“The pain is her legacy to you both”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: An Origin Story
Original Air Date: November 2, 2012
Episode Number: 5×05

Episode Description

The Fringe Team responds to recent devastating events by going on the offensive, while one of the key members makes a pivotal and shocking move.

My Review

I know there are still eight episodes left in season five, but I’m so mad at the show for pushing Olivia into the background and relegating her to the “mom” and “wife” role. The show and the writers have crafted such an amazing character in Olivia and for them to throw all of that away is such a waste. There’s so much more potential for her, but it looks like the writers are hellbent on putting Peter in the forefront and have him be the hero instead of our resident hero since episode one: Olivia Dunham. Of course, this is just my biased opinion.

Did we see Olivia do anything in this episode except silently grieve for Etta and plead with Peter to come home and that she doesn’t want to lose him again? Yes, we saw her save Peter’s life, but apart from that, she was being the “mom” and the “wife” (not that there’s anything wrong with those roles). I wonder how Anna Torv felt while filming this last season and how her role was diminished significantly. Someone needs to ask her about that.

So now Peter is going to be an Observer? Sure. If the plot dictates it, so be it. I get that he’s angry about Etta dying and wants revenge, but instead of going down this path, why not work on the relationships that he still has and tend to those relationships with the people who are still here? He can still “avenge” Etta’s death by not turning into an Observer.

I think the only bright spot of this season (so far) is Walter’s various nicknames for Astrid. In this episode, he called her “Abner.” Loved how Astrid figured out the Observer code. Hell, even her is doing a lot more important work than Olivia. I’m not angry at Astrid, I’m angry at the writers for doing Olivia wrong.

Torv was really great in that scene where she’s watching the tape of one of Etta’s birthdays. She’s probably crying over the fact that her role sucks this season. 😛 (Me? Bitter? Nooooo.)


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