“When in doubt, follow the blonde”

TV Show: Wynonna Earp
Episode Title: No Future In The Past
Original Air Date: July 28, 2017
Episode Number: 2×08

Episode Description

Wynonna has an opportunity to discover the origins of the Earp curse while her team works to save the future.

My Review

This episode was a bit confusing to me. I’m not really that interested on the whole mythology of the show. I did learn the following things from Wynonna’s vision quest:

1) The third seal is Doc’s ring
2) Bobo was Wyatt’s friend and was a good man
3) Wynonna protected Waverly in the future by telling Bobo that her name is Waverly, his so-called angel
4) If the two black-dressed ghosts find the third seal, Sheriff Clootie will rise and it won’t be good news for anyone

I got lost with the whole Clootie, black-dressed ghosts, Juan Carlo scene at the church. Who was that blonde woman? That was Clootie’s wife, the one who cursed Doc with immortality and left him in the well, right? What’s the story with the three seals? Was she the one who made this three seals thing to keep her husband from resurrecting? And who or what are the black-dressed ghosts? Are they Sheriff Clootie’s henchwomen?

As for the rest of the episode, it was very good. Even though Wynonna’s vision quest was confusing at parts, I liked seeing Bobo’s backstory. Who knew he was Wyatt’s friend and was actually a good man before he became a Revenant? I also liked seeing the old clothes and costumes on the show. In a way, the show and the town has that old-school feeling about it with the lack of skyscrapers and with limited modern technology.

Loved Rosita, Waverly, and Nicole hanging out at Shorty’s and preparing the place for Wynonna’s baby shower. Kudos to Rosita for making an effort to be closer to the Earp sisters at Doc’s urging. Seeing her and “Waves” bond quickly over alcohol was great. I really wanted the baby shower to happen so maybe we’ll get to see Wynonna bash that baby pinata in the next episode. They really wouldn’t let all the donuts inside go to waste, would they?

Why do I have a feeling that Bobo being Waverly’s father is a red herring? I know all signs seem to point to that, but I refuse to believe it. This would mean that she’s not an Earp (although it doesn’t really matter since Wynonna will assure Waverly that she’s always an Earp). Does Wyatt have any sisters? Maybe Bobo impregnated an Earp sister before he became a Revenant and when that sister died, Wyatt and his wife adopted Waverly? This would mean that Waverly is still an Earp.

I’m not too worried about Waverly getting mad/disappointed at Nicole for hiding the DNA test from her. Their relationship is strong and can and will withstand anything. Loved seeing them just hanging out for a change and playing pool. Nicole being so affectionate towards Waverly just makes me so happy. The way she had her arm around Waverly’s waist as they were talking to Rosita by the pool table made me smile.

Lastly, Wynonna dying for 77 seconds (as per Dolls) meant that Bobo has been resurrected. Well, that could get interesting. You just know he’s going after her in the next episode. Or he could help them in taking down the black-dressed ghosts. Will the other Revenants that Wynonna has killed before also come back to life?

There was a lot of great and hilarious lines in this episode. Here are a few of them:

“Did you know they wanted to call you Welcome? Welcome Earp. Think about that.”

“Kidnap any medical professionals lately?”

“That’s enough of the shouting. This ain’t no Ed Sheeran concert.” (Who knew Sheriff Nedley is familiar with Ed Sheeran???)

“Is he gonna creepy Vegas marry her or what?”

“Enjoy your righteousness and protein shakes.”

“I’m the nicest person in Purgatory. There was a vote. I got a sash.”


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