“Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to the ocean?”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Cascade
Original Air Date: March 29, 2017
Episode Number: 2×08

Episode Description

Holden leads his crew through the war-torn station on Ganymede.

My Review

This show is really fantastic, no doubt about it. This was another great episode full of character moments from Bobbie, Errinwright, Amos, Holden…I just love them all. I even like the villains (to a certain degree) because I find their purposes and goals very intriguing. There’s not one villain who’s your typical mustache-twirling villain and that’s a definite plus.

Bobbie escaping her quarters just so she can see the ocean was the highlight of the episode. I loved her encounter with Nico and how he taught her how to walk. I loved her seeing the real Earth and how hard it is for Earthers and that not everything is roses and puppies. As an aside, Frankie Adams is one gorgeous woman. She took my breath away during her walk in finding the ocean.

Chrisjen finding Bobbie (thanks to Cotyar) and telling her that she knows what she saw on Ganymede made me scream into the void because I have been waiting for these two to interact since we learned that Bobbie was heading to Earth. It was even more awesome than I imagined. Chrisjen telling Bobbie that she needs her help, that she believes Bobbie…YES AND YES!

I want them to work together and I hope that Chrisjen figures out a way to have Bobbie stay on Earth and not rock the peace accord they just reached with Mars. This is a delicate balance, though, because she believes that Mars is the one behind all this, but I think it’s safe to say there’s a third party at play here. We just don’t know who it is yet. Oh wait, it’s Mao, but who is helping him?

How beautiful was it to watch Bobbie’s reaction upon seeing the ocean, though? (Although in reality, that was just the East River, heh.) Her sitting down and in awe of what she’s seeing was quite touching and Frankie sold the hell out of that scene.

Another thing I love is Chrisjen’s relationship with her aide Cotyar and how they work so well together. Cotyar knows Chrisjen so well and vice versa. They can both anticipate each other’s moves and what the other is thinking without even talking to each other. Would be great to see them and Bobbie work together.

I guess Errinwright will be part of this, too? I was shocked he confessed everything to Chrisjen, but I think he saw the error of his ways when he realized that what Bobbie saw at Ganymede had something to do with the protomolecule and his conscience got the better of him. Good job, dude.

Meanwhile, back in Ganymede, we found out a bit more about Amos during his conversation with Prax. Prax calling him a homicidal maniac prompted this heartbreaking speech:

“He’s a bully. And where I come from, bullies take desperate young girls like your daughter and force them into prostitution. And when they finally get knocked up, they peddle them to johns who get off on that. After they have the kid, they push them right back out on the streets even before they have a chance to heal. And those kids…they use them, too. Some people deserve to be punished.”

Are we to surmise that Amos’ background involved prostitution and/or growing up in this kind of environment? If that’s true, no wonder he is the way he is. That’s a lot of trauma to have gone through at such a young age. I just want to give him a hug.

Also, I’m loving this kinship he’s developed with Prax. Yes, Prax probably still is wary of him, but I like that Amos is asking him all these questions about the plants and what’s wrong, etc. It’s such an endearing trait.

Holden stopping Naomi from stopping Amos when Amos started beating up Roma got an eyebrow raise from me. Naomi said it best, though: “Every shitty thing we do makes the next one that much easier, doesn’t it?” Holden is getting further and further away from what he believes in and every day the casualties keep on adding up. Naomi looks somewhat disappointed when Holden told her that “I would’ve stopped him before it went too far.”

So what does it mean now that the MCRN warned ships not to come near Ganymede and if they do, they’d get shot down? Does Alex have a way to communicate to the rest of the Roci crew or is he completely silent? Will getting word out to them get him discovered? I was amused by Alex’s antics aboard the Roci to keep himself entertained.

This was one of Amos’ best lines (while calmly eating and enjoying one of Roma’s canned chicken):

“You said you weren’t a homicidal maniac.”
“I didn’t kill him. Not yet.”

Lastly, I laughed when Bobbie told Chrisjen off and that she did it politely! “Fuck you, ma’am.” 😅


“What’s the point of living forever if you have to be alone?”

TV Show: Killjoys
Episode Title: Heist, Heist, Baby
Original Air Date: August 19, 2017
Episode Number: 3×08

Episode Description

As the Killjoys plan a theft on an armored convoy, Aneela finds herself on a desperate search for Delle Seyah.

My Review

Not really a lot of forward movement in this episode in regards to the war except for the last few minutes and that’s alright because I’m not as riveted by this storyline as I would like. There is no suspense in Dutch getting killed if she kills Aneela because she’s the lead so something is going to happen that will make her survive this so the tension is eliminated. I hope the show gets renewed for a fourth season. I don’t remember SyFy announcing a renewal yet.

The heist was a lot of fun, definitely made me miss the earlier seasons where the Killjoys would just catch bad guys, get entangled in some other kind of mess, and come out unscathed. The innuendos were definitely all over this episode and I laughed at all of them.

“You need a vibrator.”
“For science.”

“This could be fun. Remember fun?”
“That’s the thing that comes with scars, right?”
“Only if you do it right.”

“Front or back should always be a pre-game discussion, sweet cheeks.”

