“Helen’s got more degrees than a thermometer”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: Acceptable Limits
Original Air Date: August 31, 2014
Episode Number: 1×06

Episode Description

When Charlie is chosen to go on an important trip to Tennessee to see the country’s first plutonium reactor, tensions in the Isaacs’ marriage only deepen when Abby learns that Charlie is accompanied by Helen on his trip. Fritz has a medical emergency, and Frank’s attempt to intervene leads to a shocking discovery.

My Review

Well, everything that happened on The Hill seemed like it was a complete clusterfuck. The military is really not looking too good here with bungling the assignment of the medical chief on The Hill and fooling said medical chief that the specimens that have been collected were actually being sent out for testing. YIKES. Talk about a disaster. The military is so concerned with winning the war that they’re willing to endanger the safety and lives of the very people who could help them win the war? What kind of ass-backward logic is this?

Poor Fritz, though. I hope whatever the doctor told him to do is going to work and that he will just flush all the plutonium from his system and if that Alek person Frank was talking to is to be believed, the levels are below the dangerous limits. I don’t want Fritz to get sick and leave us. I have become to enjoy the dynamics within Frank’s team and each of them bring something essential to the table.

Frank was actually nice in this episode, quelle surprise! His concern for Fritz was touching and I liked how he didn’t get mad that plutonium was wasted, but instead was worried about Fritz’s safety. He was being passive aggressive with Charlie in the beginning, but I didn’t mind because it was a funny scene.

Liza looking into the cause of the bees’ death and that purple flower that’s supposed to only be white can’t be good for Frank. He’s going to try to steer Liza away from her theory that it’s something in the tech area that could be causing these weird phenomena and Liza is going to know that he’s lying and this will cause even more discord in their marriage. I think Frank might eventually tell Liza (perhaps not the whole story) what he’s working on to protect her from getting into trouble with the military.

Colonel Cox and Frank talking about the whole medical fiasco was a nice surprise and a welcome one. It’s too bad nothing came out of it because they couldn’t risk delaying the work since the Germans are way more than two months ahead of the scientists on The Hill.

Abby continues to not trust Charlie and now she’s suspicious that this trip to Tennessee with Helen is him cheating on her. This is not good. Just sucks that these scientists are forced to lie to their family for the war cause, but this is what they signed up for. Lie or risk being jailed for breaking the law, or worse, for treason.

Helen and Charlie make a very good and amusing team. I liked their storyline the most and how Helen started off busting Charlie’s chops and in the end, she sided with him that they should review the plans and follow protocol to a T. Too bad the military who’s even above Oppenheimer overrode their citations/recommendations and told the plant manager to go ahead and fire up the reactor. Again, the military meddling with the safety of civilians. Seems like a common theme in this episode.


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