“You gotta be the longest-winded rapist on record”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Tangier
Original Air Date: October 5, 2014
Episode Number: 1×11

Episode Description

A development overseas re-invigorates the hunt for a spy on The Hill. Charlie and Abby make a sacrifice when the plan with Frank is threatened.

My Review

The last five minutes of this episode were quite riveting: two unexpected twists that I didn’t see coming with Crosley going to Akley, thus opening the floodgates; and Abby doing what Charlie asked her to do.

I understand why Crosley did it because he was probably still hurt that Helen didn’t accept his proposal and that he thinks that it’s because she’s having an affair with Charlie, but him going to Akley was not the solution here to cure his broken heart. He’s not thinking about the repercussions of this, how it will put the whole project in danger because who knows what Akley will do now. Why, Crosley, WHY?!

Crosley proposing to Helen was really dumb, though. Didn’t he get the vibe AT ALL from Helen that this is not serious for her? Every time we’ve seen them interact, she doesn’t seem that into him as he is into her so unless he was blinded by the sex and his love for her, I thought it was pretty stupid that he didn’t see that she wouldn’t say yes to his proposal. And I thought he was smart.

Having said that, I did love his speech to Helen and I agree with her that it was beautiful:

“I think perhaps you’re the most impressive person I’ve ever met. I’ve spent my life abandoning people. Starting, I suppose, with myself. Plenty of women have inspired me to be someone else if only for a night, but you’re the first one who makes me aspire to be myself. I’m not trying to own you. I’m asking permission for me to be myself with you. For us to just be who we are. For what, I hope, might be a rather long and happy time together.”

Charlie finally doing something about Tom was a long time coming, but it seemed like it was too little too late. I loved how he bluffed Tom like a boss, though. That was pretty freaking awesome. However, I did not like that he asked Abby to do that for him and have him be complicit in his plan without being fully honest with her. I don’t blame Abby for being mad at him because she had every right to be.

What I don’t understand is why Abby ended up doing it in the end anyway? And her doing it knowing that she will lose Elodie as well? It doesn’t compute. Was it all an act then, her going to Elodie and talking about going away together? Or did seeing that family walking during the night knocked her back into reality that she has a family, a husband and son, that she can’t just abandon? Really bummed we won’t see anymore of Elodie and Abby because I have enjoyed their interactions immensely.

As an aside, I really loved how Rachel Brosnahan played the scene where she’s looking out the door window and watching that family walking with their kids at night. She had tears welling up in her eyes and I thought that was brilliantly acted. You could see in her eyes that it was breaking her heart to choose between her family and living a free life with Elodie.

It’s fairly obvious, isn’t it, that Helen is in love with Charlie? That’s why she didn’t say yes to Crosley’s proposal because Helen has feelings for Charlie. I liked the two of them fake-breaking complete with the pretend-slap, lol. I really like them together, though.

What the fuck is Richard Schiff’s character’s name on this show? He’s such a total prick and a complete opposite of the Toby Schiff character he played on The West Wing. It’s his job to suss out spies and intimidate people, but the way he goes about it is really quite dick-ish of him.

Babbit jumping ship is unfortunate and I hope that he eventually comes back to Frank’s team, although, there might not be a team anymore once Akley is done with the deception that Frank and Charlie orchestrated together.

I got a laugh at these two exchanges:

“What’s on your docket today?”
“More reading. Less railing against imaginary toxins.”

“What’s it like being a scientist without the science part?”
“What’s it like running a department without the department part?”


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