“I don’t blush, I glow”

TV Show: Killjoys
Episode Title: The Lion, the Witch & the Warlord
Original Air Date: July 21, 2017
Episode Number: 3×04

Episode Description

An ambush sends Dutch and Johnny on the run for help; D’avin tries to get to the bottom of a Black Warrant.

My Review

I loved this episode and it’s probably my favorite so far for this season. So much fun seeing Pree’s backstory and we got a lot of great Dutch/Johnny scenes that made my shipper heart pitter-patter. I am still conflicted as hell if I want them to be together, but at this point, I prefer them to be just friends because otherwise it would only just complicate things. I would love for them to eventually get together, possibly on the very last episode of the series.

Anyway, Pree’s backstory was perfect and everything I wanted. Of course he was the leader of the most badass group of people, the Ferran. I wouldn’t have expected anything less. He’s got some serious moves. Lachlan was great and I thoroughly enjoyed his sparring with Pree. It was kinda sweet that the reason Pree left Ohron was because he didn’t want Lachlan to risk his life for protecting him and also he sees Lachlan as a more suitable leader for the Ferran and that’s why he left. Definitely a dick move, but at least they’re both at peace with it now. Pree just had to put out. A lot. 😄

I’m glad that Team Awesome Force now knows that Aneela and Delle Seyah are working together, thanks to D’avin’s ability to infiltrate the thoughts of Delle Seyah. Not entirely sure how this whole thing works so I’ll just flow with it. I had to laugh when he opened his shirt so Zeph can do her thing, only to find out that the electrodes were only for his temples, lol.

D’avin and the guy at the bar who was an antagonist earlier this season (I think? Or was it last season?) and who is now Pree’s assistant/maybe-partner were great together. I liked how we got a bit of backstory with the guy (I don’t remember his name) and how he’s unsure as to what he and Pree are. Get on that, Pree!

I really hope that Zeph will tell the rest of the team that she was able to open the Remnant because I’m not here for people keeping secrets from each other. That ending of her last scene better be just a misdirect and not her plotting to keep that a secret.

Johnny is now a Level V, yay! I understand why he was acting like a “bitch” towards Dutch after learning that she was blocking his promotion. I would be, too. Johnny is a grown man and doesn’t need to be protected anymore. It’s very sweet of Dutch to protect Johnny, but she should know better that he can handle it.

Love, love, LOVE all of Johnny and Dutch’s scenes. This episode really was a gift to all the J/D fans (shippers and non-shippers alike) and I’m thrilled that they were able to be honest with each other with the help of the truth serum. Their competitions were a lot of fun and I actually wanted to see more.

Dutch telling Johnny that she didn’t want him to come back kinda stung and I would have loved it if she elaborated further on this. Dutch asking Johnny why he came back and then them getting knocked out by the gas was so annoying! I wanted to know the real answer. I know Johnny said later on that the reason he came back was because he wanted to help Dutch in leading the rebellion, but how much of that is really the truth?

The two of them passing the hairpin with their mouths was as close as we’re going to get to see them kissing. I would like to thank the writers for including this scene to sate the shippers. I thought it was very sweet when Dutch couldn’t take her eyes away from the cryo box that Johnny was in when they were back on Lucy. After she poured herself and Pree a glass of alcohol, she turns back right away to look at Johnny in the box because he’s scheduled to wake up any time. That really warmed my heart and I can’t articulate why.

Lots of great and funny lines in this episode and below are just a few of my favorites:

“What is it with you and asteroids?”
“They’re hard and full of secrets. Like you.”

“Drag a comb through that nest. Do us all a favor.”

“Don’t poke the bear.”

“This is for science, remember?”

“Why are my eyes vomiting?”

“Your hair is too big for your face, you leave knives everywhere, and your pottery’s terrible.”

“When I met you, you were Johnny Jaqobis. Lover of ponies. Sunshine optimist. You weren’t a murderer. And I won’t watch you turn into me.”

“I can hear you mouth-breathing from here.”


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