“Make sure they spell my name right”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Immortality
Original Air Date: February 11, 2011
Episode Number: 3×13

Episode Description

In the parallel universe, the Fringe Division investigates a case where a man was eaten from the inside out by an extinct beetle. Meanwhile Broyles is considered missing and Lincoln is the head of the division. Olivia welcomes her boyfriend Frank who has just returned from Texas and wants to propose to her. When a second man is also eaten by the insects, the Fringe Division identifies the scientist Dr. Armand Silva who was researching the cure for avian flu using this insect.

My Review

Well, there’s the answer to my question in the previous episode’s commentary. September was talking about Peter when he said something about how hard it is being a father because he got Fauxlivia impregnated and now Walternate is going to use this to bring Peter back to the other universe. Such a sticky situation all around and you know who I most sympathize with? Fauxlivia. That shot of her in the hospital bed all alone was so sad because she is going to raise this kid by herself and that the kid will never know its father.

Now that Fauxlivia is back in her world, I don’t dislike her as much as I did before and I really felt for her when she found out that she was pregnant and what that means for her relationship with Frank and also what she must be feeling in regards to Peter being the father. She wasn’t lying when she told Peter that she was starting to develop genuine feelings for him so talk about a love triangle that is literally out of this world.

Of course Walternate is already planning on using this child to lure Peter back to his universe. It sickens me that he’s not even sympathetic towards Fauxlivia and her feelings, he just naturally assumes that she’ll have the baby and that she’ll help with whatever plans he has for the baby and for Peter. Perfect example of the patriarchy imposing itself on a woman’s body and her decisions.

For all of Walternate’s evil-ness, I was surprised that he put his foot down immediately when AltBrandon suggested that they should use children as test subjects. At least he has some morals left. Nice to see Joan Chen playing his lover. I know her from her work on Saving Face playing the lesbian daughter’s mother.

Lincoln was pretty great in this episode with him taking over AltBroyles’ position and being the head of Fringe Division. I agree with Fauxlivia. He’s doing fine as the leader and he has nothing to be insecure or worried about. Charlie teasing him about being the new boss was very cute. I love the camaraderie between the two of them along with Fauxlivia. Fauxlivia teasing Charlie about bug girl’s crush on him was too cute. Loved the puns she was throwing his way as they went back into the office.

The bug story was alright and reminded me of a case our Fringe team worked on that involved Chinese people being smuggled into the US and being used as incubators for that freaky-looking bug. The doctor in this case has got to be out of his mind (which according to one of his former colleagues, he was) to use the real world as his laboratory. Sounds familiar actually. Looking at you, Walternate, Walter, and Bell.

Other random observations:

– Is it just me or does Lincoln have feelings for Fauxlivia? I know it was mentioned before that he kissed her not knowing that she had a boyfriend, but there’s an underlying sense that I get from Lincoln that he’s somewhat in love with her and he’s trying his best not to let this interfere with their friendship and their work.

– Frank praising AltAstrid and being super impressed with her was so cute especially when AltAstrid cracked a small smile. “I need someone like you in my life.” We all do, Frank.

– In this universe, sheep became extinct ten years ago. I wonder why.

– It was so funny when Lincoln told Frank that he can keep a secret and the moment he found out that Frank was going to ask Fauxlivia to marry him, he spills the beans to her.

– The license plate of the second victim’s car was APT6B. Keep this in mind because it comes back in the next episode.

– “Are you in love with him? The father?” 😦


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