“You are humanity’s only hope”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: In Absentia
Original Air Date: October 5, 2012
Episode Number: 5×02

Episode Description

The fight for freedom intensifies when the Fringe team revisits Walter’s Harvard lab – now under Observer control – in an attempt to locate the information they need to fight on in their mission to save the world.

My Review

I thought this was just an okay episode. Was not too thrilled about Olivia being put in her position by Etta, but I’m going to let it slide for now because Etta is right. This is her world and Olivia has yet a lot to learn. I did appreciate that both Etta and Gale acknowledged that Olivia made them changed their minds because they could see/feel something in Olivia that convinced them to make a better choice.

Gale says that he saw a conviction in Olivia’s eyes that they will win the war against the Observers and that this is the first time that he believed this could be true and will happen. So he ends up telling Etta that he will join the resistance and figures that the tattoo on his face will be an asset. Meanwhile, Etta says that she felt pity from Olivia, pity for all of them at what this world has come to. So she follows her mother’s lead and lets Gale walk away instead of shooting him or giving him over to the resistance.

Etta telling Olivia to her face that she’s easily manipulated was surprising. Granted, she just came back from seeing Simon’s severed head being experimented on in the science lab so she probably was still in shock and wasn’t thinking about what she was saying. For all she knows, Olivia is the one doing the manipulation with Gale and was just showing him pity so he would comply. This isn’t Olivia’s first trip to the rodeo after all.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– It’s good that they were able to recover Walter’s tape, but could he at least have said on video where those tapes can be found?

– “I’ve been around way longer than you might think.” – Olivia to Gale

– “I know you like to be in control. So do I.” Like daughter, like mother.


“What a miserable future”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
Original Air Date: September 28, 2012
Episode Number: 5×01

Episode Description

The fifth and final season picks up from the ominous events of last season’s “Letters of Transit” episode, in which the year is 2036 and the overpowering Observers rule. The Fringe team – preserved in amber for 20 years – is now a rebel resistance team fighting for freedom. Peter, reunited with his now adult daughter, Henrietta, sets out to find out what happened to his wife and Etta’s mom – Olivia – as they launch their mission to free their world.

My Review

The last season…really dreading starting this, but here I am. From what I remember, I didn’t like this season for the fact that my favorite character was relegated to the background for the majority of the episodes. However, I’m willing to watch this season again with an open mind and not be biased. Maybe I’ll change my stance on it.

Everyone working to find Olivia was great and I cracked up when it was revealed that it was Markham who bought Olivia’s amber state. Kinda messed up that he was using her as a table and that he had plans to have her fall in love with him if/when he figured out a way to remove her from the amber. Find your own Olivia, Markham. Like Olivia said last season, she’s already taken.

Etta and Olivia’s reunion brought tears to my eyes. “Hi, mama.” Yes, I’m fine. I’m definitely fine! Loved that quick moment in Markham’s apartment when Etta crouched down and touched the amber while looking at Olivia through it. It was very touching. Kudos again to the casting team because Georgina Haig looks so much like she really could be Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson’s daughter.

It was quite a shock to learn that Peter and Olivia had a falling out when Etta disappeared the day the Observers arrived. Olivia was ready to move on and go to New York to join the resistance, but Peter stayed behind because he wouldn’t give up looking for Etta. Let’s see if they can rekindle their love and find their way back to each other again. They’ve been through worse situations than this. This scene was nicely acted by both Torv and Jackson so kudos to them.

Seeing Walter getting tortured and his brain getting scrambled by Windmark was heartbreaking. As if he hasn’t gone through enough, he had to endure that torture just to keep Etta’s identity a secret, keep September’s plans a secret, and keep the rest of the team a secret. He was great, though, because he didn’t really give up anything concrete.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– The Walter/Olivia reunion was beautiful.

– We have two new nicknames for Astrid: “Aspen” and “Afro.” Lovely.

– Egg sticks apparently taste pretty bad. Hell, just by their name, they already taste bad. I wouldn’t dare eat them no matter how hungry I am.

– The last scene with Walter was great especially the choice of music, but how did that CD player in the cab able to play a CD? Or was that just Walter imagining he’s hearing the music?

– “What happened to him?”
“Occupational hazard.”
“That’s my girl.”

Etta is definitely her parents’ daughter.

