“She’s allowed to be hostile. She’s never had an orgasm before.”

TV Show: The Bold Type
Episode Title: O Hell No
Original Air Date: July 11, 2017
Episode Number: 1×02

Episode Description

Jane is assigned to write a “best orgasm” article for Scarlet’s sex column, but doesn’t know where to start since she’s never had one before.

My Review

I think this one is even better than the pilot and this was the episode that cemented my love for ALL of the characters. Jane didn’t fully win me over last episode, but I loved her story in this one. Her putting her name to the article and being proud of it was a huge part of this. Loved her confidence while walking through that office. I definitely related to her being uptight and not letting herself go because I’m usually that way so it was quite inspiring to see her own that article.

Jacqueline continues to be the perfect boss and her support of Jane is so great to see. She didn’t get mad at Jane when she didn’t like the article, instead she kept on being supportive and even gave Jane the inspiration to really go for it (with a bit of Kat also inspiring Jane) with her article and with planting one on Ryan.

Kat’s confusion about her feelings for Adena was so adorable and I continue to just love this storyline. It kinda broke my heart when we saw Adena kissing that girl, although I’m not going to assume that that was her girlfriend right away. Could be a red herring on the show’s part so I remain optimistic that the vibe that Adena was giving Kat was not Kat misreading them. There’s definitely something there.

The biggest surprise of the episode, for me, was how much I really liked Sutton’s arc. Her going for that job (with Lauren’s help and with Richard’s help) was great and that she went for the practical route, but after thinking about it more, her heart is not set on it so she’s not going to take the job after all. Her conversation with Alex probably motivated her to pursue her dream (along with her conversation with Kat and Jane and how she wishes that she had Kat’s confidence) instead of settling.

Also, I am slightly shipping Sutton and Alex already. Her relationship with Richard probably won’t be a long-term thing, so I wouldn’t mind her and Alex to eventually end up together. Very good chemistry between those two. Also great chemistry between Jane and Ryan. So thrilled to see Dan Jeanotte here since I loved him as James on Reign.

The scene with Kat removing the yoni egg from Jane’s vagina…hey, what are friends for, right? I cracked up when Sutton was trying to make Jane relax through this by talking about puppies and beaches and Jane’s like “Do not ruin puppies for me.” 😂

This scene between Kat and Jane also cracked me up:

“I’m hetero, totally hetero. I’m hetero, right?”
“Are you trying to convince me?”

Really loving this show and these characters and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the episodes. Too bad I have to wait a week in between episodes now.


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