“I lost a universe”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Enemy Of My Enemy
Original Air Date: January 20, 2012
Episode Number: 4×09

Episode Description

Peter’s visit to the Other Side intensifies as the alternate Fringe division faces off against a formidable new foe in a harrowing race against time.

My Review

I loved this episode! I’ve noticed that quite a few of the episodes that I love were written by the writing duo of Monica Owusu-Breen and Alison Schapker (The Plateau – 3×03; Marionette – 3×09; Bloodline – 3×18; One Night In October – 4×02; and now this episode). And after looking at both of their credits, I find it very cool that they also wrote for Lost and Alias. Guess we can say that both of them are JJ Abrams-approved.

There was a LOT that happened in this episode so let me get started.

I think that David Robert Jones is the best villain this show has had. All of his episodes in season one were some of my favorites and we finally get going in season four when he shows up. Now we know who’s the big bad, who’s behind the shapeshifters, and why they were sent to infiltrate our universe. What we don’t know yet is the reason why he went to our universe to mine that element and bring it back to the other universe. What is his endgame here?

Loved the callback to season one when Jones says “Take me to your leader” in this episode. It reminded me of when he turned himself in to the FBI by walking into the FBI headquarters so he can talk to Olivia in season one. I got a kick out of Jones asking Broyles for a cup of tea: “I wouldn’t mind a cup of tea.” What a cheeky bastard.

So I was right in my comment in the previous episode that this Jones is from our universe and he successfully crossed over. I enjoyed Jones’ shocked reaction when Peter told him about his history because Peter could very well be the variable that Jones has not accounted for for whatever plans he has. Peter will be able to provide great insight as to how Jones would behave and how he would think.

It was pretty awesome to watch the Fringe Division in the alternate universe outsmart Jones, but of course, he was always ahead of them thanks to AltBroyles’ shapeshifting ass. They all were led through a wild goose chase by Jones and AltBroyles and it was only when Peter realized that they were looking at a map of our universe that they all saw their mistake. “We’re in the wrong universe.” How fucking cool is that line, though?

Olivia and Broyles finally join the mission once Peter and Lincoln make their way back to our universe and even more fun ensues complete with a shootout. I have totally forgotten that Olivia doesn’t know how Jones’ portal works so I fully expected her to go through it and not heeding Peter’s advice so I color me shocked when we saw her car’s front engine cut in half because she most likely listened to Peter. Her show of appreciation for Peter at the end of the episode was nice and I loved how she was just raring to get started into their investigation of Jones while Peter excuses himself that he’s tired.

There were two beautiful scenes in this episode that totally tugged at the heartstrings. The first one was with Walter and AltElizabeth. Did not expect AltElizabeth to visit Walter and Walter was as shocked as I was. Walter telling her that he has asked for forgiveness or for a sign for what he did, but he never got it so he’s been punishing himself for 25 years for killing both Peters. I’m reminded that in this timeline, the events that happened in the White Tulip episode never happened because Peter never existed so they most likely never investigated that case. Therefore, Walter never got his sign – a white tulip; he never got his absolution. How tragic.

AltElizabeth forgiving Walter and her telling him that she forgave him a long time ago was so beautiful. This is the sign that Walter has been seeking for years and he’s finally able to move on and forgive himself. AltElizabeth saying that if she can forgive Walter, then God can. Excellently played by both Orla Brady and John Noble. Just have to commend John Noble’s portrayals of both Walters. The differences are staggering and I’m still in awe at how different they both are and how distinct each character is and that’s mostly due to Noble’s acting.

The other beautiful scene was between Walter and Peter. I loved how Joshua Jackson portrayed Peter’s amusement and happiness/relief when Walter finally agreed to help him.

“I just spent the last several days with the other Walter. And I was very surprised that he’s not the man that I thought he was. But I am not at all surprised to learn that you are.”
“Is that a good thing?”
“Yes, Walter. That is a very good thing.”

The smile on Peter’s face was priceless. I can’t wait for Walter to figure out a way for Peter to get back to his timeline and to the people that he loves.

I’m not yet ready to label Nina as a villain because there is no way she would knowingly put Olivia’s life in danger by working with Jones. Maybe she’s being lied to, but I believe she’s doing this to protect Olivia and/or protect both universes. I’m hoping that her history with Olivia will prevent her from putting Olivia in harm’s way and betraying her trust and confidence.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– AltLivia correcting Lincoln that she and AltLincoln are close, but not in that way was quite amusing. Does Lincoln have his sights set on AltLivia, too? I don’t blame him. No matter in which universe, Olivia Dunham is an amazing and fascinating woman.

– Olivia getting in trouble with Broyles for insubordination was funny to me because Olivia is that one employee that you know never gets in trouble so her just brushing this off during her conversation with Peter cracked me up. “How much trouble are you in?” “On a scale from one to ten? A lot. It’ll blow over. It’s not the first time.”

– How awesome was that scene with the two Fringe teams sitting across from their alternate versions? Broyles/AltBroyles. Olivia/AltLivia. Lincoln/AltLincoln. Cool, cool, cool.

– Speaking of cool, it was adorable seeing AltAstrid’s reaction to meeting Peter. “Are you really from another timeline?” “Yes, I am.” “Cool.”

– Walter experimenting with molecular gastronomy and Astrid calling his experiments “disgusting” and Walter getting so offended was hilarious. “Spherical pastrami”? Pass.

– I am reminded again in this episode that Orla Brady and Anna Torv were both on the BBC miniseries Mistresses and this made me smile. It’s too bad they never had any scenes together on this show.


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