“Did Krystal just fall arse-backwards into something big again?”

TV Show: Orphan Black
Episode Title: Manacled Slim Wrists
Original Air Date: July 15, 2017
Episode Number: 5×06

Episode Description

Cosima is forced into an alliance with Susan Duncan when an old enemy returns to the island, accelerating P.T. Westmoreland’s sinister agenda. Meanwhile, Krystal stumbles onto a vital clue to the Neolution endgame.

My Review

Best episode of the season so far and it’s mostly due to Krystal. LOVED all of her scenes. What a joy this character is and how much she just makes the episode better just by being in it. Her dislike of Sarah is too fucking funny and the fact that she thinks Sarah is Australian is even better. Her scenes were ridiculous, but this is the kind of ridiculous that I don’t mind and absolutely love. And it’s tied to the overall arc with Len’s company being bought out by Dyad because they want to test their products on animals and humans. That Rachel is a smart one, for sure.

The best part about Krystal’s storyline (well, one of the best parts) was the fact that Tatiana’s boyfriend, Tom Cullen, played Len Sipp! I bet they had a fucking blast shooting this episode where Tatiana plays a bimbo who gets to kick Tom’s character in the balls and where he gets to play a complete smarmy douche. Omg, best casting ever. And on top of that, we get to see Tatiana as Sarah watch Tatiana as Krystal beating Tom as Len. 😂

Brie and Scott were also fun and I loved how Scott got flustered with Brie flirting with him. Poor guy just wants to do science and now he’s caught up with Brie and Krystal’s shenanigans. How much fun was that opening scene with Krystal and Brie shooting their vlog? SO GOOD. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

Kira pretending to be sick so that she doesn’t have to go to Dyad was great, but it’s too bad the fun had to end when Rachel came knocking the door to take her away. I’m afraid they can’t delay this anymore. Cosima and Charlotte need to get back to the mainland asap to get in contact with Sarah and the other and warn them.

Shit has hit the fun in Wonderland (Kira’s code name for the island) and PT has been found out. I knew it! I knew he’s not really PT. They fucking got me to believe it after we saw the character; I should have stuck with my gut. Too bad that Susan is now gone. She actually was going to save Cosima and maybe help Kira get away from Rachel. Sucks about Ira, too, but at least now they’re together in the afterlife (if there is one).

Mud’s world has been turned upside down and I so wish that she listened to Cosima and got out of there while she still could. Now she’s stuck with a bunch of angry people who are burning everything in sight. My question is, why haven’t these people gone up to the house to burn it down yet? Why were they burning the places where they sleep and eat? Idiots. Coady and John need to be burned inside that house.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– Glad that Siobhan has told Sarah about working with Delphine. No more secrets, please! You guys play for the same team after all.

– I cracked up so much at Krystal answering/talking out loud whenever Art or Sarah would talk to her or ask her a question. Good thing Len is not the most observant person.

– “Is she really necessary? ‘Cuz she’s so rude every single time.” – Krystal to Art about Sarah (LOL)

– “What I couldn’t get with brains, I bought.”
“With fortune and fiction. That’s how the patriarchy works.” – Susan telling it like it is.

– “Okay, steer him to Dyad. Don’t make it obvious.”
“Len, you sold your company to Dyad.”


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