“Thank you for saving our girl”

TV Show: Wynonna Earp
Episode Title: Let’s Pretend We’re Strangers
Original Air Date: July 7, 2017
Episode Number: 2×05

Episode Description

The battle for Waverly’s soul continues and Wynonna will never be the same.

My Review

Ugh, not here for a baby storyline with Wynonna or anyone else on this show because this type of storyline just doesn’t have a place on the show. This will definitely suck the fun out of watching Wynonna now that she’s going to be all careful and won’t be drinking anymore. Why do all my shows have to insert unnecessary baby storylines all the time? What exactly is this storyline going to be about??? No matter, I don’t give a fuck because it sucks.

Okay, I was just informed that Melanie is pregnant in real life so this is probably why the writers wrote this storyline in. Still, I hate it. They could have easily had Wynonna hide behind plants, counters, etc. to hide the fact that she’s pregnant. Hell, they always wear this bulky coats. She could just wear that all the time and no one will notice since Purgatory always has snow.

Whatever, I’m going to ignore this plot because it’s stupid and unnecessary and I have a feeling will change the dynamic of the show especially with Wynonna, Doc, and Dolls and it will not be a good change. Meh.

This was a good episode wrapping up the goo monster storyline. Too bad Lucado is dead because she kinda grew on me. Of course the goo monster said a few choice words to Nicole to hurt her, saying that Waverly needs space and can’t stand her always being around. Nicole will even be more cautious and will be doubting Waverly’s feelings for her so I need an episode where Waverly fully convinces Nicole that she’s all in in this relationship with no hesitations.

The last scene with Wayhaught was very cute and made me smile. “I would shoot anybody for you.” How romantic of Nicole, lol. I’m rooting for you two, so please work out whatever conflicts, however small, you have and talk about it and be honest with each other.

The opening scene with Goononna making that rat smoothie was fucking gross as hell and probably the grossest thing I’ve seen on this show. And she kept on holding the rat tail and put it in the glass as a piece of decoration. đŸ¤¢ And I thought the beheading in the beginning of the episode was the grossest thing I’ve seen on this show. Little did I know…

Loved the little scene with Doc and Dolls with Doc giving Dolls his flask so he can mix all the ingredients of the cure in it. “Might need a rinse.” Dolls’ reaction was priceless.

Other random observations:

– Lucado got some moves while fighting with Dolls. She had the upper hand there until Waverly broke up their UFC fight.

– Doc knowing that Wynonna was possessed by the demon was pretty great. He knows that she takes her coffee black.

– Doc being excited about the cassette player in his new car was adorable. I’m really enjoying his character a lot more this season than last season. Also, how come they didn’t address the fact that Doc has found himself a new hat?

– Will that firefighter group be part of the bigger storyline to combat these goo monsters? Methinks so, since we still have the Gardner sisters and their dickwad of a brother to deal with.

– “You’ve made an enemy this Friday.”
“It’s Tuesday.”
“Good to know.”

LOL. Very funny exchange.


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