“So what are we gonna do about it?”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: The Second Coming
Original Air Date: September 14, 2014
Episode Number: 1×08

Episode Description

When British scientists, who have done extensive work on an Implosion model similar to Frank’s, visit The Hill, Frank gains some unsettling perspective. Charlie grapples with whether to tell Akley about the revelation he made about Plutonium, as well as his fate with their group. As Charlie and Frank both face grim predictions about the future of their prototypes, the stakes at home are raised when Abby discovers what is really happening to the Jews in Europe.

My Review

This was a great episode especially the ending. I have been waiting the whole season for Frank and Charlie to put their heads together and it looks like it will be happening from now on. I’m not gonna lie, I teared up when Charlie went to knock at Frank’s door (I knew he was going to go see Frank instead of Akley) and told him that Thin Man is not going to work. Frank is horrified because his implosion prototype is not going to work either so now they’re stuck and back at square one.

The scene with Abby finding out what is being done to Jews in Europe was very moving and I was very impressed with Rachel Brosnahan’s performance here. Charlie’s reaction was more subdued, but Ashley Zukerman played that scene perfectly with tears welling in his eyes. Now they both realize that the stakes are serious and that time is of the essence for the Hill to figure out how to stop this war. War so far (probably) has been an abstract topic of conversation for everyone in the compound and seeing those pictures must have brought home for both Isaacs the realities and the horrors of war.

Learning more about Crosley’s royal background was very interesting. Did not expect him to be high-born and definitely not him impregnating Hogarth’s daughter and leaving him in the lurch with a son to raise by herself. Did Crosley leave her behind on purpose knowing that she was pregnant or did he just found out about this now when Hogarth told him? He really should have told Frank that he had a contentious background with Hogarth to avoid the scene at the apartments.

Akley offering Charlie the second in command position at Thin Man and Charlie turning him down was a surprise, but at least Charlie had the self-awareness that he’s not management material. He put his own position at Thin Man at risk when he told Akley this so I’m glad he’s now going to be working with Frank instead. Should be interesting to see the group dynamic change within Frank’s team especially with Charlie and Helen (and Crosley, seeming that he and Helen continue to have a relationship).

Glen advocating for Liza to get a job and get her cleared was a great gesture. Liza having psychiatric issues was a shock, but she does seem better now. I wonder how long ago she was in a mental institution and for what. Frank clearly thinks she’s okay now, otherwise he wouldn’t have uprooted their lives from Princeton to New Mexico. Can’t wait to find out what Liza’s going to be doing now.

Abby avoiding Elodie after their encounter was interesting and I look forward to the two of them having that conversation and how each of them will react and what they would think of what happened during that night. I got a good laugh at the other operator giving Abby back her bra from Elodie.

Dunlavey giving Abby those intelligence files because he felt for her being worried about her relatives was a pleasant surprise. Maybe he’s not a bad guy after all despite what he did to Sid. I just can’t get past the fact that this is the same actor who played a villain on How To Get Away With Murder so I always think of him as a bad guy.

Lastly, I liked these lines of dialogue so I thought I’d note them down here:

“She is a card-carrying member of the Botanical Society of America. I will see that she doesn’t blow up any bridges.”

“How is Mrs. Hogarth?”

“Soon you’ll see that chaos is untamable. Implosion is like a man. The closer you look, the more you realize just how little you know about him.”


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