“I want to train with you”

TV Show: Game Of Thrones
Episode Title: The Spoils Of War
Original Air Date: August 6, 2017
Episode Number: 7×04

Episode Description

Daenerys fights back. Jaime faces an unexpected situation. Arya comes home.

My Review

Amazing episode. Wow. Those last few minutes of the battle left me speechless. One thing this show does very well (among other things) is that they really make the battle scenes stand out and make you feel as if you’re right there on the battlefield. Outstanding work to everyone who had a hand at coordinating this scene. I mean it made up only 10-15 minutes of the episode, but I bet the logistics involved at making those 10-15 minutes as fantastic as they were must have taken months.

The battle scenes definitely left me breathless. I wasn’t sure if Jaime and/or Bronn were going to make it or not and I really thought the show was going to have Jaime killed off so I’m glad that Bronn (I think it was him) saved him at the last minute. Jaime was pretty stupid to go after Daenerys knowing full well that Drogon was still alive. He should have done what Tyrion said: “Flee, you idiot.” I do have to give props to Jaime for not listening to Bronn to flee and go back to King’s Landing. He wanted to lead his men despite the fact that the odds were against them. Jaime never wavered and kept on commanding his men until the very end.

The shot of the Dothraki coming over that hill gave me goosebumps and then Daenerys showed up with Drogon and that had me cheering. Such a triumphant entry. Team Daenerys finally gets a much-needed win and I hope they can use this momentum to put another dent in Cersei’s rule. Wouldn’t it be great if Daenerys captures Jaime and Bronn and bring them back to Dragonstone? What would Cersei do then? Ooh, now I kinda want this to happen.

Meanwhile back in Dragonstone, Daenerys asks Jon to bend the knee once again, but Jon relents insisting that the Northern lords won’t like it if a Southerner becomes their ruler once again. Daenerys did make a good point that if Jon does it, then his lords will follow suit. I thought their scene in the cave was better than their initial scenes and actually felt they had a bit of chemistry especially when Daenerys came closer to Jon.

Jon meeting Theon again was something I did not expect at all. Theon is lucky that he saved Sansa because otherwise, Jon would have killed him on sight. These two have never had a great relationship to begin with so with the added weight of Theon’s misdeeds, it looks like their relationship will be as rife with tension, perhaps more.

Goodbye, Meera. She definitely deserved more than that pity goodbye scene with Bran. Will we ever see her again? I kinda wanted her to stay in Winterfell instead of going back to her family, but blood trumps friendship for her. Would have been cool to see her striking up a friendship with Arya because I think those two would hit it off very well.

I teared up during Arya’s two reunions with Sansa first and then Bran. Both reunions were understandably understated and bittersweet. These siblings have been through so much that they are probably strangers to each other at this point. I really liked Sansa’s expression when she was listening to the guards talk about Arya mentioned the names Rodrick and Luwin. She knew it’s definitely Arya they’re talking about and that she knew exactly where to find her.

I also liked Sansa’s subtle smile when she was watching Arya hug Bran. Nicely acted by Sophie Turner. Same goes for her reaction when Arya told her about the list which she took to be a joke at first and then later realized that it’s a real list when Bran mentioned it.

As great as the above scenes are, my favorite has to be Arya and Brienne sparring. Such a great payoff to Brienne’s vow to Catelyn to look after her daughters. Podrick is right. Catelyn would have been so proud that Brienne kept her promise. You better believe that she won’t let these girls out of her sight from now on if she can help it.

Arya impressing the hell out of Brienne made me smile. Loved it when Brienne asked Arya who taught her and Arya says “No one.” 😁 Interesting to see Sansa and Littlefinger’s reactions while watching these two spar. I wonder what was running through their heads at the time.

Lastly, Davos had the funniest line of the episode with this quip to Jon: “I saw you staring at her good heart.” LMAO.


“If it makes you feel any better, you’re the best at rolling over”

TV Show: The Expanse
Episode Title: Remember The Cant
Original Air Date: December 22, 2015
Episode Number: 1×03

Episode Description

While Avasarala plays a dangerous game of politics, Holden and his crew are forced to turn on one another while held captive by the Martian Navy.

My Review

I knew there was a reason Jay Hernandez was credited as only a guest star and it’s because he was only going to be in three episodes. I had a feeling this was his last episode when he went off on his own and, sure enough, he got surrounded by those OPA members and was killed pretty brutally. RIP, Havelock. You didn’t deserve that.

Mars didn’t shoot down Canterbury and Chrisjen burned her relationship with Degraaf to prove this. The question as to who benefits if Mars and Earth go to war is the one that needs an answer. The answer might not be as clear cut as expected. It’s possible that Chrisjen is the one who wants the two planets to go to war for reasons that have yet to be revealed. Degraaf’s story about a young Chrisjen seemed like foreshadowing to me. What game is Chrisjen playing? Is she even playing a game right now? So many questions.

Is it possible that Holden is an OPA member? I was holding my breath when he was having his conversation with the Martian captain, that he was going to reveal that he’s the OPA member and not Naomi. Then again, would he really have the Canterbury shot down with Nygaard aboard? I do have a feeling that there’s more to Holden than he’s letting on.

Can’t believe the crew turned against each other so easily, but of course that’s what the Martian crew wanted to happen. Is Naomi really an OPA member? What other secrets do the rest of the crew have? They didn’t know Alex served on the Martian Navy for 20 years. Where does his loyalties really lie? And why is Amos so willing to follow Naomi’s every order? Is he really just that whipped or there’s more to that relationship?

Meanwhile on Ceres, the Belters got restless and were causing riots left and right. It obviously didn’t end well. I wonder why the Star Helix team are not more proactive with arresting those who are looking to cause trouble/harm to other citizens. Don’t they have jurisdiction on Ceres since they’re an Earth-based company?

Miller is still looking for Julie and I don’t think he’s any closer to finding out what really happened to her. I don’t mind this slow pace because I have a feeling this will all tie back to the whole Mars/Earth/Belters overall story arc and I can’t wait to find out how the writers are going to do it.

Since I just finished watching Fringe, I was amused to see Jared Harris show up in this episode. Good job on the accent too. He did his best trying to hide his British accent.

Lastly, I love that the captain of the Martian ship is an Asian woman. Fuck yeah! Actually, I love seeing that there are a few women in positions of power on the show. We have Miller’s captain – Haddid. And of course we have Chrisjen and Naomi. All women of color. Great job at diversity.