“It’s not gossip, it’s intelligence”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Overlord
Original Air Date: November 3, 2015
Episode Number: 2×04

Episode Description

Frank’s situation improves with unexpected aid. Oppenheimer’s private life has unforeseen impact on project.

My Review

Damn, Abby. Calling Oppenheimer’s mistress and playing head games with her and causing her to kill herself? Damn. Should be interesting to see how this affects Abby now and if she’ll even mention this to Charlie (I’m assuming no). Will Charlie suspect something is afoot when he finds out what happened to the mistress? I’m surprised that Darrow knew about Oppenheimer’s mistress…but did he know that was a Communist?

Kitty being fully aware that her husband has a mistress in San Francisco who’s not fully there mentally and that the two of them are kindred spirits because Oppenheimer is also not mentally all there was a surprise. That poor baby, born into a loveless marriage.

I do feel for Oppenheimer, though. His conscience and the burden this has placed on his shoulders finally caught up to him and he’s not willing to kill innocent civilians just to win a war. It’s a tough position to be in and this is the question that this show has tried to answer or provide some insight since season one. How can anyone with a conscience knowingly participate in something so destructive that it could kill thousands of innocent people? But on the other hand, if this gadget is not built, lives are still lost due to the war.

Now that Frank is back on The Hill, how will Charlie react to the propaganda that Frank will tell him? Is this going to end up delaying the project a bit? How did Frank sneak in back into The Hill so easily?

Helen and Theodore duking it out as to who gets to go to Site X was interesting and their rivalry is a nice continuation from last season. I wonder if Theodore figured out that Helen never gave his letter to Oppenheimer and that’s why he seemed cold towards her.

Liza successfully freeing Frank was great to see (thank you, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt) and it amused me when Liza was watching Frank eat that tub of chili to win a car. Lucky for Frank, Liza took pity on him and offered to drive him to New Mexico instead of watching him eat himself to the point of getting sick.

I still like the show, but this season has decreased in quality just a bit, in my opinion. More scenes of everyone working on the science and on the gadget and less domestic drama, please.


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