“Sergeant, you’re going to Earth”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: The Seventh Man
Original Air Date: March 8, 2017
Episode Number: 2×07

Episode Description

Draper struggles with what happened on Ganymede while the coming Earth/Mars peace conference tighten the tension on Erringwright. Dawes confronts Fred Johnson about what the OPA’s course of action should be regarding the protomolecule.

My Review

I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but Amos continues to be such an intriguing character and I liked his conversation with Cortazar and if he regrets having the procedure to have his empathy removed. Curious that Cortazar thought he was interested in the procedure himself. All of these little clues about Amos are just great stuff and I enjoy getting bit by bit every episode. He felt something when that boy pushed him after he (Amos) pushed the boy’s mother. He said the boy looked at him like a monster and in his mind, he probably doesn’t understand why. Oh, Amos. You still are just a poor little boy inside.

What a fucking badass Chrisjen was in this episode (even more than usual). Her answer when the president (not sure if that is his correct title) asked her “Why didn’t you ever run for office?” was GOLD:

“I like getting shit done. And I like to keep my head attached to my neck.”

FUCK YEAH. Stick it to the corrupt and evil politicians, Chrisjen!

Diogo, you bastard. I can’t believe he just handed Dawes Cortazar on a silver platter. Dawes knowing about the protomolecule is the worst thing that could happen now (well, one of) and everyone knows that he will use it to take out Earth and Mars without any hesitation. I hope Diogo gets punished for what he did. What Miller died for, he just put that in peril.

Can’t wait for this peace summit between Earth, Mars, and the OPA. Is Dawes heading there and will he have Cortazar talk about the protomolecule? Oh shiiiiit. 😧

Bobbie going through the trauma of the attack and losing her comrades was portrayed well by the actress. Now her own superior is telling her to lie about the attack and that Mars fired first in order to subvert all-out war between Earth and Mars. I understand her frustrations, but this is the right call. No one can afford to go to war at this time especially when Dawes blows the doors wide open in regards to the protomolecule problem.

Lastly, I really thought that Miller didn’t die and thought that we were going to find out that he survived Eros crashing into Venus so it was a complete shock when I realized that Thomas Jane’s name is gone from the credits (I didn’t notice it in the previous episode). I can’t believe the show killed off one of their leads. Damn! 😱

“I am the fucking hero who helped save Mother Earth”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Paradigm Shift
Original Air Date: March 1, 2017
Episode Number: 2×06

Episode Description

Earth and Mars search for answers in the aftermath of the asteroid collision.

My Review

What just happened at Ganymede station? Who attached the Martian shipped killing everyone on board and wiping out Bobbie’s entire fleet on the ground? Was that an alien hovering over Bobbie? You can’t end the episode just like that, show. I want answers. Thankfully I don’t have to wait a week because I can binge watch the show. 😌 As much as it sucked to have the Martian ship attacked, I thought it was beautiful watching the missiles fly towards it and shattering the ship into pieces. Space battles on this show is an art form.

Amos continues to be amazing and an absolute enigma. The more I see of him, the more I want to know more about him. I read that one of the novellas (The Churn) explains why Amos is the way he is and I can’t wait to delve into that along with the rest of the books. Amos beating up that guy to protect Alex and then nonchalantly walking away cracked me up. He just seems so unaffected by everything.

His argument/conversation with Alex about what happened at the bar was very telling as to what kind of person Amos is. Everything is black and white to him and there’s no gray area. “The way I see it, there’s only three kinds of people in this world: bad ones, ones you follow, and ones you need to protect.” For Amos, Holden and Naomi fall in the second category and Alex (and to an extent, Naomi) fall in the third category.

How great was that scene where Holden tells Alex and Amos that he and Naomi are sleeping together? The fact that Amos and Alex already knew and had a bet going was hilarious. LOVED that Amos is unaffected by it (as he usually is when it comes to most things) and had no hint of jealousy at all. It cracked me up that he said this to Holden’s face: “She’s like a sister to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I would do her if she let me.” Classic Amos. 😄

Did Naomi disobey Holden’s orders to fire that torpedo with the sample straight to the sun? What’s going on with her? Is she thinking the same thing that Johnson is thinking that if Earth and/or Mars find out about the protomolecule, this would be bad news for the Belters because the Belt always loses when those two get involved? I don’t blame her, but this is going to cause conflict with her and the rest of the team. It was nice to see her work with Drummer, though. I’m loving their friendship.

Chrisjen’s speech to Errinwright was so well-written, but I think Shohreh overacted a bit during this scene. Definitely explains why a lot of people go into public service and endure everything that comes with it because they know that once their service is finished, there’s a bigger payout in the private sector. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all public servants, just to the ones who are in this to help themselves.

