“I was wrong about the Wright?”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: The New World
Original Air Date: September 7, 2014
Episode Number: 1×07

Episode Description

Helen and Charlie deal with a crisis. Abby embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

My Review

Well, that finally happened. So is it safe to assume that Abby and Elodie had sex and they both cheated on their husbands? Interesting. Looking forward to Abby’s feelings about this and if she’ll feel guilty or bad about it and continue to hide it from Charlie or if she’ll ‘fess up. I’m leaning towards the former. The double whammy of her cheating with a woman back in those days would be quite a scandal, even more if it was her cheating with a man.

I think the show set up this plot nicely with showing us in the very first episode that scene where Elodie was walking around naked in her house, seeing Abby watching her, and flaunting her assets. The attraction is definitely there between the two women so I’m looking forward to how this relationship progresses, if it even will. Elodie seems more flippant about sex so I wonder if this is just another fling for her.

The scenes between Charlie and Helen were very good and were probably the highlight of the episode. I wonder if something happened between them before that guy from the nuclear factory came to knock on their door. It did take Charlie a while to open the door. It makes me wonder because we have Charlie going home to Abby telling her that he loves her and I’m not sure if he just misses her or if it’s his way of apologizing and feeling guilty about it.

Charlie and Helen seem to be more compatible compared to Charlie and Abby. I’m sure Charlie and Abby are great as a couple, but I wonder how they met and how they fell in love. I liked the scene at the diner where Charlie opened up to Helen about his father being in prison, something that he hasn’t told anyone, not even Abby. The scene back in Helen’s room and them laughing about the “Wrong brothers” was very funny.

I was disappointed when Helen threw away Theodore’s letter for Frank. She sees him as competition and she would rather not have him standing in her way. Very telling that she would do this when she told Charlie that “Academia chooses a black professor over a woman every time.” Both are minorities and instead of helping each other, they see each other as competition. Sad, but true, especially during those times.

So Liza came to the realization that Frank was cheating on her with Paloma and that’s why Paloma left, right? Paloma didn’t quit. Liza let her go and that’s why Paloma told Frank “good luck” when she saw him outside. Frank is in deep shit now. Liza knows and he probably knows that she knows.

Helen coming on to Crosley at the end of the episode kinda disappointed me. Business and pleasure should never ever mix because that’s just a slippery slope so for their sake, I hope feelings are not involved and this is just two people looking for a good fuck and nothing more. Frank doesn’t need drama within his team since there’s already enough of that going around.


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