“Ever since you burst into my office, my life has become one big kung fu party”

TV Show: The Defenders
Episode Title: The Defenders
Original Air Date: August 18, 2017
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

As New York edges closer to disaster, Elektra sees what’s beyond the wall, and the Defenders make a last-ditch effort to save the city.

My Review

Well, that ending was shocking except not really. I was just waiting for the reveal that Matt was alive and was wondering how they were going to do it. Now that was a surprise. Who dragged him out of that hole? And where is Elektra? Did Magame Gao make it out alive and was she the one who saved Matt? Who were those nuns in the end? Who is Maggie? So many questions.

I thought the show ended relatively well. We didn’t lose any of the good guys (RIP, Misty’s right arm). I was really scared there for a minute when Bakuto was unleashing his fighting skills on Colleen and then he slashed her in the back and then he got Claire against the wall ready to kill her and then of course he cut off Misty’s arm. So relieved all the ladies survived, whew.

I guess Matt and Elektra got closure in the end, kissing each other while the building is coming down on them. No way would Matt have left without trying to talk to Elektra. He believed that the old her was still inside her so I’m not sure if he was right or not. Bittersweet last scene between them.

Nice scene with Luke and Jessica at the bar. It’s cool that they acknowledged their history and that Luke told Jessica to keep in touch, that she has friends and one of them is in Harlem. Hope Jessica follows through with her offer of having coffee sometime.

I’m not gonna lie, my favorite part of the episode was the Trish and Jessica hug. Seeing Jessica practically run towards Trish to hug her and to reassure herself that they’re both okay made me so happy. I just love them, okay? It was great to see Jessica go to Trish’s work probably to check on her and no matter how many times Trish asks her, Jessica still won’t talk about herself on Trish’s show.

My second favorite moment was definitely Trish talking to Karen about Jessica…if this isn’t a person talking about someone they (are in) love (with), then I don’t know what is.

“Jessica’s a good friend, too. I mean, not in the traditional sense. You can’t rely on her to move a couch or plan a party, but when it comes to the real stuff…the stuff that’ll last forever…”

Third favorite moment was Jessica holding the elevator and Danny’s reaction: “No way.” Hee. Jessica is awesome, dude.

Also liked Malcolm helping Jessica get her apartment back in shape by plastering the bullet holes on the wall. I got very excited when Jessica ripped off the paper from the door window to reveal Alias Investigations. 😍 Season two of Jessica Jones, please be here now. My body is ready.

I was a bit thrown off at the soundtrack when The Defenders were going up against Elektra and the rest of the goons. What the fuck was that? I actually thought one of my browsers was suddenly playing the music because the music and the scene just didn’t gel together. Seriously, what the fuck was that?

Lastly, no doubt Jessica was the MVP of this show. Her no bullshit attitude and her quips were the highlights for me and just makes me want to watch season two of her show already.


“Is sidekick a good look on me?”

TV Show: The Defenders
Episode Title: Fish In The Jailhouse
Original Air Date: August 18,2017
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

Matt, Jessica, and Luke embark on a desperate search. Colleen and Claire debate heroism. Elektra tries to recruit an all-important ally.

My Review

Great fight scenes. Kudos to the stunt folks and the director and stunt coordinators. Just wish the scenes at the garage and in the dungeon were not so dark. I wanted to actually see the cool action scenes in all their glory, you know? Madame Gao taking on Jessica and Luke was great. Hell, she totally had the upper hand against both of them! Matt held his own against the other two Hand members and he got lucky that Colleen showed up in time to save him.

Elektra versus Danny was also pretty good, but I totally saw it coming that Elektra was going to have Danny open the door somehow. Dumbest Iron Fist indeed, heh. What was that structure in the end? And why was Danny’s shirt open to reveal his tattoo? That made me roll my eyes.

I really hope that Misty helping our heroes doesn’t end up screwing her job over. She has the patience of a saint because if I was in her position and I got non-answers from the heroes, I would have thrown their asses in jail (although I’m aware that wouldn’t stop them from breaking out anyway).

Claire tagging along with Misty and then going with the heroes is making me nervous. She better be safe after all this is said and done. Maybe she’s there so that when someone gets hurt, she’ll be there to offer medical aid.

