“Get your daughter back”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Liberty
Original Air Date: January 18, 2013
Episode Number: 5×12

Episode Description

The acclaimed series that has explored the human condition through the prism of parallel universes, unexplainable phenomena, and unimaginable threats, nears its epic and climactic conclusion. First, the Fringe team engages a desperate plan as Olivia embarks on a dangerous and otherworldly journey into the unknown. The five-season saga nears its epic and emotional end in the first part of a special two-hour series finale episode.

My Review

This was an Alison Schapker-written episode so I just knew that it was going to be an Olivia-centric episode and that it will be a great one and I was right on both counts. Olivia volunteering to have herself injected with Cortexiphan so she can cross over to the alternate universe and then grab and save Michael was a genius plan. Also a genius plan was Astrid’s suggestion that they should use the mirror to the alternate universe to see how it’s like on the other side and if it’s safe.

It was pretty tough watching Olivia endure four shots of Cortexiphan right into her brain stem, damn. I was cringing throughout that whole scene. Walter showed such resolve and never wavered once while injecting all those shots into Olivia even though everyone else was telling him to stop. He knew that that’s exactly the amount of Cortexiphan she would need to complete her mission.

The episode made me tear up several times and had me crying at one point. The first scene that made me tear up was when Walter hugged Olivia and kissed her on the forehead before she crossed over. The second time I teared up was when Peter and Olivia told each other “I love you.” They got me there. The third time I teared up was after Olivia came back with Michael and Peter and Olivia are in the back of the van looking so relieved.

No surprise, the one scene that made me cry where tears actually streamed down my face was seeing AltLivia and Lincoln again and Olivia meeting them again after 21 years. What an amazing scene and it just reminded me of how great this show used to be with the introduction of the alternate universe. So much wasted potential when the bridge was shut down between the universes.

AltLivia and Lincoln being happily married and having a son made me so happy that they both found each other. Lincoln made the right decision when he stayed behind the alternate universe. Loved AtlLivia teasing Lincoln: “You can stop checking out my young ass.” LMAO. Speaking of, AltLivia didn’t look that much older than Olivia. How old was she supposed to be? Mid to late 40s, possibly early 50s? She didn’t look a day older than Olivia!

Seeing Olivia kick ass using her powers was pretty awesome. We saw her harness her telekinetic powers again and of course her abilities to cross over. Every time Olivia gets to shoot Observers, an angel gets its wings. Loved that she was still able to shoot the Observers even though she was hovering between two universes.

Windmark reading Michael and then getting a nosebleed and one of his eyes turning red was sweet, sweet karma. Loved that he came back for a second time and then left again when Michael induced another nosebleed from him. I really hope that Broyles will be safe now that Windmark knows he’s loyal to the resistance. I cracked up at Broyles’ earlier scene with that Loyalist Windmark questioned: “Are you suggesting that I might be the dove? I’m more of a raven, don’t you think?” 😅

September building the machine was great to see; he didn’t even wait for the team to get back because he knows they don’t have much time left. Seeing December in the last scene (in apartment 513 – I see what you did there, show) was a surprise! Where does December’s loyalties lie?

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Another reason to hate the Observers: they destroyed the Statue of Liberty and the only thing that’s left is the pedestal and part of her feet.

– Walter’s new nickname for Astrid: Asgard (Thor shoutout?).

– In the alternate universe in the year 2036, Chelsea Clinton is running for president and was leading the polls according to that news bulletin.

– Walternate is 90 years old and is still teaching in Harvard.

– I thought it was adorable when Michael smiled slightly when Olivia found him.

– Series finale next!


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