“Being in charge is a shit job”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Leviathan Wakes
Original Air Date: February 2, 2016
Episode Number: 1×10

Episode Description

As the true horror of the events on Eros is revealed, an ailing Holden and Miller must overcome incredible odds if they hope to live to fight another day.

My Review

What a fantastic finale to close out a great first season. All of these characters have really grown on me and I love them all for different reasons, but I’m very surprised as to who ended up as my favorite character after this episode and who I ended up shipping.

Amos has increasingly been becoming my favorite character after every episode and this finale cemented that for me. His unflappable demeanor is astounding and I admire his no-nonsense attitude and his pragmatism. I also love his unwavering loyalty to Naomi (I think he’s forgiven her for not telling him about Holden) and how much he looks out for everyone on his crew.

As for who I’m surprisingly shipping…Naomi and Holden. Yes, I didn’t expect to ship them at all, but the past few episodes, they have had several scenes that made me notice at how they seem to put each other at ease and how they relax when the other is around or nearby. The scene in the end with Naomi telling Holden that she wishes they could have saved more and Holden saying that they will and then the two of them clasping each other’s hands made me smile. I just hope that Amos doesn’t become jealous and lashes out at both of them if the writers do go there with Naomi and Holden and that I hope they do it organically and take their time with them.

Miller hacking his lungs out was pretty gruesome. I certainly didn’t need all those shots of him coughing/spitting up blood and vomiting all over the place. Amos was right: they both looked like shit by the end there. I laughed so hard when Miller hallucinated Julie only for the camera to reveal that it’s Amos that he’s looking at.

I didn’t feel sorry for that spy who ended up getting attacked by whatever that thing was. How in the hell will they contain this virus if/when it gets out? It’s not airborne, but it spreads like wildfire anyway. Julie’s father looks to be the one behind all this, but why? Which faction does he belong to? Why is he hellbent on forcing Mars and Earth to fight against each other and dragging the OPA into it as well?

I liked Mao’s meeting with Chrisjen and I hope she figures out quickly what the fuck he’s up to. She already knows not to trust Errinwright and the Admiral and told her husband to take their grandchildren off Earth to protect them just in case something happens on Earth. I can’t wait to see what she has planned up her sleeve. It’s to her advantage that whoever is behind these shenanigans don’t know that she knows.

Lastly, is Naomi OPA? Her knowledge of the tunnel system in Eros and how the OPA used them for smuggling was highly suspect. I hope we get to learn more about her background next season along with Amos and Alex.


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