“She used my stomach to get through to my heart”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Entrada
Original Air Date: December 2, 2010
Episode Number: 3×08

Episode Description

Peter struggles to cope with recent events; Olivia searches for an ally; a device that communicates between universes is discovered.

My Review

Goodness, I have forgotten how tremendous these slew of episodes were that started off season three. Eight episodes in and they are not kidding around. Every episode is as equally excellent as the previous one with nary a dud so far. If seasons one and two were great, season three has been nothing but excellent and this episode was probably the best one yet so far this season. This show has so many brilliant episodes that it would be impossible to create a top 10 Fringe list because there are too many to choose from.

Back to this episode. The “showdown” between Peter and Fauxlivia throughout the episode was so suspenseful and full of tension. I liked the cat and mouse game they were playing through to the end. I was on pins and needles watching the two of them try to outplay the other in Olivia’s apartment and then later on at Newark Penn Station with Peter correctly guessing that the woman Fauxlivia was holding hostage was a shape-shifter, thus putting Fauxlivia’s plan to get away in shambles.

But in a twist I didn’t expect, Fauxlivia seemed like she meant it when she said that this started out as a mission to her, but it ended up as something more. Then we see Peter finding the picture of the two of them together that she took with her in her bag. Poor Frank, heh.

The typewriter guy finally got his end of the bargain by delivering that device to, I’m assuming, another shape-shifter so that he can send it back to the other side. It was the missing piece that Walternate needed to complete the doomsday device (aside from Peter, of course) and that’s why Fauxlivia’s mission was a success.

Seeing Olivia with marks on her face and her back was a chilling scene. AltBrandon was planning on harvesting her organs, including her brain, so he can study it and to serve his purposes. That jackass. I kinda wish AltBroyles shot him dead instead of knocking him out. Brandon > AltBrandon, for sure. Olivia pleading AltBroyles to help her broke my heart. She looked like a helpless little girl in that shot of her in the window while AltBroyles is looking at her. This was a very effective shot which made the audience feel that all hope was lost when AltBroyles left her to be experimented on.

I have forgotten that AltBroyles was killed and put himself at risk by helping Olivia go back home. What a true hero. He chose well, thanks to his talk with his wife, that all they have now is hope that this world will be healed and that things will get better. Broyles seeing his alternate version in that state…I don’t even want to imagine what he must have been feeling. That scene with him in the morgue looking at his alternate’s mutilated corpse (you could tell they cut off one of his legs so that it’ll be the same mass as Fauxlivia’s, making it an even exchange) was such a sad scene. I wonder if Olivia will tell him about AltBroyles eventually.

Olivia successfully making it back home and emerging from Walter’s deprivation tank made me tear up especially when Astrid said “Olivia?” in complete disbelief. Olivia has been through SO much and I can’t even begin to recount all the horrors that she was put through on the other side. How can one person go through all that and continue to persevere and come out even stronger? That is quite admirable. If I were in her position, I would just hide and crawl in a corner in a fetal position.

Peter sitting next to Olivia and waiting for her to wake up…can you imagine what he must have been thinking all this time and how he would explain being duped and having a relationship with Fauxlivia for two months and not knowing she wasn’t his Olivia? šŸ˜­ Bring on the angst, I say.

Other random observations:

– So cool to see the combined red and blue opening credits. This show never ceases to amaze with its cool factor with a side of geekism/nerdism.

– Peter testing Fauxlivia by uttering the Greek phrase to her was pretty neat. Fauxlivia realizing that he was testing her was also pretty neat. Both are evenly matched in their war of wits, I’d say.

– Walter covering for Peter when Broyles asked Peter what he was doing in Olivia’s apartment at 2:15 in the morning cracked me up. I’m actually surprised that Broyles hasn’t noticed how close they were getting all this time.

– “She tricked my son with her carnal manipulations and he fell right into her vagenda.” – Perhaps one of the most famous quotes that came out of this show which made the word “vagenda” part of the Fringe fandom lexicon.

– Astrid noticing that the pastry box that Fauxlivia gave Walter was from the Bronx was impressive. Astrid started the ball rolling in finding Fauxlivia, I love it.

– Newark Penn Station on the other side is Springsteen Station. šŸ˜„

– “In the end, I have to believe in hope. Please make sure this is worth it.” – AltBroyles saying this to Olivia as he closes the doors to the deprivation tank. RIP, AltBroyles. You won’t regret your decision to help Olivia.

– “You were the only thing that got me through….You saved my life.” I’m not crying, you’re crying.


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