“Then how do you mean to take the Iron Throne? By asking nicely?”

TV Show: Game of Thrones
Episode Title: Stormborn
Original Air Date: July 23, 2017
Episode Number: 7×02

Episode Description

Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor. Jon faces a revolt. Tyrion plans the conquest of Westeros.

My Review

Well, that happened! Great episode (apart from a few minor quibbles) that set things up for the next five episodes.


Jon rides out for Dragonstone at Tyrion’s (Daenerys, really) request to meet Daenerys. Did Tyrion include the part where Jon has to bend the knee to Daenerys? Wouldn’t this have been brought up either with his discussion with Sansa or during his meeting with the lords? How long until we finally get to see Jon and Daenerys meet? It seems like this show (and the book) has been gearing up for a while now to have these two characters meet that expectations must be sky-high. The writers definitely have their work out for them to write this scene and make it as awesome and amazing as it should be.

So Sansa is left in charge of the North while Jon and Davos go to Dragonstone. How different will Winterfell be when Sansa is in charge? Really hope she would not listen to Littlefinger’s nonsense and that she has a plan for him that will have her come out on top. I did laugh at the fact that Sansa didn’t protest much after Jon left her in charge of Dragonstone even though she first opposed him leaving his post as King. Sansa needs her own adviser and I want that to be Brienne. The show also needs to have Sansa start training for combat and that better be with Brienne.

It was so satisfying seeing Jon threaten Littlefinger that he will kill him if he laid his hands on Sansa (at Ned Stark’s statue, no less). So gross that Littlefinger harbors feelings for a teenager while he’s old enough to be her father. If Littlefinger has to die this season, I hope it’ll be in the hands of either Sansa or Brienne. He’s such a slimy character.


Her reunions with Hot Pie and Nymeria were a long time coming. I love that she now knows Jon is King in the North and instead of going to King’s Landing, she turned around to go back home to Winterfell. What are the chances that she’ll meet Jon on the way there? I will be so annoyed if they miss out on meeting each other again. You just know that Arya will be pissed if she gets to Winterfell and only Sansa is there. I’d love it if the sisters end up reuniting, but I want to see Arya’s reunion with Jon more.

It was great to see Arya come upon Nymeria again, but it saddens me that Nymeria didn’t listen to her old master. They are both so different from what they were before and even though they recognize each other, they can’t go back to what it was like before they got separated.


The meeting with Daenerys, Lady Olenna, Yara, Ellaria, Varys, and Tyrion was as fantastic as it is on paper. I don’t think we’ve had so many characters of importance meeting together like this one before in quite a while. Lady Olenna’s warning to Daenerys seemed like foreshadowing to me, but I’m hoping not. Will Daenerys lose this first strike against King’s Landing by listening to Tyrion’s strategy instead of going full-on attacking King’s Landing?

We saw at the end of the episode that part of this strategy did indeed fail because they didn’t account for Euron’s group to meet Yara’s group and to defeat them in battle. Was it just Yara’s fleet that were defeated, though? There weren’t any Dornish men nor Tyrell soldiers with them, were there?

I was holding my breath the whole time Daenerys was grilling Varys and questioning his loyalty. I really thought she was going to have him killed for always changing his allegiance however it suits him, but Varys’ honest answer and calm composure won out. His only allegiance is to the realm and it doesn’t matter who is sitting on the Iron Throne as long as they have the realm’s best interest at heart.

Did we really need to have that scene between Grey Worm and Missandei be twice as long as it was? Yes, it was sweet and all, but since this season is so short, why waste precious time with these two?

Someone please explain how Melisandre is alive. Last we saw of her, she was burned at the stake in the North when Davos found out that she was involved in killing Shireen. Was that really Melisandre? In any case, I’m glad that she told Daenerys and her council that Jon is now King in the North and that the two of them need to meet to unite their forces.


Sam helping Jorah cure his greyscale is very noble, but I didn’t need to see so many scenes of him cutting the greyscale from Jorah’s skin and the pus and the gross liquids oozing from it. Enough with the gross scenes involved with Sam. Last episode it was the same and we have the same thing again in this episode. I hope this experiment works, though…but probably not. If only Sam would find out that dragonglass cures greyscale somehow in one of the books.

King’s Landing

So Cersei calls on all the lords to rally up their armies to protect the realm while Jaime tries to convince Lord Tarly to turn against his oath with Lady Olenna. Cersei was successful in her bid, but was Jaime? Lord Tarly’s shade about betrayal was awesome and I loved how Jaime reacted when he said “We don’t stab our rivals in the backs or cut their throats at weddings.” Burn!

Do Cersei and Qyburn really think that weapon can fell three fire-breathing dragons? How did Robert kill Aegon’s dragons before? Must be a bitch to aim that thing properly since you can’t really move it as freely as you would when wielding a bow and arrow. Will Qyburn come up with a more supernatural solution to felling the dragons?

Ironborn battle

Not as epic as the last sea battle we saw on this show, but it was still very tense. As much as I disliked the Sand Snakes, I felt kinda bad that two of them were killed by Euron. Did the third sister who was protecting Ellaria also die? We didn’t really see her death.

I’m confused. Did Euron kill Yara? Was that her hanging on the bow of her ship in the last scene? Ellaria was kidnapped, but was Yara also taken hostage? Does Euron mean to take them to Cersei and offer them as his gifts to prove his loyalty to her?

Can’t believe Theon dove overboard instead of helping his sister, but maybe that was the best he could have done. If he attacked Euron, Euron would have killed Yara and probably would have killed Theon, too. By jumping ship, he saved himself and maybe his sister. Having said that, their reunion (if there will be one) is going to be awkward and tough to watch.

These were my favorite quotes from this episode:

“Incompetence should not be rewarded with blind loyalty.” – Varys

“Until I return, the North is yours.” – Jon

“Touch my sister and I’ll kill you myself.” – Jon


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