Glad that Aneela was able to find Kendry, but what it this reveal about the Lady? Is it a real person or just some manifestation of the green goo? Wonder what Aneela has planned for Kendry. Aneela did say she needs Kendry to do one thing and that she won’t like it.

Loved Dutch calling Johnny her left-hand man (“closest to my heart”). Made me swoon, just a little. It was a bit disconcerting seeing Dutch all happy and smiley in this episode. That’s not the Dutch I know and love and I wish Johnny would have talked to Dutch to find out what’s going on with her. Maybe it’s still coming, but I call foul on that.

“Trust me, I know menstrual crying”

TV Show: Halt and Catch Fire
Episode Title: So It Goes and Signal To Noise
Original Air Date: August 19, 2017
Episode Numbers: 4×01 and 4×02

Episode Description

Gordon enjoys success while Joe works to keep their web project afloat; Cameron extends a business trip; Donna launches a new venture and promotes her assistant; Joe and Cameron talk on the phone.

My Review

Here we go! Last season for this show and it’s off to a pretty good start. Interesting to see where everyone ended up after three years since we last saw them. Gordon is healthy and has a good ISP business going. Donna is very successful working at Diane’s company. Joe obsessed over the browser idea for three years and it got him nowhere thanks to Cameron bailing on the project. Cameron is back for good and is getting divorced from Tom, but can’t seem to develop a hit game. Bos is broke and has to beg Gordon for a loan.

I have never been a big Joe/Cameron fan because they don’t seem to be good for each other especially when things get complicated and they become romantically-involved so I was bored out of my mind for most of their phone conversation. Good for them for really talking and bonding and growing closer as a result of this, but I’m bracing myself for the inevitable fallout when they work together on something and it fails and then they break up.

Donna taking Joe’s idea for indexing websites is going to blow up at her face, isn’t it? Gordon will know she got the idea from him and it’s going to be such a sticky situation with her going to be pitted against Gordon, Joe, and Cameron (I’m assuming she’ll join Joe with his “Google” idea). Should be interesting to see how this develops and who comes out unscathed (I’m assuming no one).

I really liked Donna promoting her qualified assistant to lead Rover and I hope we get to see more of their relationship throughout the season. But what was that last scene? Did Donna put Bos in charge of Rover and her last scene with Tanya was her telling Tanya that she won’t be the lead on Rover anymore? Those white men…talk about being sexist and racist. They wouldn’t have a problem with that promotion if Donna’s assistant was a straight white male.

Best part of the episode was definitely Gordon discovering that Haley has a knack for programming/coding. This is the one storyline I’m looking forward to this season ever since I read about it in one of the articles I read about the show several weeks ago. I think the actress is very good and I like her chemistry with the actor playing Gordon. Also, I would like for the show to go back to that fast food place where Haley was playing chess and have her befriend that waitress. That scene definitely piqued my interest.

Line of the episode is a tie between Gordon’s “Trust me, I know menstrual crying” and Donna’s “And Cameron loves to shit out rainbows to distract from her asshole behavior.”

“I cannot die! I’ve only had sex one and a half times!”

TV Show: Wynonna Earp
Episode Title: Gone As A Girl Can Get
Original Air Date: August 18, 2017
Episode Number: 2×11

Episode Description

Allies become enemies when a vengeful wish goes awry.

My Review

Well, this was a pretty fun episode seeing what life would have been like if Wynonna didn’t exist. Doc’s life was the most different and everyone hated him so I’m glad that with Wynonna in his life, that’s not who he became. Quite shocking to see him and Dolls die (and Rosita, too…also, RIP Nedley), but of course it’s not a big deal since this is just an alternate reality.

I think this episode was a gift for all the Wayhaught fans and for Jeremy fans. All three of them really shone on this episode and I love that the three gay characters are the ones left standing “alive” in the end. Jeremy continues to be an absolute joy and a lot of that has to be the actor and of course part of it is also because of the writing. Such a great and fun character. I loved his reaction upon seeing Doc and then his reaction when Doc put his hat on Jeremy’s head. Of course Jeremy ruins the moment by asking out Doc for coffee, hee. Oh, Jeremy. Never change.

And of course, Wayhaught. Apparently in any reality, these two are bound to find each other and fall in love. Dare I say they can even be called soulmates? Nicole was so fucking whipped in this episode that it was pretty amusing to watch her look at Waverly with practically heart-eyes coming out of her eyes. Her Freudian slip in the car was HILARIOUS.

“I’d do a lot of things to you.”
“For…for me.”
“Yep, that too.”

Waverly telling her fiance that she might be gay was the best parting message ever. “Also I think I’m gay. Call you later?”

How cute did Waverly look wearing her mother’s wedding dress and wearing that crown of flowers on her head? Damn, Dominique can wear the hell out of anything. Girl has got a great body that I envy…

So I guess we’re going to see Clootie resurrected in the finale episode next week. Ho hum. We all know the team will put him back down, for good this time, so the suspense is nonexistent. Should be interesting to see them do this, though.

Lastly, ending this by including some of my favorite quotes from this episode:

“Can a Dothraki outride any knight in Westeros?”

“You’re a vegetarian with ethics of steel that still reads Doctor Strange comic books at night because he wants to be a hero.”

“I betrayed her because I love you.”

“I am barely a single agent!”