’t think I’ll be a fan of her at all. Why was she so front and center in this episode? Why was she the one who spoke to Diggle and noticed that something’s off with him and not Oliver or Felicity? Also, I fucking hate the foreshadowing that Diggle and Dinah will/might get together romantically. Fuck off, show. Diggle deserves better (i.e. Lyla) so he better stop putzing around and get back with Lyla. I don’t even remember where they left off last season.

Looks like the return of Katie made everyone worse in the acting department. Her time away from the show was definitely not used to hone her craft. I don’t want to come off mean, but the acting was awful. It was as bad as Juliana’s acting, but at least not as bad as the woeful kid who plays William. What the fuck was that “bad man” scene? I couldn’t stop laughing because it was SO TERRIBLE. Am I going to be able to subject myself to the awful acting of everyone this season? Lord give me strength.

I felt bad for Thea ending up in a coma and I still can’t figure out why Willa’s screen time is still reduced. Get rid of Dinah and reinstate Thea full time as Speedy. At least they didn’t kill off Thea so there is that.

Could not care less about Oliver’s troubles with his son. I feel sorry for Stephen for having to act opposite this kid.

Rene is still annoying and he needs to ban “hoss” and “blondie” from his vocabulary. I think it’s quite disrespectful for him to keep on calling Felicity “Blondie” even after she told him last season not to call her that. Also, he’s the new speech writer now? Is this a joke? What exactly in his background makes him qualified for that job? Oh wait, it doesn’t matter. He wasn’t qualified to be Quentin’s assistant last season and yet he got the job. Nepotism, hello.

That ending…okay. We all know Oliver’s going to try to spin this somehow and have the city not believe he’s the Green Arrow. What a lackluster premiere. Here’s hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come for this season.