“How about I shoot you another mouth hole and you talk to yourself?”

TV Show: Killjoys
Episode Title: The Wolf You Feed
Original Air Date: August 11, 2017
Episode Number: 3×07

Episode Description

Desperate for an advantage, Dutch goes AWOL and risks a dangerous procedure that connects her to Aneela’s memories.

My Review

I don’t understand anymore what is going on with this show…well, mostly Dutch’s origins. From what I gathered from reading various message boards, Dutch IS Aneela and Aneela IS Dutch and that Dutch was borne out of Aneela’s memories that Khlyen tried to suppress? I don’t get it, but whatever. I’ll hand-wave it. Aneela pulled Dutch from her memories via the green goo and that’s why they both look the same and also that Khlyen was really Dutch’s father. Who would have thunk it? I’ll let the smart people speculate on what this all means.

I enjoyed the backstory we got as to how Dutch and Johnny met and also Johnny and Lucy’s first meeting. Both of them were of course pretty fucking awesome. I laughed so hard at Johnny’s guyliner, lol. I can’t believe Dutch hasn’t poked fun about that yet – prime opportunity!

Lucy and Johnny’s first meeting was pretty antagonistic with Lucy killing him “thief” and you could already tell that they were going to have a wonderful relationship.

“Yes, thief?”
“Are we still alone?”
“No, thief.”


Dutch and Johnny’s first meeting was also antagonistic with Dutch even shooting him for the first time (and that’s why Johnny wore the vest when he went to find Dutch after she left Zeph): “I love you, Dutch, but you don’t get to shoot me twice” The shipper in me is happy. Loved the two of them touching their foreheads together, aww.

“Johnny Jaqobis, lover of ships.”
“Yala Yardeen, killer of men.”

Turin not trusting Fancy and the rest of the Cleansed got his ass imprisoned for sedition. Why, Turin? Why did you let that Hullen hostage a few episodes back get to your head? This is your team! Trust that they have your back and are in this to defeat the Hullen and for what they did to them. Sucks that he’s not with the group and I hope he realizes the errors of his ways.

D’avin figuring out how to fly the ships (thanks to Fancy) and holding fort while Dutch was missing was a great display of leadership. I hope Dutch is not serious when she told him that he’s a better leader than her (at the moment) and that this is his army and not hers. I don’t believe her for one second.

It was a lot of fun seeing Johnny figure out Zeph’s clues and puzzles for him to reboot Lucy. I really like their rapport and how they bond over all things geeky. It’s adorable. I just hope the show doesn’t go there with these two because they have a sibling chemistry that doesn’t need to be messed with.

Lastly, this Lucy/Johnny exchange cracked me up so much:

“Lucy, if you had a body right now, I would kiss it.”
“If I had a body right now, I would let you.”
“Still creepy, Lucy.”


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