“They don’t give out Pulitzers for propaganda”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: The Threshold
Original Air Date: October 27, 2015
Episode Number: 2×03

Episode Description

Liza faces off against Darrow as Abby learns a secret about Oppenheimer.

My Review

Albert Einstein, cool. Will he be able to help in getting Frank released from that place in Texas? I sure hope so. Such a delight to see Babbit again and I’m so glad that he put aside his differences with Frank to help Liza.

It was interesting to see Liza’s time spent at the sanatorium and how much that place totally defeated her. Frank saw this and worked hard to have her released and even made recruiting calls on her behalf so that it will give her the will to leave that place and continue on with her profession. It was beautiful to see how much he loved her then and I mean he still loves her, but him cheating on her still doesn’t sit well with me. Liza is a more forgiving person than me.

Why was Abby trying to rile up Oppenheimer and trying to insinuate that she knows that he’s having an affair? Is it just her being ambitious and wanting to have Charlie be in charge of the whole project? I don’t understand this side of Abby, just makes me think she’s acting out of character.

I was excited to see Neve Campbell as Oppenheimer’s wife, but then she called Abby a deviant and now I’m all, bitch, no. You can leave any time now. Her telling Abby “I do not need marital advice from a deviant” was downright cold and cruel. Then again, that was the norm back during those times so I really shouldn’t be surprised by this scene. Somehow I want Abby to get back at her.

Helen losing it in front of Charlie and Oppenheimer just seemed so unprofessional to me, but at least it worked to her advantage. It led to Oppenheimer offering her a promotion. I wonder what his intentions are with her. Being a female scientist has got to be tough. Maybe she does have a point…why didn’t Charlie have her part of the G group? I thought he considers her one of the most brilliant scientists he’s worked with.

I’m surprised Dunlavey was instrumental to helping Liza leave The Hill to look for Frank. I would have expected him to act out against her and give her a hard time after she sent Callie away. Color me shocked.

Congrats to Fritz and Jeannie! That was so sweet when she said yes and how happy she was. May they have a long and happy marriage together.

So Meeks is a Soviet spy and his reasoning is that if he provided information to Stalin on how to make a bomb, this would lead to a stalemate and no one will die. An oversimplification, but that’s the gist of it. And he also became a spy because he felt like he wanted to do something or avenge Sid’s death. Interesting. I look forward to seeing more of his relationship with the female Soviet spy and how things could get complicated for both of them.

There were a lot of great lines in this episode and I’m going to list just a few of my favorites:

“Is that a decoder ring?”

“Don’t be fooled. The pyramids look grand, too, but they’re still tombs.”

“One thing I know about Frank, he always manages to find a chair when the music stops.”
“This one might be electrified.”


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