“Sands shift during wartime”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Damnatio Memoriae
Original Air Date: October 13, 3015
Episode Number: 2×01

Episode Description

Charlie is forced into a new leadership role in the race to build the world’s first atomic bomb.

My Review

Pretty bold move to start off season two without Frank Winter, but I liked it. It definitely heightened the mystery as to his whereabouts and seeing everyone’s reactions to his disappearance just added to the panic and the worry that the viewers most likely felt as well.

I’m not sure what the purpose was of Charlie’s speech. He acknowledged Frank’s contribution to the implosion model, but him lying about talking to him just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason (seems Helen felt the same). Why is he covering for whatever the army or Oppenheimer did to make Frank disappear? Maybe he thinks it’s for the best of the team, to have everyone work on a common goal and to be united, but still. Can’t shake off the feeling that there was something more to that speech, but I can’t determine if it was good for Frank’s behalf or not.

So it looks like Charlie and Abby are going to make their marriage work after all now that the news about Abby’s pregnancy is out in the open. Somehow I have a feeling this marriage will not be as hunky-dory as it once was because there have been too many things that have been said between the two of them that have probably cut through each of their cores and for which they can’t take back. But for the sake of the family, they’re making the best out of the situation.

I do wonder if Charlie will keep on seeing Helen on the side or if this is it for their relationship. I hope Crosley gets over his bitterness after getting spurned by Helen. Put your feelings aside for the sake of the country and the war, dude. It would be a toxic work environment if he continues to act like an ass towards Helen and Charlie.

The conversation between Abby and Helen about abortion was very poignant, that it was against the law, but it was nice to see Helen offer Abby help in regards to how she could get an abortion. I’m also glad that Helen kept her promise to Abby about not telling Charlie about the baby because she knows that that was probably going to be the end of her relationship with Charlie.

Fucking Meeks. I hope he dies by the end of this season. I so badly wanted Fisher to shoot him with that gun. Why exactly is Meeks a spy, though? What ties does he have to Germany (or Russia) and why didn’t anyone, including Frank, not see him for who he is? It’s too bad Fisher is now gone. I didn’t like the guy, but at least he was very good (sometimes too good) at his job.

The new colonel is making me miss Colonel Cox. Darrow is coming off like a complete jackass with him making Crosley kneel and asking him to beg forgiveness. For a second there I thought he was going to demand Crosley to give him a blowjob, lol. Is Darrow going to be a religious zealot or some kind of a kill ’em all nutjob?

Poor Liza. Her plans of escaping from The Hill got thwarted no thanks to fucking Dunlavey for opening his big mouth. I did enjoy seeing Liza saying goodbye to Callie and shipping her off back home and screwing Dunlavy’s plans about being with her daughter. Fuck you, Dunlavey. Callie doesn’t deserve your lying, traitorous self.

Loved Liza being sassy towards Darrow during their first meeting:

“How do you like your coffee?”
“In my own living room. 2,000 miles from here.”

I laughed so hard. I wonder if Liza figured out what Frank’s plan was when she heard the rest of that recording. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for Darrow and the rest of the army now.


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