“Do you think the perpetrator is from outer space?”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Os
Original Air Date: March 11, 2011
Episode Number: 3×16

Episode Description

What goes up may not always come down when the Fringe Team investigates a group of thieves who can break the laws of gravity. Meanwhile, Walter attempts to delay the damage he’s caused to the fabric of the universe.

My Review

This was kind of a standalone episode with humans behaving like balloons which was a very cool effect, btw. I wonder how they made all those bodies look like they’re really floating. Not the best Fringe episode, but it still had its moments.

That ending, though. Guess that’s one way of bringing back Bell into the plot without having Leonard Nimoy (who retired from acting the year before) back on to guest star. Of course Bell would choose Olivia to have his soul “inhabit” her body. It couldn’t be anyone else but her and I’m sure the writers were excited about writing the episode and to have Anna Torv come up with another iteration of the Olivia character, in this case, it’s Bellivia, lol.

Peter and Olivia were quite adorable being happy and being in love. I laughed when they let go of each other’s hands when they saw Nina coming up to them. It seemed like they were both busted by a parent, it was very cute. I also got a kick out of Walter and Astrid knowingly smiling at each other as Peter and Olivia left to go to investigate a warehouse, with Walter saying “When your mother and I were courting, we used to take long walks in the park, but I can see, for your generation, that a drive to the warehouse would be just as enchanting.”

Good to see Peter telling Olivia what he’s up to and that he was the one who killed all those shape-shifters. Full disclosure indeed. Their scene in the car playing the “full discolsure” game was quite amusing with Olivia telling Peter that she doesn’t like it when he “burrows” into her skin when he gets carried away rubbing the same spot on her body, lol.

Walter was very rude to Astrid in this episode and it annoyed me. He yells her name when she’s sitting right next to him; he makes a mess in the lab and having her clean it up with nary a word of thanks; and he always has her do the dirty work (e.g. getting rid of the dead guy’s blood). Surely the FBI can afford to have a lab assistant who can do the cleaning of the lab? Astrid is far too qualified to be doing that. “I went to Quantico for this…” I feel you, Astrid.

Other random observations:

– Cool to see Hurley from Lost show up in the beginning of the episode and getting high with Walter. I’ve forgotten he made a cameo on Fringe.

– Nice vocal effect on Torv’s part when Bell inhabited her body.

– Did not need to see the doctor sawing off that guy’s leg off. That was too gross.


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