“I have spent the last two hours down a lesbian Muslim rabbit hole”

TV Show: The Bold Type
Episode Title: Pilot
Original Air Date: July 11, 2017
Episode Number: 1×01

Episode Description

The lives and loves of the women of Scarlet magazine.

My Review

Due to positive critical buzz and great word of mouth on social media, I decided to watch this and it did not disappoint. It’s refreshing to see a group of women who love and support each other and who are not here for cattiness and whatever nonsense that is stereotypically portrayed for shows such as this. Kat, Jane, and Sutton are all likeable (I instantly liked Kat, took me until the end of the episode to warm up to the other two) and I was so pleasantly surprised that their boss, Jacqueline, was not your typical female boss who is bitchy towards her female employees. Jacqueline is as supportive of her employees as these girls are supportive to each other and she really nurtures and mentors them for the good of the company.

I was wary about Sutton’s story in the beginning because it just seemed like your typical story about both of them using each other for sex so I was very surprised when she took a stance with Richard and told him that she wants to be the girl that he can’t stop thinking about and that she deserves to be that girl. How often do you see this on TV? A woman not letting the man take control of the relationship, but rather her taking the bull by the horns and telling the guy how she wants this relationship to go.

Jane’s struggle with what to write about is relatable because we’ve all been there. First day on the job and you seem like you can’t get anything right and you’re starting to doubt yourself if you can do this. Jacqueline was a great sounding board for Jane and with her help, Jane was able to write an excellent article (as per Jacqueline) and she hopefully got some closure with Eric. Killing two birds with one stone like a boss.

And we have Kat’s story with Adeena which was quite poignant and timely especially during these turbulent and uncertain times. I loved how Kat was immediately drawn to Adeena and how intrigued she was about Adeena’s whole story. Loved the ease with which they quickly became friends and how Kat helped Adeena with no hesitation. The picture Kat sent was so adorable and perfectly circled back to their earlier conversation. Cannot wait to see how this friendship develops because they are the main reason why I decided to start watching this show in the first place.

I liked that Kat and Jane didn’t shame Sutton when they found out that she was sleeping with one of the board members. Instead, they were worried for her if someone found out and that she deserves to be treated better. Nothing but love between these three women.

Other random thoughts and observations:

– I liked that Jacqueline’s second in command, Lauren, is another person of color. Always great to see diversity on TV shows.

– “You are relentless.” – Adeena
“You have no idea.” – Kat

This made me smile.

– “Adeena’s a brave girl and so are you.” – Jacqueline to Kat. This also made me smile.

– Jacqueline telling her assistant that she was going to call back Beyonce because she wasn’t done talking to Jane was SO great. She is the kind of boss that we all need in our lives. Someone who is genuinely concerned for their employees’ welfare.


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