“We all come from sin. It’s up to us to rise.”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Fatherland
Original Air Date: October 20, 2015
Episode Number: 2×02

Episode Description

Frank discovers the real reason he’s been taken captive.

My Review

It took me a couple of rewinds of that scene between Frank and Darrow to figure out exactly what was going on. This had nothing to do with the spy inside The Hill. This is military propaganda to scare the scientists on The Hill to work as fast as they can to build the bomb because Hitler is “supposedly” a year ahead of them thanks to their spy inside Heisenberg’s lab. Only problem here is that the intelligence that Magpie has provided the military is actually Frank’s work and not the Germans. Well, talk about a twist that I don’t think anyone saw coming, at least not me.

This just proves to show that the military will go to any means necessary to win this war and even though it’s not the “right” thing to do, at least they’re getting the team to work on the bomb at a faster rate. What Heisenberg has or hasn’t no one knows for sure, but that’s beside the point.

This makes me think that Fisher was on to something without even knowing what it was. Or was he in on the military’s propaganda all along? I’m thinking not and I can’t yet articulate why, but I have a feeling his part in all this will come to light this season.

Frank is in a perilous situation now, though. He knows what the military is doing, but he can’t do anything about it. Will Brueker, the guy who was pretending to be a Nazi in the cell with him, do what Frank told him to do? But this will not really do anything, would it? In reality, is there really any harm as to what the military is doing in duping all those scientists?

But this leads me back to Frank. What’s going to happen with him now? Surely they can’t hold him in there forever. What about his rights as an American? Aren’t the military just doing the same thing that the Germans are doing with the Jews? Stripping them of their rights and acting as judge, jury, and executioner? Scary times.

I knew right away that the whole setup was a test when Brueker showed up so the reveal lost its impact. At least the military got their answer in that Frank isn’t a spy, he’s just ashamed of being borne by a German mother. No wonder he’s been so secretive of his parentage. Makes me wonder if Liza or Babbit even knows.

Charlie and Abby’s conversation was quite chilling, I thought. Who knew that Abby would make such a rational and horrifying suggestion, to endanger the lives of the German scientists’ families and use them as leverage for them to stop working on the bomb. Wow. Charlie was definitely torn and I don’t think he would actually put that plan into action.

Season two is definitely off to a fantastic start with all these questions about morality and what not. Should be an interesting last season for the show.


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