“We sacrifice the few to save the many”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Perestroika
Original Air Date: October 19, 2014
Episode Number: 1×13

Episode Description

Frank is given a life-changing opportunity, while Charlie finds himself in the US Army’s hot seat.

My Review

Wow, Manhattan did that. They really did that. It dawned on me why Frank told Liza about building an atomic bomb as Oppenheimer and Stimson were having their meeting. I just knew that it would be Charlie walking into that meeting and not Frank. After Frank’s “conversation” with Sid, that’s when he made up his mind that he would make a sacrifice. At first I thought he was going to sacrifice Charlie, but I totally read that scene wrong. Of course he would sacrifice himself. He wasn’t going to let another Sid Liao situation happen if he had the means to prevent it.

Should be interesting to see how Frank gets back on The Hill to work on the project because there’s no way this is the last we’ve seen of him. I think Frank sacrificed himself because the penalties for compartmentalization are not as severe as the penalties for being accused as a spy. Plus, he truly believes that Charlie, even more than himself, could figure out a way to make implosion work so Frank put all his belief on Charlie. I wonder if Charlie will ever find out why Fisher and the G2 did a complete turnaround after locking him up and interrogating him in that room for hours.

I can’t believe Meeks is the spy. I knew something was up when we saw him in the last few minutes of the finale and I thought the guy following him was just the army keeping an eye on him, but no, it’s his contact (for the Germans or the Russians?) who he has been passing information to all this time. Damn you, Meeks. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!!!

Too bad we won’t be getting any more of Babbit. I really like the character. Liza didn’t do much this episode except for that scene with Frank and with Akley’s widow. We found out she did win the city council election in a landslide (no surprise there). Her reaction to finding out what Frank is really working on in The Hill was pretty much to be expected. How else would she have reacted? This just confirms all her suspicions that whatever they’re working on in The Hill is no good.

Helen and Abby finally meet and Abby is pretty cold towards Helen. I like Abby and I like Helen, but I thought it was a bit self-righteous and hypocritical of Abby to act like a woman scorned towards Helen. She also cheated on her marriage so what right does she have to be hostile towards Helen? Hell, she’s not even sure that Helen and Charlie are having an affair.

So Abby is pregnant with Charlie’s kid. I guess this will definitely keep the two of them from divorcing and would probably result in the two of them reconciling. Now that Charlie knows that Abby cheated on him with Elodie, maybe he’ll tell her about Helen and then they can both move past this in order to save their marriage and to give their kids a stable home.

Loved the initial conversation between Oppenheimer and Stimson, the Secretary of War:

“How was your flight?”
“It didn’t crash.”
“Small mercies.”
“I wish it had.”

Always nice to see a bit of levity in an otherwise serious episode.

This was a brilliant first season with great characters and compelling storylines. I look forward to completing season two as soon as possible.


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