I liked that we got a bit of exposition/history in regards to how Earth was able to colonize Mars 137 years ago, thanks to Epstein and what is now known as the Epstein Drive. “That’s the wonderful and terrible thing about technology. It changes everything.” Foreshadowing about the protomolecule?

“I’m gonna take my pet nuke for a walk”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Home
Original Air Date: February 22, 2017
Episode Number: 2×05

Episode Description

The Rocinante chases an asteroid as it hurtles towards Earth.

My Review

“Wow” doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings about this episode. I think this was the best episode of the show so far and it was absolute perfection from beginning to end. We had the Roci crew doing what they do best (looking out for Miller and always ready to help the system); we had Miller doing what he does best (being a hero); we had Avasarala doing what she does best (doing everything she can to save Earth). SO GOOD.

There were a lot of hilarious, tense-filled, and emotional moments in this episode and they were all executed perfectly. Amos and Miller provided most of the hilarious moments which I appreciated because it lightened the mood just a bit since they were all dealing with such heavy issues.

I’m going to list all the hilarious moments because they are all worth mentioning:

– “Don’t get all ‘Holden’ on me. Weird and chatty under pressure.” – Naomi to Miller. Seeing Holden’s reaction to this was priceless. They have such a great relationship/friendship and I prefer them this way.

– “Think happy thoughts.” – Naomi to Miller. This is funny just because of Amos and Holden doing a double take and turning around to give Naomi a WTF look, lol.

– “In other news, I think I’m getting close to that hot zone of Naomi’s.”
“Excuse me?”
“Seed crystal.”
“Oh, right.”

I think this exchange was my favorite of the episode because of everyone’s reactions, but especially Amos’ adorable and dimpled smile. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. My unproblematic fave! 🤗

– “There goes my spleen.” Writing this line makes me laugh all over again. Just the way Amos delivered it was perfect and very funny. Wes Chatham is totally owning this role and he is making me a fan of him. He’s charming and has great screen presence. And yes, those dimples don’t hurt a bit!

The tension was superbly relayed and shown and I really wasn’t sure who was going to die or how Earth would avoid getting hit or if the Roci was going to be able to rescue Miller. Great, great writing, directing, acting, special effects. I can’t say enough amazing things about this episode, you guys.

Chrisjen putting her foot down and working with Johnson and giving him guidance controls of 150 missiles is a risky move, but one they couldn’t afford to do. There was no time for negotiations and I’m just hoping this doesn’t backfire on her and that Drummer and Johnson will find a way to take those missiles and not make Earth look weak or stupid and not make themselves look like they’re liars who betrayed Earth’s trust.

The emotional scene between Chrisjen and her husband Arjun was so well-written and acted. I was watching it just fine one second and the next, I started tearing up when Arjun told her not to apologize, but she says “sorry” anyway and how she said that he wouldn’t respect her if she left Earth now. “Why did I marry such a great woman?” You damn right you did!

The Roci crew doing their best to keep up with Eros was a valiant effort, but in the end, they were no match with Julie. Props to Alex for killing it in the pilot’s seat, as per usual. I thought it was so cool how we saw the effects of the ship going full speed and how that affected each of the crew members. Hell, I was grinding my teeth every time we see them shaking and grimacing in their seats.

That moment in the end with all four of them drinking Ganymede gin in honor of Miller and then raising their glasses to an absent Miller was a nice touch. They all have come so far and you could tell that despite everything and everything that they’ve been through, they are and will be friends for life, probably even family.

And now for the crazy that happened on Eros. What in the hell?! Julie is “alive” and controlling Eros via the protomolecule. Is it because she is the first host and that’s why she’s able to do this? I don’t know what’s going on anymore. Not sure what to think of Miller taking off his suit and kissing Julie. I wouldn’t have minded the former, but him kissing her? Come on. This was the only thing I didn’t like in the episode because I have never been fully on board Miller’s infatuation with Julie. Even creepier that he was calling her “kid” during their scene and I’m like “What?” He was talking to her like his kid sister…

Anyway, kudos to the visual effects team because the scenes inside Eros were superb especially the floating lights and the way they had Julie’s body glowing blue and laying on that protomolecule contraption with “arms” everywhere. Very, very cool.

“I’m wearing your underwear”

TV Show: The Bold Type
Episode Title: Three Girls In A Tub
Original Air Date: August 15, 2017
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

Richard is determined to get to know Sutton’s friends outside of the office and invites the girls to dinner, but things don’t quite go as planned. Sutton attempts to network with a new social circle by attending a high tea. While on a date with someone else, Jane comes to a realization about Pinstripe; and Jacqueline is forced to intervene when Kat’s new staffer keeps damaging Scarlet’s social media presence.

