“Just think of it as a giant typewriter”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: The Last Sam Weiss
Original Air Date: April 29, 2011
Episode Number: 3×21

Episode Description

Olivia joins forces with the mysterious Sam Weiss in a desperate race against time.

My Review

I’m glad that Olivia was essential to the machine as Peter was and it was only because Walternate turned on the machine without Peter on the other side that Olivia’s role in all this was revealed. Very Alias-like when her picture inside that box was revealed to be the “crowbar.”

The shot of her and Peter walking up to the machine hand in hand was very ominous and yet oddly romantic, in a way. These two have been through so much in two universes and through the past and present (and now the future), their fates are bound together that nothing could keep them apart. They are the key to saving both universes from collapsing. That’s quite a unique love story, don’t you think?

Interesting that Peter didn’t say I love you to Olivia back and I think it was actually a good thing because he didn’t need to say it back. She already knows he does and there’s no need to verbalize it. It was all in that look that they shared before he went up to the machine. I really liked how Peter flashed through his memories of Olivia before powering on the machine. Again, all very ominous making us think that Peter will die in the process.

Astrid was quite instrumental in this episode, I thought. She took care of Walter, but not only that, she was the one who urged him to not spend his time for the world to end by not doing anything and just sitting next to Peter’s bed. She convinced Walter to come up with a solution and together, they did. Astrid was also there when Olivia successfully got the typewriter from the other side to start typing, hence putting the plan into motion. Hurray for “Ostrich”! LOL, oh Walter.

So Sam is a descendant of the First People and his great x 10 grandfathers were the ones who wrote the book and who were fanatical about this future and what should be done when it comes to pass. Sam must be so lucky to be the one in his family to live during this lifetime and to see this unfold. Or maybe not so lucky if things don’t go as planned and our world is the one that gets destroyed.

The scene with Olivia getting frustrated that she can’t make the typewriter work on the other side and her begging Walter to give her Cortexiphan was so heartbreaking. I loved what Walter told her, though: “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. You have no idea how extraordinary you are. If you embrace that, there’s no end to what you can do.” So beautiful. True to form, Olivia still doesn’t believe that she’s anything special no matter how many times people tell her she is. I love that about her. And I also loved the scene at Liberty Island when Walter said “Whoever did the drawing knew the same thing as I do. That you don’t fail.” Walter’s unfailing belief in Olivia just warms my heart.

That ending with Peter waking up ten years into the future and all hell is breaking loose? Whoa. Either the doomsday device is a time machine or it allows someone to see into the future. Very cool. So we can surmise that 1) Peter is an agent (probably of Fringe Division) ten years from now; 2) that FD is now a government-sanctioned agency just like on the other side; and 3) that there looks to be some kind of war happening in the city streets. I’m glad we still have the finale for this season because if I was a first time viewer who watched this when the show aired, I wouldn’t have been able to wait months for this cliffhanger to be resolved.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– How cute was that scene at Liberty Island when Walter was examining Peter and he asks him “Who is that woman over there?” referring to Olivia? Olivia’s smile was too adorable.

– “Sam Weiss, patron member since ’82.” Gotta love Sam being so snarky and hilarious. He was totally pulling Olivia’s leg when she flashed her badge and then he proceeds to do the same and shows his museum membership card to the curator, lol.

– “I know you’re not the Secretary of Defense. The sweater is a dead giveaway.”

– “Don’t say I never took you anywhere.” So in the Fringe universe, powering down a doomsday device and going in it is considered romantic, heh.


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