“There’s only one Johnny”

TV Show: Killjoys
Episode Title: A Skinner, Darkley
Original Air Date: July 7, 2017
Episode Number: 3×02

Episode Description

Turin insists Dutch and D’avin take a few of the RAC’s best brains for a test drive mission, in search for a temporary replacement for Johnny. The rookies soon find themselves in over their heads, trapped in an abandoned black site bent on killing them all. Across the J, Johnny finds himself in hot water of his own as his search for Clara leads him to a mysterious skin rejuvenation center, hiding an even bigger mystery under its surface.

My Review

Wow, that has got to be the best way a TV show has addressed a request in the history of TV shows. The writers actually incorporated the fact that the original actress who played Clara (Stephanie Leonidas) is unavailable and created this skinning storyline just so they can bring in a new actress to play Clara, but introduced her as a new character in the premiere. I FUCKING LOVE THIS TWIST. Many kudos to Michelle Lovretta for thinking this up because it is fucking brilliant!

I really hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Clara, though. If Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin are going to start this war with Aneela, they’re going to need all the help they can get and having the hackmods on their side would prove to be greatly beneficial.

Loved this episode and I enjoyed it immensely. The quips and zingers were firing everywhere and I had to pause every so often just so I can make a note of these awesome and hilarious one-liners.

Dutch talking to that female Zeph (or was her name Zeph?) and recruiting her behind Turin’s back made me happy. She might not have followed protocol or the rules, but so what? Sometimes you have to adapt, right? Maybe that’s why Dutch gave her an opportunity because she probably sees herself in her. “Welcome to Team Awesome Force” indeed.

The war between the hackmods and the skinner hackmods is not going to end well, but at least it’s been subdued for now, now that Niko has been taken in. Methinks Aneela will find her way to Niko and recruit her and her group of skinner hackmods to be part of her team.

Delle Seyah Kendry is alive and well?! Was that really her, though? I have always enjoyed this character so I’m very happy she’s back, but of course, she’s going to be fighting against Dutch. What are the chances that she will turn on Aneela and help Dutch during this war?

Johnny is back with Team Awesome Force and all is right with the world (although I would have preferred it if Clara went back with him)! Dutch being so happy to see him and giving him a big hug put a huge smile on my face. She didn’t even want to hear his apology because it doesn’t matter now because he’s back and he’s back for good.

And now I’m going to list the lines that made me laugh out loud (there’s quite a few of them):

“You need a new brain.”
“You need a new face.”

“We need nerds.”

“Johnny’s on an emo walkabout.”

“We do the bang-bang, you do the tech.”

“My ears are adorable and they can hear you.”

“I’m not gonna lie, I would make sweet, sweet love to him and he would like it.”

“Do you have any strange rashes in your moist area…?”
“Whoa-kay. Offside. Look, I’m not super clear on geek mating rituals, but whatever this is, I’m not into it. Super not.”

“If ships could cry, I would have rusted, John.”

That last one from Lucy is my favorite, I think. It didn’t make me laugh out loud as the others, but it was still so damn great. The good ship Lucy and Johnny is alive and well.


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