“Daddy, I think your face is funny”

TV Show: I’m Sorry
Episode Title: Racist Daughter
Original Air Date: July 12, 2017
Episode Number: 1×02

Episode Description

Andrea sets up a play date with the new girl in Amelia’s class, and is horrified to learn that Amelia might be racist. And when preparing for a dinner party for Mike’s co-workers, Andrea contracts a painful medical condition.

My Review

The show continues to be hilarious and I think this episode is even funnier than the pilot. The whole racist daughter thing had me in complete stitches especially seeing Andrea and Mike’s reactions to it and how they tried to explain to their daughter that it’s wrong to think like that.

Best of all was Judy Greer’s reaction upon finding out about Andrea’s predicament and having fun watching Andrea deal with it. Of course she thinks it’s horrible, but if we were in her position, we probably would find all of this amusing as well.

I lost it when Amelia walked in to the party in blackface, omg. So wrong, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

The whole jalapeno hands thing was a tad too gross, but the payoff of everyone stopping eating the guacamole after the reveal was worth it. Everyone just looked disgusted and rightfully so. Hell, I probably would have stopped eating it, too.


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