“Don’t be a fatalist now”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: 6955 kHz
Original Air Date: November 11, 2010
Episode Number: 3×06

Episode Description

Back “over here,” the Fringe Division investigates a bizarre phenomenon when 15 people up and down the Eastern Seaboard, all suffer retrograde amnesia from listening to their shortwave radios on the same frequency. Much to Walter’s dismay, Peter presses on with piecing together the mass destruction device. Just as alternate Olivia and Peter’s chemistry deepens, the anticipation of Olivia’s return escalates.

My Review

Really strong episode. So far we have gotten somewhat standalone episodes occurring in both universes, but those episodes also moved the mytharc storyline along quite nicely (more so in this universe, though). Fauxlivia seems to be making a very good impression with Walternate in regards to her mission and seems to be succeeding in having the Fringe team investigate these cases with ties to pieces of the doomsday machine and without raising any suspicions (so far at least).

The MVP of this episode was definitely Astrid. Without her code cracking expertise, they wouldn’t have figured out (or they probably would, but it would have taken them longer) that the numbers were coordinates. It was great seeing her and Walter helping each other out with their respective tasks and making each other comfortable. Walter making her an avocado, cucumber, and cheese sandwich (because it was the one food that he has tested that makes the brain to think more clearly) was a very sweet gesture. Astrid putting on Bach when Walter was getting frustrated with how the cube works was also very sweet. I just love their friendship. Walter calling her “Watson” warmed my heart.

Was anyone else irked when Fauxlivia went to the house of the female victim wearing jeans and a leather jacket? There’s nothing more irksome to me when a female person of authority on TV or in movies, like a detective or an FBI agent, would dress casually in jeans and leather jacket while their male colleagues would wear a suit and tie. It’s unprofessional and just takes me out of the scene.

Olivia would never ever go to work wearing that outfit even if she got called in on a weekend. I was screaming at my TV for Walter, Peter, or Broyles to notice this and comment on it, but no one did. Argh! There have been a few oddities like this that anyone on the team could have noticed, but no one paid enough close attention. It’s so frustrating. Also, the way Fauxlivia walks is different to how Olivia walks. Fauxlivia’s posture is even more rigid and she has more of a swagger compared to how Olivia walks. It’s these little things that should have been noticed by someone on the team.

And then we got that scene in the car with Peter and Fauxlivia where Peter asks her to recite the numbers back to him while he’s looking at The First Peoples book and she looks like she’s frozen for a minute and had to think hard to remember the numbers. How’s the photographic memory practice going, Fauxlivia? Also, did anyone notice the odd look Markham gave Fauxlivia after she bids him goodbye? I wonder if he sensed that there was something off about that Olivia. Oh, also, Peter didn’t comment on Fauxlivia forgetting who Markham was? Olivia, who has a photographic memory and who has a great memory, period, would forget someone like Markham (who’s pretty unforgettable in his own way) seems pretty fishy to me. Why didn’t he say anything about this? All of these little things should add up to something and raise a red flag for Peter, no?

We also got a scene with Fauxlivia and Nina where Fauxlivia asks Nina to talk to Walter to convince him to let Peter work on the doomsday machine. Nina asks her if she’s already spoken to Walter about it and Fauxlivia says no; Nina is surprised because she said that Olivia is usually more direct with Walter.

Regarding The First Peoples and how they roamed the earth before the dinosaurs…interesting. Did all of them get wiped out when the dinosaurs were killed off or did some of them survived? The author of the book is Seamus Wiles. I’ll just say that this is an anagram for a person’s name, someone we have already been introduced to.

So is this how Walternate built the doomsday device on the other side, by cracking the code, finding the pieces, and building them? Is his plan to have the Fringe team over here locate all the pieces and build it and have Peter power it up? How is that going to work if Peter and company decide to blow up Walternate’s universe? What is his plan here after the machine is finished?

Nice to see Marshall from Alias show up as a shape-shifter. It’s unfortunate that Walternate’s plan for the Fringe team to locate these pieces involve killing innocent people, but I guess he’s “justifying” this in that in his universe, there have been thousands of people who have been “killed” when they were quarantined in amber. Still, it’s very wrong.

And we got the last scene with Olivia on the other side and Peter talking to her and telling her that the reason Walternate and AltBrandon cancelled the experiment is because they have what they needed and no longer needs her. She’s no longer safe and she needs to come home. Dun dun dun!!! Will the next episode be the one where Olivia comes back home? Can’t wait.

Other random observations:

– The first location they went to is Jersey City, NJ. Shoutout to my hometown!

– Nina and Walter sharing a joint (they both have prescriptions) on a bench in the campus of Harvard was a sight to behold.

– Peter buying Fauxlivia U2 tickets was very sweet as was him making her breakfast in bed. I would enjoy these scenes even more if it were with his Olivia.

– “I feel a bowel movement coming on.” Oh Walter. Always sharing too much information. Astrid’s face was priceless.


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