“I don’t suppose you’re here for a sandwich”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Brave New World, Part 2
Original Air Date: May 11, 2012
Episode Number: 4×22

Episode Description

In the climactic conclusion of the two-part Season Four finale, the Fringe team is pushed to their breaking point as they desperately attempt to prevent a catastrophic event that threatens the lives of everyone.

My Review

This finale pretty much encapsulated my feelings about this season: great character moments, crazy science, okay mytharc, shocking twist. I was sort of dreading watching the last two seasons of this show because I remember not being a big fan of them when they first aired and because of the fact that one character was relegated to the background in the last season which totally annoyed and pissed me off. I’m sure it’s not hard to guess who that character is if you’ve been reading my comments.

Anyway, this episode had its ups and downs. Bell’s master plan is so fucked up and doesn’t really make sense, at least to me. He wants to destroy the two universes and build his own universe. I’m still not sure why exactly. And he had a feeling that he would die anyway after this new universe is created? What kind of half-assed planning is that? I’m going to just roll with this and not question it because if I do, the episode diminishes in quality.

Best part (and my favorite) was Olivia displaying her superpowers: the way she stopped those bullets from hitting September made my jaw drop. I have forgotten how fucking badass she was (even more so than usual) with these powers that she had all along. Telekinesis, pyrokinesis, ability to heal, etc. This is probably the only good thing that came out of the Cortexiphan trials which became a double-edged sword in the end.

She was the power source that Bell needed to collapse the two universes and with every breath she takes, the universes degrade more and more. As Bell puts it: “Olivia is a living uncertainty engine. Every breath she takes brings us closer to nirvana. Every beat of her heart, tears the world from its hinges. She is the redeemer.” Well then!

Of course, this leads to Walter shooting Olivia because he didn’t really have a choice. If he didn’t do it, everyone would have died. But Walter had a plan in that he believes that the Cortexiphan in Olivia’s system would heal her and the damage caused by the bullet would be repairable. All theory, of course, so it’s a good thing he was right and that it worked.

Kudos to Joshua Jackson for the emotions he displayed after Olivia died. Seeing Peter so broken and just rocking Olivia’s dead body was heartbreaking. Walter had to slap him to get him to save Olivia before it was too late. The whole procedure was way too graphic and made me cringe. That was pretty brutal to watch. I was also cringing when Olivia injected that needle into Jessica’s temple earlier in the episode. I could almost feel the needle going into my own temple.

I can’t believe I wrote in the previous episode that Rebecca Mader’s appearance was a one-off. D’oh! Totally forgot she’s in this episode and was actually Bell’s lackey. Was it explained how she and Bell started working together and what her reasons were? If it was addressed, I missed it. It was too freaking creepy when Jessica was reanimated and her eyes were going all over the place, omg. I never want to see that again! This show never fails to up the creepiness factor in every episode.

You know I never get tired of people talking about Olivia and how awesome she is and we got to hear Nina and Bell say so in this episode:

“You’ve always had incredible compassion. It was your capacity for feeling that made William and Walter so sure that you were the perfect candidate for the trials.”

“You’re right, Walter. She truly is a remarkable girl.”

It was good of the show to give us one happy moment (before hitting us with more doom and gloom) in that scene with Olivia telling Peter that she’s pregnant. I admit, I smiled like an idiot seeing them so happy and smiled even more when Walter and Astrid entered the room and basked in their happiness.

Of course, no one on this show ever stays happy so we got that final scene of September warning Walter that “They’re coming” and ‘they’ as in the Observers. Season five is going to be interesting…

Other random thoughts and observations:

– So relieved Astrid is alive and well. Leave it up to her to have licorice on hand just when Walter is feeling peckish.

– Walter calling Astrid by her real name made me smile. I do believe that was the first time he’s done so this season.

– It’s safe to say that the bullet that came out of Olivia’s head is the same one that Etta was wearing in the Letters of Transit episode.

– “I hate kids.” – Well, Jessica and I have that in common, lol.

– “She’s not alive. She can’t faint.” – Only on Fringe will this statement not seem absurd and make complete sense.

– “If you’ve lost your mind, now would be the time to tell me.” – Olivia making a funny and saying this to Peter before they jumped off the helicopter.

– Broyles got promoted to general was SUPER COOL! Definitely deserved it. Loved Nina’s reaction when Broyles asked her if she wanted a job.

– “I’m so sorry, Olive.” – Walter apologizing to a dead Olivia. Heartbreaking.

– “You just called me by my real name.”
“Did I?”