“You underestimate my ability to break things”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Windmills
Original Air Date: January 19, 2016
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

Holden and his crew face a Martian military blockade. Miller finds a new reason to forge ahead. Avasarala visits Holden’s family.

My Review

Very good episode that provided a bit of background info into Holden and gave us insight about what kind of person he is. I liked that Chrisjen took time out of her busy schedule (I’m assuming) to go and talk to Holden’s mother just so she can get a sense of who he is as a person. Hopefully she’s going to keep an eye out for Holden and his crew now that Errinwright took it upon himself to send a team out to take Holden into custody once he reaches Eros.

Things aboard the ship got pretty tense there, but I had no doubt that Naomi would figure out how to shut the power off for that closet and that Alex would be able to find and say the code word so that Martian patrol ship would leave them alone. Nevertheless, I liked the tension.

Amos is a very intriguing character and I can’t seem to get a read on him just yet. He seems to be very loyal until the other person breaks that trust and then he’s no longer loyal to them. Case in point: Naomi and Holden (to an extent). His laidback attitude was a bit confounding since he seemed so calm when shit was about to happen and didn’t blink one bit when he told Holden that he was ready to shoot the Martians who were going to board the ship. Definitely want to know more about Amos and learn why he is the way he is.

Holden telling Naomi that she needs to get Amos under control again was interesting. If there’s anyone on the ship who can do that, it’s her. Amos is a liability right now because he will not listen to anyone and that could get him and the rest of the team in trouble. Just hope Naomi doesn’t use herself to get Amos to trust her again.

That spy is either going to end up dead or he’s going to bring about the fall of the Roci crew. I hope they eventually find out that he’s spying on them because I don’t want their mission to be compromised. They need to find Mao!

Speaking of, looks like Miller is on his way to Eros, too. Can’t wait for him and the Roci team to hopefully meet up. If that happens, I don’t want him to be part of the crew because I find his character to be boring. But kudos to him for not giving up in finding Mao. This is personal for him now.


“I’m using my last remaining brain cells to try and kill my last remaining brain cells”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Retrofit
Original Air Date: January 12, 2016
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

Miller gains valuable information from a hidden data cube. Holden and his crew learn their host’s agenda.

My Review

Damn. I should have known that Haddid was not good, but I figured that she’s clean since she was the one who brought the Mao case to Miller in the first place. Did something between that time and when Miller told her about his suspicions? Did Dawes get under her skin and bought her off? Haddid, we were counting on you!

Poor Miller getting his ass handed to him twice in this episode. I can’t believe that Dawes was really going to kill him to cover up whatever his involvement is with the Mao case and possibly with whatever happened to the Canterbury and the Donnager. If Dawes is really responsible for shit going down, then him wanting to kill off Miller is not even the most shocking thing.

Muss saving Miller was a pleasant surprise. I kinda wish that scene where she hugged him and was thisclose to kissing him was left out of the script because this show is better than that. I don’t want Muss to pine for Miller since she’s just going to get her heart broken. Muss deserves better.

So if I’m getting this right, scientists made a breakthrough at Phoebe Station and that it’s some kind of weapon that could tip the balance of power to whoever has possession of this weapon. The OPA gets wind of it and tries to steal it and then kills off whoever was on that mission to cover up their involvement. Only problem is that they weren’t as quiet as they thought they were because the Donnager was sent to investigate what happened at Phoebe Station and the Canterbury received the distress signal that the Scopuli was emitting. Don’t mind me, I’m just making sense of all these pieces of the puzzle so that I don’t get lost.

Chrisjen is right to be paranoid and wary of the OPA. Are Dawes and Johnson both members of the OPA? Seems like Dawes is more of an extremist compared to Johnson. I’m sure there are probably factions within the OPA and that those two are probably leaders of their own factions. But are they working at odds against each other? Why do I have a feeling that Johnson’s mission involves finding Mao and that Lionel Polanski is just an alias? Or it could be the guy that was on the video that Miller found at Mao’s place. My head is spinning.

I liked seeing the Rocinante crew working together and then splitting apart when Holden confessed that he’s the one who logged the distress call and then coming together in the end to go on this mission together. They have really formed a kind of family and it was great to see them in the end with Holden making coffee for everyone. I’m amused by his obsession with coffee. I also liked Holden and Naomi drinking to Shed and the fallen Martian soldiers who helped them survive. That was such a nice moment.

What the hell were those scenes with the uncle and his nephew who were hauling the asteroid? I’m sure this was a set up for something, but I thought it felt out of place. That poor kid, though, left floating out in space because his uncle wanted to prove a point to the Martians. Way to kill yourself and your nephew, dumbass. No way will that kid be found by any ship before he dies.