“You knew Thin Man was going to fail”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: The Gun Model
Original Air Date: October 12, 2014
Episode Number: 1×12

Episode Description

Akley becomes vulnerable when he tries to fix Thin Man’s shortcomings.

My Review

Well then, shit hit the fan (or more accurately the car windshield) pretty fast in this episode. Frank and Charlie are found out. Akley tries to fix it, but is found out by Charlie. Charlie’s marriage is over because Abby wants a divorce so she can go home. Abby is resentful of Charlie after her actions (at Charlie’s urging) led to Elodie being arrested and thrown out of The Hill. Crosley is left dangling in the breeze without a team to work with. Colonel Cox has his arms full with Liza running for city council. Abby’s new neighbor moves in to Elodie’s house and she gets slapped. The only ones who didn’t get crapped on (much) were Babbit, Fritz, Helen, and Liza.

I saw Akley’s suicide coming a mile away from the moment he appeared onscreen with Frank carrying his gun so his suicide was not a shock. I was waiting for the gun to go off when Frank went back to his car while the camera panned on his face. At first I thought they weren’t going to have him commit suicide, but then the shot went off. It was still a powerful scene, though. Akley was so distraught over his secret (knowing that Thin Man was never going to work) that instead of working with Frank to correct/figure it out, he would rather shoot himself because he doesn’t want to face the embarrassment (probably) that would come from his mistakes. So sad.

I was so worried in the beginning of the episode when Akley was trying to scare Charlie into what would happen to him if the army found out so Akley was trying his best to save Charlie, but the gig was up when Charlie figured out that Akley knew all along that Thin Man wasn’t going to work. It was all a lie for Charlie to continue working for him and eventually figuring out a solution to Thin Man which would lead to his secret being kept. Win-win for Akley.

Charlie going to Helen for comfort – predictable. I’ve said before that I wouldn’t mind if they got together, but not like this. I hate when people on TV shows just jump to bed right away with no buildup especially if I like both characters. They’ve always had sexual tension between them, but I wanted the wait and the payoff to be worth it.

If Charlie and Abby get a divorce, would this be it for Rachel Brosnahan? I doubt the writers would get rid of Rachel and no longer have Abby on the show because she has become one of the most interesting characters on the show. I would hate to lose her. There’s a lot of story yet to be mined in regards to her newfound outlook on the world and with her relationship to Charlie. I would hate watching the two of them snipe at each other, though, so I want the show to figure out a way to have Abby stay on.

I applaud Liza running for city council because she will win, no doubt about that. I was surprised that she told everyone at that meeting that she was diagnosed as a neurotic, but that she’s fine now because she’s taking medication. I don’t know what the general consensus was back then in regards to people who had mental issues back then, but I would think that that was something that was a taboo subject and that people would want to keep private. In any case, more power to her. Can’t wait for her and Colonel Cox to battle it out because I enjoy seeing those two spar.

Babbit to the rescue! Him calling Site X and asking for Theodore to bring some plutonium with him (as per the request of Dr. Oppenheimer – a white lie on Babbit’s part) and with the promise to be part of Oppenheimer’s team was genius on Babbit’s part. This was the only way to save Frank from getting arrested by the army and for him not to be accused of sabotaging the entire project. Akley is right. Frank still has a friend on The Hill after all.

Fantastic episode and I can’t wait to see what the season finale holds.


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