“You are shit mother”

TV Show: Orphan Black
Episode Title: One Fettered Slave
Original Air Date: August 5, 2017
Episode Number: 5×09

Episode Description

A devastating blow must be dealt; Sarah gets carried away with Helena; The Clone Club tries to find Helena before her children are born.

My Review

I cannot not use “You are shit mother” as the title for this review!

Really thought Helena was a goner there for a second and I was ready to shed a few tears on her and the babies’ behalf so I’m glad that her plan didn’t work and that Sarah arrived just in time to save her. Really quite tragic that Helena was willing to kill herself and her babies just to save them from being experimented on. These Neolution people and PT and everyone who works for him need to die a fiery death for putting these sestras through so much hell.

Helena asking for water from Coady and then having this look on her face which Sarah sees made me smile because I just know what was coming next. Helena grabs Coady’s head and smashes it over and over against the operating table and I loved Sarah’s shocked reaction and how alarmed she was. Hee. See, I miss the dark humor that’s always present especially this season. Really hope Coady is dead and not just knocked out.

Art shooting Frontenac was awesome even though he didn’t really meant to do it. Now I can’t wait for him to shoot Enger and her smug-ass face. It’s going to be such sweet revenge. Scotty and the other guy helping in their own way was so great. I loved that even though they’re not part of the main cast, they bring something essential to the table. Even Adele helped in her own way by talking to the nun.

Very interesting to see how Helena became who she was. Did not expect that opening scene with the nun masturbating, lmao. Oh man, that was pretty damn surreal. And of course Helena was at the wrong place at the wrong time because she was hiding and eating chocolates in Sister Irina’s room. The sister bleaching Helena’s hair and punishing her for that was downright cruel. And then we see Tomas take her out of the convent to raise her and brainwash her into thinking that she’s the original and that it’s her mission to kill the copies. Jeez.

PT taking off his ugly-ass wig and losing his shit made me laugh. Nothing more entertaining than watching a caged monster panic in his cage and knowing that his time on earth is slowly diminishing. Him ordering Coady to let Mark go made me hate him even more and I can’t believe that Coady is so blinded by her loyalty to PT that she complies and kills the last of her “son”s.

It was nice to see Siobhan’s funeral in the beginning of the episode although I didn’t like that we didn’t get to see everyone’s initial reactions upon hearing about her death. I know they probably didn’t include them due to time constraints, but nevertheless, lost opportunity for the actors to flex their acting muscles.

I can’t believe there’s only one more episode left. I realize that I’m not ready for the show to end just yet.


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