“I’ve had enough death for one lifetime”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Brooklyn
Original Air Date: December 8, 2015
Episode Number: 2×09

Episode Description

Days before the world’s first nuclear explosion, everyone races to secure their place in history.

My Review

Okay, I retract my statement in the previous episode. This was the best episode of this season (with one episode to go) because everything has fallen into place and it looks like things will start to unravel in the finale and I can’t wait. There were a lot of plot points up in the air so let me see if I can remember them all.

Helen going to Darrow about Frank’s plan to sabotage the project was not really a surprise. Helen is tired of being Frank’s lackey and not getting anything out of it. Her loyalty towards him has been unfruitful and she seems stuck in the same position she was in as when she was on his team. I don’t blame her at all for going to Darrow although I have a feeling that Darrow already knows and is keeping quiet because of his deal with Frank. Helen just can’t win.

Frank using the project’s resources to fund Liza’s was not a surprise and I knew exactly what Rochester was about. Frank being evasive when Theodore asked him about it just proved my suspicion.

Thanks to Abby’s meddling and sending Joey back to Brooklyn to live with her parents, Charlie changed his tune and reneged on his promise to Frank. Now he’s advocating to drop the bomb in order to stop the war and to show people that they have something to be afraid of. I wasn’t moved by the speech because I’m on Frank’s side in all this, but it seemed like a pretty good speech.

Abby sending Joey to Brooklyn was definitely a dick move. I’m not a big fan of Abby this season and it irks me that she would do this without talking to Charlie first. Joey is both their son, not just hers. She had no right to take away the son from his father. Yes, Charlie lied to her about Jean Tatlock and that it was the military, at his urging, who staged Jean’s suicide. What a mess.

Did not see the Soviet spy (Victor Green) getting captured. Good job, Darrow. It’s too bad he didn’t get anything out of him and it’s now up to Crosley and Frank to convince Darrow that Meeks is the guy and not Sid. Meeks is Brooklyn. I can’t wait to see how this one is resolved.

So is Meeks going to sabotage the test in the next episode, thus killing, a majority of scientists and military personnel? I saw Charlie, Fritz, Meeks at the test site during the opening scene in the season premiere and I seriously doubt they’re going to kill off those three characters. Guess we’ll find out in the finale.


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