“None of us is without enemies”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Bloodline
Original Air Date: March 25, 2011
Episode Number: 3×18

Episode Description

In the parallel universe, Olivia is submitted to an EPV test since her sister died during the delivery of her baby. When she returns to her apartment, she is abducted and taken to a facility where she is submitted to a procedure that accelerates her pregnancy. Meanwhile the Fringe Division seeks her out while her mother Marilyn is informed that Olivia’s EPV was confirmed.

My Review

Whoa. This episode felt like I was watching it for the first time because I don’t remember Walternate and AltBrandon being behind the plot to kidnap Fauxlivia and accelerate her pregnancy. 😯 I’m getting pretty bad at remembering the later episodes as I continue on this rewatch and it is honestly cracking me up.

Anyway, that reveal in the end was pretty shocking, I thought. They did a double twist there with showing us September at first making us think that the Observers were responsible for this, only to show us that it was Walternate’s plan all along (together with AltBrandon). Walternate knew that Fauxlivia had a high chance of having VPE so his plan to save both her and the baby was to put her through so much stress…not exactly foolproof, but everything worked out for the best, I suppose, since mother and child are healthy and safe.

Loved the return of Henry and this time meeting the Olivia from his universe. The fact that he was the one who helped her give birth was quite poignant, I thought. His link to Olivia is huge and will never be replicated, but it’s great that he’s going to form this new link with his Olivia thanks to this shared experience.

Henry telling AltLincoln and AltCharlie about the other universe got me all excited because it’s about damn time they’re clued in as to what the hell Walternate’s plans are. The two guys going after Henry during their first encounter was very funny with AltCharlie telling Henry to put his hands on the wheel while AltLincoln says to get out of the car and Henry asks “Which one is it?!” Hee. Andre Royo is perfect in this role.

It cannot be said enough that Anna Torv probably did her best work in this season of the show and this episode makes for a very strong case as to how phenomenal she is at her craft. The entire birthing scene was so fucking emotional and I was a complete wreck while watching it thanks to her performance and for Seth Gabel’s performance. They really sold that scene and omg, I was bawling my eyes out when AltLincoln said he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but there. And then the tears started flowing when he told her “I love you.” Oh, my heart. His unrequited love for Fauxlivia is so endearing, but I’m afraid that Fauxlivia doesn’t share the same feelings that he does for her. Methinks she’s still hung up on Peter, but this isn’t going to stop me from shipping them.

Fauxlivia escaping from her captors was very reminiscent of Olivia escaping her own captors in the season one episode called Bound where Olivia was being strapped to a table as well and being experimented on. Now it’s confirmed that in whatever universe, any version of Olivia Dunham is a complete and total badass. Also, can I just point out that any iteration of Olivia has been experimented on non-stop since the first season. What is this show’s fascination with poking and prodding this character? Kinda ridiculous at this point.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– I wonder if AltAstrid ever came up with an answer to who could have orchestrated this kidnapping from inside Fringe Division. She was given two parameters to narrow down her search: the person knew about the trackers and also had access to Fauxlivia’s file. It would take her no time to run her programs to come up with Walternate’s name, right?

– AltCharlie telling AltLincoln that he went on a date with Mona, the bug girl, and AltLincoln teasing him about it was a fun scene. I love their dynamic so much.

– The West Wing is still running in the other universe and is in its 12th season. Yay!

– AltLincoln and AltCharlie talking about our universe planting our Olivia within their team to infiltrate and gather information about them is Walternate lying again to cover his ass. I can’t wait until these two find out. They need to talk to Fauxlivia ASAP and get the story straight from her.


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