“For you to survive, I need to leave”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
Original Air Date: April 15, 2011
Episode Number: 3×19

Episode Description

Using some mind-bending lab experimentation, the team makes a desperate attempt to remove William Bell’s consciousness from Olivia’s body before she’s lost forever.

My Review

Definitely an improvement over the Stowaway episode (two episodes before this one) which was probably the worst Fringe episode, in my opinion. Bell is still inside Olivia’s body and consciousness, but at least now all of them are in agreement that they need to hurry up and rescue Olivia and coax her from hiding deep in the recesses of her mind knowing that if they don’t succeed, Olivia could very well be gone for good. Of course this involves having Walter and Peter taking LSD to enter Olivia’s mind to join Bell in finding Olivia.

I see that JH Wyman and Jeff Pinkner wrote this episode and they are also credited as the originators of the story together with Akiva Goldsman. It still makes me wonder why they didn’t write the Stowaway episode themselves instead of that writer, but whatever. I thought it was very cool how they were able to incorporate Leonard Nimoy into the episode without having to use him onscreen: by turning part of the episode into a comic book/animated versions of the characters. Very clever. I thought that the animators did a very good job with the characters’ likenesses.

Very interesting to see what was in Olivia’s mind and how she sees the world. I love the detail that everyone in her mind is dressed just like her in dark colors and grays. Peter said it best: “All these people look like they raided her closet.” LOL. Also very interesting that she made Nina and Brandon both as villains who are out to get the people she cares about.

The scene with little Olivia and Peter reuniting was very sweet and I love that she shared with Peter that the last time she was happy during her childhood was before Walter and Bell started the Cortexiphan trials. Peter knew her well enough that she would go back to that time where she felt the safest.

Olivia finally stopping running and facing her fears was a powerful image. Bell summarized it well: “You should have been safe inside your own mind….and you have never felt safe. You are your own worst enemy, Olivia. You took the opportunity to let your fears overwhelm you. But you just fought back. In the end, you are as strong as Walter and I always believed you were. And now, you know it too.”

We have been shown time and again that Olivia doesn’t have any fears and that’s what makes her great at her job, but in this episode, we find out that she has a lot of fears. She’s just great at hiding them from everyone including the ones she’s closest with. But not anymore. She faced her fears and this “conversation” with Bell will make her even better and stronger. Great stuff.

That reveal in the end with Peter asking who that man was on the zeppelin and Olivia saying “I think he’s the man who’s gonna kill me” while calmly eating her toast made me go “WTF?!” How could she say that and not be worried about it? Was this the new Olivia in that she’s not afraid of anything anymore and if this is the guy who’ll kill her, what good would it do to worry about such things? I’m sure she’ll run that drawing through the FBI database to see if there’s a match.

Poor Walter losing his partner for good. It was very sweet when Astrid came to his office to bring him food and the Zoom video. I love their friendship. It cracked me up when Walter called her “Astro” and then Astrid calls him “Wally.” Walter and Bell’s reactions were priceless.

High Broyles was a complete riot! So creepy to see Broyles smiling because we are so used to him always looking stern and tough. I wonder what Lance Reddick’s reaction was when he read the script for this episode. He must have been excited to play this version of Broyles and to step out of character for once.

High Peter was also a riot especially during this scene with Broyles: “You’re bald.” And then he whispers to Astrid “I think he’s an Observer.” 😄


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