My Review

So Pinstripe/Jane and Richard/Sutton are no longer? I’m actually very surprised that both relationships ended this episode, but I have a feeling that this is not the last we’ve seen of either guy. Pinstripe might have played it cool that Jane breaking things off with him is not a big deal, but I think there is something deep inside him that would like to pursue a monogamous relationship with her.

As for Richard, I believe Sam Page, the actor who portrays Richard, is in all 10 episodes and is part of the regular cast so he’s not going anywhere. Then again, it might just be in the capacity of Richard as board member that he’ll be seen as in future episodes, but maybe he and Sutton will get back together. I really do like them together, but they’re both right that their current relationship is not really a relationship at all since they have to hide it from almost everyone they know for fear that it would negatively impact both of their professional careers. What a tough situation.

At least Sutton is killing it in the work department by going to high tea and networking like a boss. I laughed so hard when she was high and that she hated being high. That’s my girl. I was scared that she would make a fool of herself at high tea, but no, she impressed her fellow assistants and made connections that she needed for her job (while high on pot, mind you).

Kat firing her first employee was understandable and definitely the way to go. And I’m glad that Kat was hesitant to do it because it’s her first employee and she didn’t want to be the bad boss so I appreciate the reality of the situation. If it was any other boss, they probably would have fired the girl during her first infraction without feeling bad about it.

Loved the two scenes of all three girls hanging out in the bathtub. They all might be single now, but it doesn’t matter because the real OTP of the show is these three girls and their friendship. It’s the purest thing.

“You’re top dog in a bureaucracy filled with idiots”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Godspeed
Original Air Date: February 15, 2017
Episode Number: 2×04

Episode Description

Miller devises a dangerous plan to eradicate what’s left of the protomolecule on Eros.

My Review

OMG. This show is amazing, you guys. I really thought Miller was a goner and I was tearing up watching the Nauvoo getting closer and closer to Eros and then it missed and I was just like Amos: “What…the fuck?” And then when Holden said that the Nauvoo didn’t move, that the Eros did, I went “HOLY SHIT!!!!!” 😱 That blew my mind and made my jaw drop. The protomolecule is alive and is aware of everything going on and that’s a very scary thing. How the hell are they going to contain this weapon now?

But let’s backtrack to the beginning of the episode. Miller and Johnson successfully convinces Holden and his crew to go back to Eros to blow it up using the Nauvoo. I guess Johnson is very lucky that the Nauvoo didn’t get blown up as planned so at least the Mormons won’t go after him for now (that is, if they don’t reroute the Nauvoo to try to hit Eros again). Did the Mormons fund the building of the Nauvoo? Kinda sucky if they did and Johnson just hijacked it to be used as a weapon. Granted, it’s to save the systems, but still.

Holden killing those doctors aboard Marasmus was a very tough decision, but it was the right thing to do at that particular time. Shit would have hit the fan if they broadcasted the events on Eros to the entire system and shooting that ship was the smart thing to do. This is going to weigh heavily on Holden for a while, though. Poor guy.

Loved Miller sacrificing himself to stay with the bomb and to spare Diogo. I actually thought he was going to leave Diogo there, lol. I should have known better.

Mao figuring out that Avasarala knows about him and Errinwright working together and telling Errinwright he’s an idiot for figuring this out himself was gold. What exactly is in this for Errinwright, I wonder? Is it about power/prestige or money or both?

Amos continues to be awesome. I loved his brief adorable moment of “Bombs away. Always wanted to say that.” The smile is the part that did it for me. That smile and those dimples. I love him.

“The universe just kissed me on the cheek”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Static
Original Air Date: February 8, 2017
Episode Number: 2×03

Episode Description

Holden and Miller butt heads about how the raid was handled.

My Review

Tough to choose who my favorite character was in this episode between Miller and Amos. Amos was winning until the end with Miller and his brilliant idea of using the Nauvoo to take out Eros. And I thought he was turning over a new life, but no, he was just finding out information about it because he already knew what he needed to do about Eros.

This might have been the first time I’ve liked Miller because his rational about killing Dresden sort of makes sense now. “I didn’t kill him because he was crazy. I killed him because he was making sense.” I still would have liked Dresden to be alive just so they can find out more information about this protomolecule and how to stop or prevent it from doing whatever it’s doing.

So this protomolecule wasn’t killing the people on Eros, it was turning them into something? Did I hear Cortazar correctly? I am so confused! I won’t theorize about this part of the story because I got nothing.

