“Let me know if you want your face to look a little different”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Back To The Butcher
Original Air Date: January 5, 2016
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Holden and the crew make a deal with an unlikely ally on Tycho station; at the same time, Miller’s obsession with conspiracy theories and the disappearance of Julie Mao continues to grow.

My Review

Definitely a quieter episode compared to the previous episode where the Donnager gets blown up, but this doesn’t mean it was a bad episode. I am certain, though, that I prefer the ship shenanigans with Holden and crew to Miller’s investigation of the Julie Mao case. At least for now. There is potential for Miller’s story to become a lot more interesting as his investigation into Julie’s disappearance gets more traction and he (and we) find out more and more.

I think he’s right in thinking that her disappearance is somehow related to the Canterbury and the Donnager getting blown up and whatever happened at Phoebe Station. Muss telling him to tell the higher ups about his suspicions was smart advice, but what if those higher ups are somewhat involved with this conspiracy to pit Earth and Mars against each other? Best for Miller to continue investigating on his own for now and bring his findings to Haddid first.

Why is Miller so antagonistic towards Havelock especially in this episode? What’s wrong with Havelock wanting to learn the ways and language of the Belters? Having said that, I do think he’s going to end up using the information Anderson gave him in regards to the guy who tried to kill Havelock and avenge his partner.

It was sad to see getting that ship with the civilians getting blown up by the Butcher aka Fred Johnson aka the man who contacted the Rocinante and offered to help them. Naomi probably has every reason to be wary of Johnson’s motives due to his reputation as the Butcher so I hope the decision to accept his help doesn’t screw Holden and the crew over.

I was very happy for Holden when he successfully found the coffee aboard the Rocinante. Meanwhile, Amos is in his bunk drinking alcohol. That was a nice contrast.


“Wrecking things is what Earthers do best”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: CQB
Original Air Date: December 29, 2015
Episode Number: 1×04

Episode Description

Holden and crew are caught in the middle of a desperate battle as mysterious war ships attack and board the Donnager. As Miller continues to investigate Julie Mao, his partner Havelock continues to go missing.

My Review

Holy cow. Now that was an episode! I watched this after I watched the 7×04 episode of Game of Thrones so if you know the big battle scene in that GOT episode, you know why my heart is racing right now. Two fantastic episodes back to back; I am in heaven.

But back to this show. I can’t believe the show made me care for all of the Martian crew members so quickly in this episode when I was disliking them in the last episode. The captain and the other female crew member activating the protocol to blow up the Donnager actually brought tears to my eyes. Amazing.

I’m so glad that Lopez is alive (for now at least) because he has grown on me since last episode where I thought he was an asshole for accusing Holden and the others for doing something that they didn’t do. In essence, he was only doing his job and I see that now. Him not hesitating to follow his captain’s orders and take Holden off the Donnager so he and his crew can testify that Mars didn’t have anything to do with the Canterbury blowing up was quite admirable. The Martians are loyal and follow orders to a tee.

Really liked Lopez’s conversation with Holden on the deck about Earthers destroying their planet and how it must feel like to be able to breathe fresh air and have access to water. Him saying “It would have been nice to see an ocean on Mars” kinda broke my heart a little bit. I hope this is not foreshadowing that he’s going to die.

Shed dying that way was quite a shock. I wasn’t sure what happened there, but it looks like he got hit by enemy fire. Very cool effects during this scene with everyone trying to plug the holes and we see Shed’s blood floating and then flowing down once they got gravity back.

I’m still pretty lost as to who is sabotaging this peacetime between Earth and Mars. It’s too easy to say it’s the OPA or the Belters because they’re the likely culprits, but I bet we haven’t yet met the responsible party. I still think it could be Chrisjen for whatever nefarious reason. I just don’t find her trustworthy, at least for the moment.

Havelock is alive?! How?! Is he not human? So it seems my comments about Jay Hernandez’s time on this show in my previous comment were completely off the mark. It’s good he’s still alive because I was starting to warm to his character and how he’s taking everything in at Ceres as a “newbie.”

Why didn’t Miller just tell Muss (the female Star Helix member) what he’s up to with the Julie Mao case? Is he really that scared that Haddid is going to punish him if he told anyone else? I mean, Muss helped him with the body of that guy, the least he could do was tell her what’s up.

Lastly, I thought it was very cool watching the Martians do battle with whoever was attacking them by touching their screens and making motions with their fingers and by flicking their wrists. Kinda mesmerizing to watch them do that, poetry in motion as they say.