“You’re a coward if you know what needs to be done and you don’t do it”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: The Recordist
Original Air Date: October 10, 2012
Episode Number: 5×03

Episode Description

As the rogue Fringe team continues to fight off the oppressive Observers’ invasion, unforeseen events lead them into a forest where they encounter a strange subculture of people devoted to recording human history.

My Review

Oh dear. I hate to say it, but this was such a boring episode. Not much happened and everything was just boring. I hope Astrid is able to find all those tapes and the team gets to acquire whatever they need to acquire in one episode because if the rest of the season goes like this, no wonder I wasn’t a fan of this season when I watched it for the first time.

Yes, they got the minerals or stones that the Walter on video said they would need to make a power source. Yes, we got a very good Olivia scene with her feeling that it was her punishment when Etta got taken away/disappeared because she never felt assured that she was capable of being a mother or that she just wasn’t suited to be a mother. Because of these feelings, she believes that Etta disappearing is her punishment. Yes, we also got a nice character moment for Edwin sacrificing himself to help the team even though it would lead his son, River, an orphan. But add all of these up and the whole episode just wasn’t satisfactory to me and unlike any Fringe episode. At least it’s a shorter season so if the rest of the episodes are like this one, there are only 10 episodes left.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– “Walter, we’re fugitives. we can’t stop every five minutes to keep you limber.”

– Olivia reciting the coordinates verbatim and Etta asking her if she’s sure and Peter responds “She’s sure” was a cute family moment.

– Etta telling Olivia that “you’re more than I imagined was sweet as was their last scene when Olivia squeezed Etta’s leg in the car and Etta wrapped her hand on her mother’s hand.

– The comics drawn by River were cool. He made Olivia out to be a total badass, which of course she is.


“I’m Nora Ephron, bitch!”

TV Show: The Bold Type
Episode Title: No Feminism In the Champagne Room
Original Air Date: August 1, 2017
Episode Number: 1×05

Episode Description

Jane is stunned when the subject of her latest article, a woman who left a finance job to become an exotic dancer, threatens to sue Scarlet – and Jane. Sutton is excited when she thinks she’s making a step forward in her career. Kat questions whether she is ready for a real relationship with anyone, especially in light of recent events with Adena.

My Review

I think this episode officially made Sutton my favorite character (sorry, Kat!) because her story is the one I relate to the most. Yes, she should have inquired about how much the fashion assistant job was paying before she pursued it, but she’s young and can be forgiven for not having that be the number one thing on her mind. She just wanted the job because it’s her dream job and I admired that she went for it and didn’t back down when she hit a few obstacles along the way.

Her little celebratory dance/hug with Jane was too adorable. “I’m Nora Ephron, bitch!” Fuck yeah, you are! Of course in the real world Oliver would probably turn her down to demand those perks and he would have just hired the next available candidate, but since this is fiction, he agreed to all of the perks since they won’t hurt his bottom line (a very smart thing for Sutton to check before she made her “demands”).

The whole Kat and Adena thing was just too painful to watch. I totally expected Adena to try to make it work with Coco after Kat told her she couldn’t do this. I’m very surprised that Adena didn’t pursue this any further and just accepted it, but I feel that she was trying to be respectful of Kat’s decision. I just wish that she could have given Kat some time to assess things and go and talk to her again. If she felt deeply about Kat, she would have at least given her some time and distance. Really hope this isn’t the end of Kadena. I want to see more of them and their story.

Jane’s story was okay and I’m glad things worked out for her and I understand her frustration that by settling, it implies that she was in the wrong, which she of course wasn’t. Good thing he didn’t listen to Richard the second time when she went to see Morgyn to apologize in person. That definitely did the trick. I’m not going to lie, I actually groaned when I saw her at the strip club because I thought she was going to make it even worse.

If I had to pick a favorite scene from this episode, it would probably be a tie between Sutton’s Nora Ephron quote and the scene where Kat tells Sutton and Jane what happened between her and Adena:

“I have something major to tell you.”
“Where were you last night?”
“Yeah, that’s what I have to tell you.”
“Can it wait? ‘Cause I have to go sign my start papers with Oliver.”
“I made out with Adena last night.” (Kat’s ecstatic delivery was PERFECT)
“And I’ll be two minutes late.” (Absolutely loved how Sutton delivered this line with this look on her face ‘this is totally worth it.’ The actress continues to impress me.)

Other random thoughts and observations:

– I saw that look Richard gave Alex when he saw Alex and Sutton enjoying their time in the conference room and doing their Ted Talk poses.

– Great callback to the Ted Talk scene when Sutton did her power walk to Oliver’s office and we see Alex hilariously mimic Sutton’s Ted Talk pose. Sutton’s smile was perfect. (I honestly do ship them together, but I also like Sutton and Richard together.)

– Kat tweeting “This lesbian shit is intense” had me laughing. Good thing only Jacqueline saw it. This is why multitasking when in front of the computer and talking to someone on the phone is a bad idea!

– Loved this conversation between Sutton and Jane:

“Do you think I could a stripper? They make really good money.”
“Yeah, but your boobs aren’t big enough.”
“Damn it. That’s discrimination.”
“So sue me.”
“I’ll get in line.”

– Such a sweet scene when Kat and Jane apologized to Sutton and offered to be her safety nets.