“What the fuck?!”

TV Show: Homeland
Episode Title: Active Measures
Original Air Date: March 12, 2018
Episode Number: 7×05

Episode Description

Carrie puts a plan in motion. Saul visits a source. Keane makes a desperate plea.

My Review

This seemed like a setup episode which didn’t move the plot along, but I guess we needed this episode after last week’s bloodbath. I really liked Carrie leading the team and acting out their plan. It was pretty cool. Too bad it didn’t really work, but in the end, Dante is right. Their mission’s goal was achieved (they got Simone to admit to killing McClendon and getting paid to do so) although it didn’t go as they expected it to go.

I’m surprised that it looks like Wellington is actually on Keane’s side after all? Still doesn’t explain why he disobeyed her direct orders in regards to that convoy attack at some country a few episodes ago. Maybe he really is this dedicated to making Keane’s presidency as successful as possible and even though it was the wrong thing to do (i.e. disobeying and lying to the president), he still did it because it was the politically correct thing to do (as in for the sake of politics).

So this probably means that Simone is working for someone else and is only using Wellington to get the inside scoop with the president. All signs point to the Russian (maybe) and Saul is on the same line of thinking. I’ve a feeling him and Carrie will somehow meet halfway and the cases they’ve been working on will merge together and they’ll realize that they’re both after the same group.

How great was it to see James D’Arcy aka Jarvis from Agent Carter?! He looked so different and somehow a lot younger and more attractive, haha. Will the rest of the team be back? I really did like their op and how they went about it matter of factly. I shook my head at them being all guys, though, and Carrie was right that they should have another woman on the team.

The first scene with the team talking about the op made me wonder if Carrie had slept with all of them (except Max and Dante). I’m sure that Dante and Carrie would have slept together before this season ends. I’m hoping the writers avoid going there and just have them genuinely be friends. I thought it was sweet that he kept track of Carrie taking her meds and I groaned when they were making googly-eyes at each other. Did love Max interjecting with “I took a Zyrtec at 1. Hay fever.” 😅

Keane’s idea to have the FBI widows at the memorial was genius and hopefully is just the beginning of this whole clusterfuck dying down somewhat. Mary Elkins, the widow and owner of the house that O’Keefe stayed in, going up to meet the widows and inviting them to sit with her and her family made me tear up. Talk about a powerful and very moving scene.

Thankfully we had very minimal O’Keefe so I found this episode a lot more enjoyable than previous episodes this season. Here’s hoping that’s the end we’ll see of him. Of course he didn’t think that massacre wasn’t his fault. What a fucking toolbag. Take responsibility for your words and action, asshole.


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