“You Americans. Always looking for explanations. Or penance.”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Spooky Action At A Distance
Original Air Date: September 21, 2014
Episode Number: 1×09

Episode Description

Charlie and Frank are forced to work together for the good of the project. When they run into a problem, Frank turns to an unconventional resource.

My Review

There was a lot going on in this episode with multiple storylines and I think almost everyone in the cast was utilized.

Frank being blackmailed: so Paloma and her “cousin” were recruited by this guy who works for Richard Schiff’s character to acquire a truck for Paloma? What was the purpose of this and why is this still a thing? Why is Richard Schiff’s character hellbent on catching Frank doing something wrong? So he cheated on his wife, that’s his business. Or is it because he was telling Paloma what they were doing on The Hill and that’s why he’s considered a traitor even if Paloma doesn’t speak or understand English? I’m confused by this.

Liza working at the clinic is a good storyline for her and definitely would do her some good to be doing something to help people. I actually thought she was looking for pills when she was snooping around in the clinic. Turns out she just wanted to check the babies to see if they’re radioactive and, sure enough, one of them is. This is just going to fuel her suspicions that everyone on The Hill are probably building something nuclear-related. I do have a question, though: who the fuck is watching those babies?

So Frank and Charlie are using Thin Man resources to work on the implosion model by being subtle about it and not telling the group anything. Loved that Helen was quick to their plan and knew right away what they were trying to do. Now that she’s Charlie’s number two, does this mean they’ll eventually end up having a relationship? I wouldn’t actually mind that since Abby’s having her own affair. It would only be fair.

Charlie not doing anything when Abby told him that Tom groped/touched her was baffling, but not when you really think about it. He doesn’t want to rock the boat because if Tom suspects that they’ve been assigned to check the implosion numbers, this plan will blow up in Charlie’s face and that’s the last thing he wants to happen. Sucks that Charlie didn’t say anything to console Abby, though, but just told her to stay away from Tom and that men will be men. Thanks a lot, guy!

Frank’s team working on the implosion numbers and absorption rates while high was fun, but I’m disappointed that their epiphany didn’t lead to anything the morning after. It was all gibberish after all.

I’m going to be biased when it comes to Abby and Elodie so this is me saying that I liked their scenes and I think both actresses have great sexual chemistry. When Elodie said “I want to taste you” to Abby at the dinner table while Tom is in the room made me blush. Damn. Will Abby tell Elodie about what Tom did, though? If so, how will she take it?

Helen’s interrogation scene was very funny.

“Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?”
“Yes. Joe Stalin and I are pen pals.”

“Do you believe in God?”
“I’ve met him. His name is Niels Bohr.”


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