“She’s lucky to have you”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Welcome to Westfield
Original Air Date: February 10, 2012
Episode Number: 4×12

Episode Description

Peter, Olivia, and Walter come face-to-face with a mysterious and terrifying Fringe event as they become trapped in a town there’s no escaping from.

My Review

Very cool case of the week. If Fringe had to do a zombie-type/post-apocalyptic show, it would probably look like this with people just suddenly turning violent and having their body parts doubled and looking like a freak show. The man with the two faces was disturbing as hell and so was the woman with the two sets of teeth. Definitely reminded me of that one episode in an earlier season where a building from the other universe somehow appeared in our universe and everything inside it merged. Only difference is that the people didn’t become violent and their memories didn’t merge with each other.

So what exactly is Jones’ MO? I’m still lost as to what this is just like our Fringe team. He merged the two Westfields which resulted in a lot of deaths and the eradication of most of the town in this universe. Lord knows what the Westfield on the other side looks like. This show just gets weirder and weirder.

It looks like the memories of the Olivia in Peter’s timeline is merging with the memories of the Olivia in this timeline. Awkward last scene with Olivia going up to Peter and kissing him on the lips, lol. Olivia’s reaction looked like a kicked puppy with Peter pulling away from the kiss and asking her what she’s doing.

What is going on?! Are the two timelines merging? But how? Why? And why now? Does this have anything to do with whatever Jones is doing? Does this have anything to do with whatever Nina is doing to Olivia’s blood? I am so confused.

I loved the two Bishops talking about Olivia, first with Walter: “You were always very empathetic, even as a child. That’s why you’re such a great investigator. Your ability to empathize with the victims.” And secondly, with Peter, when Olivia asked her what his Olivia is like: “She’s driven. She’s very, very stubborn. She doesn’t like to lose. But she sees the best in people even when they don’t see it themselves. She gave me a place to call home, a place I’d wanna call home.”

It was great to see Walter out of his lab for the first time this season, but it’s unfortunate that his first foray outside led to them getting stuck in Westfield, lol. Loved it when he used the pepper spray to stave off that guy’s attack on the bus and saving Peter. Also loved it when he used the school’s PA system to summon Olivia and Peter to the biology lab like they were students.

Not the most exciting episode, but at least we have forward movement on the timelines possibly merging (?) and with whatever Jones is planning on doing.


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