Amos was so great in this episode with him trying a different tactic to get Cortazar to talk and he succeeded. I couldn’t help but laugh that he opened his conversation with Holden by talking about pedophilia and seeing Holden’s “what the fuck” look was priceless because that was exactly my reaction! Oh, Amos, never change.

Avasarala contacting Johnson had me cheering. Yes, she was committing high treason and putting herself at risk, but she’s doing this for Earth and that’s all that matters. What did Johnson end up sending her in the end? I’m assuming that he sent her that information about the stealth ship? I laughed at her “What the fuck is this?” because hearing Shohreh Aghdashloo curse is AWESOME. Also, I continue to really like her rapport with Cotyar, her spy. His pun about “hanging” cracked me up.

Alex replaying the attack on the Roci to see what he could have done differently to save the 25 people who were on the other pod was sad. It’s okay, Alex. You can’t save everyone.

Nice to see Naomi and Drummer (Johnson’s second in command) hanging out and letting off some steam by playing a variation on that sport (I forget what it’s called) and then going out dancing. I hope they build on this relationship because lord knows this show needs more females interacting.

I said I liked Bobbie in my previous reviews, but I need to see some kind of variation or depth within her character. She can’t remain pissed off at Earth and not being able to go to battle because it’s getting tiring at this point. Same goes for the rest of her crew treating the Martian who was born on Earth like shit. There are more important things to worry about where someone was born. Hello, real world events. It was very nice to see all three of them treating their colleague with respect in the end. Hopefully it sticks!

“Thought you might still be rowing”

TV Show: Game Of Thrones
Episode Title: Eastwatch
Original Air Date: August 13, 2017
Episode Number: 7×05

Episode Description

Daenerys demands loyalty from the surviving Lannister soldiers; Jon heeds Bran’s warning about White Walkers on the move; Cersei vows to vanquish anyone or anything that stands in her way.

My Review

I don’t think I’ve recovered from Gendry making a triumphant return to the show. Holy shit, that was such a nice surprise! Not gonna lie, I fist-pumped and clapped and cheered when I saw him and then uttered to myself “Hot damn, he looks hot” and this is coming from a lesbian. 😄 His scene with Jon might be my favorite moment of the episode. I laughed when he ignored Davos’ advice about not revealing his identity to Jon and both men reminisced about meeting each other’s fathers and how their fathers were friends. Makes me hopeful that they might forge their own friendship starting now.

Another reunion that made me happy was Jorah going back to serve Daenerys. She was very happy to see him and before you know it, they’re both saying goodbye again. No matter, I’m sure he’ll be back at Dragonstone by next episode. The way the characters traveled back and forth as if planes and cars have been invented already cracked me up. I guess the writers don’t give a fuck anymore about the logistics of the show and how far these kingdoms are from each other. Definitely makes the episodes go by faster and moves the plots a lot faster than before.

We also had Jaime and Tyrion’s reunion which was rife with tension. Jaime is still mad that Tyrion killed their father, but I think in time, he’ll be able to forgive him. Now will Cersei listen to Jaime? He delivered Daenerys’ plan to Cersei, to call for armistice and to meet once Jon and company bring back a White Walker to King’s Landing. What will Cersei do? Curious that Cersei knew about Tyrion and Jaime’s meeting and let it happen.

Speaking of, I can’t believe she’s pregnant. Somehow, I have a feeling this baby will not make it to its birth and that Cersei will probably lose it during her pregnancy. This probably means that Jaime will never leave Cersei’s side now and he’ll continue to be her lapdog. Way to ruin a great book character, show.

Well, the Archmaester was an idiot. He thinks that Bran’s message is a joke and is not real and he doesn’t listen to what Sam said about Bran. No wonder Sam left. I would have done the same thing. Clearly he’s done all he can and instead of not helping Jon’s cause, he’s better off going back to the Wall or Winterfell. Can’t believe he stopped Gilly from saying anything more about Rhaegar’s annulment! We were so close. Does Sam even know his father and brother are dead and that he’s the last male Tarly alive? Will he go back home if he knows about their deaths? Then again, what is he going to do there? He’s really better off at Winterfell.

I see it didn’t take long for Arya and Sansa to go back to their old ways. Arya might be right in her assessment about Sansa, but what’s the point of saying that to Sansa’s face? Why make an enemy of her own sister? And I can’t believe Arya fell for Littlefinger’s ploy. I had a feeling he knew he was being watched and, sure enough, there he was skulking in the dark and seeing Arya come out of his room. What was on that note?

It was pretty awesome to see quite a few characters meeting each other again in the last scene of the episode: Jorah, Jon, Gendry, The Hound, Thoros, Beric, Tormund, (and Davos). I really hope they all make it back alive after catching themselves a White Walker. I’d hate to see any of them get killed.