Karen needs to cut the shit with throwing a tantrum every time Matt decides to be the Daredevil. Foggy is coming around to it (maybe), but she really needs to get with the program. There’s no going back. This is the life he chose and will lead. If she’s really a friend, she should support his decision even though it puts him in danger.

Favorite part of the episode was Jessica saying “There it is again” after Matt joins her and Luke all suited as Daredevil. 😅 Second favorite part was Foggy calling Jessica “Super Joan Jett.”

“I’d face a dragon over Jessica Jones any day”

TV Show: The Defenders
Episode Title: Ashes, Ashes
Original Air Date: August 18, 2017
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

Stick offers up a theory, Danny finds himself sidelined, and Alexandra learns that it’s not easy being the leader.

My Review

Oh. My. God. Now talk about a twist! Did not see Alexandra’s death coming at the hands of Elektra, no less. “My name is Elektra Natchios and you work for me now. Any questions?” Damn! I loved that she killed Alexandra mid-speech while the latter was bragging about the best leader and then boom, she’s dead, lol. RIP, Alexandra. You were a formidable villain, but all talk in the end. Did we see what her power was (aside from being well-versed in martial arts)?

What exactly does this mean for The Defenders and for the other members of The Hand? Is Elektra back or is she still The Black Sky? Was Alexandra’s talk with her in the cemetery open her eyes about immortality and that’s why she got shit done this time? And what of her not killing any of The Defenders when she first went after Danny? Is it because she knows they’re Matthew’s friends? So many questions!

Loved Matt and Jessica teaming up to circle back to the architect’s house and talk to his family. I knew they were going to find something in that piano the moment Matt stood up and proceeded to play it. I also liked that Jessica told the daughter about Matt’s history about his father to get her to open up about her dad. Nicely done, team!

Stick realizing there was another option in regards to Danny (i.e. kill him) was also a good twist. Elektra killing him was pretty brutal. RIP Stick. You did good and now it’s up to the others to defeat The Hand.

I’m surprised at how much I’m actually enjoying this show. I was only watching this for Jessica, but the show is a lot of fun and I like the interactions between the four heroes. Here’s hoping I don’t regret these words after I watch the last two episodes.

“Smells like shit. It’s our only way out.”

TV Show: The Defenders
Episode Title: Take Shelter
Original Air Date: August 18, 2017
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Elektra’s loyalties are questioned, Colleen clashes with an old acquaintance, and Luke proves he knows how to take a hit

My Review

Best part of the episode? The supporting characters from all four shows congregating at the police station so that they would be out of harm’s way. It was great to see Trish, Malcolm, Karen, Foggy, Colleen, Claire, and Misty all in one place and I can’t wait to see them interact. It’s going to be glorious watching them talk about their respective heroes and commiserate over their situations. Bring it!

Stick cutting off that’s guy head was brutal. When even Jessica reacts in a horrified manner, then you’ve certainly done something extraordinary. Damn, that sure was a shock.

The last shot of Elektra lying curled up in Matt’s bed was a beautiful shot. She’s slowly remembering or feeling something and that’s why she showed up at Matt’s apartment. This is bad for The Hand and good for The Defenders. Once she regains her full memories, she’s going to unleash so much hellfire on The Hand that no one will left standing alive especially when she has the other four fighting with her.

Alexandra is in a very precarious position right now with the other three Hand members not fully believing in her plans for The Black Sky anymore. Gonna be interesting to see if there’ll be some kind of insurrection within the group. She better watch her back. And who is that other guy, the one who Colleen called Sensei? Was he the one Danny said is dead, but really isn’t?

Did anyone else cry out when it looked like Jessica was going to get killed by that Chinese Hand as Trish watches on helplessly? I actually thought it was out of character for Jessica to not defend herself in this scene and instead she covered herself…but I guess Daredevil had to come in and save the day.

Of course, I loved the Trish/Jessica scene. They continue to act like girlfriends (I will never stop saying this) just from that brief scene when Jessica drags her away from her meeting. I love them so much.

Line of the episode? No contest. “You are the dumbest Iron Fist yet.”

And Jessica/Matt continue to be an absolute delight.

“The scarf looked better…. Nice ears.”
“They’re horns.”