“This is not my home”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Olivia
Original Air Date: September 23, 2010
Episode Number: 3×01

Episode Description

After the extraordinary turn of events that shockingly left an imprisoned Olivia “over there,” she fights to find her way home. Meanwhile, Peter and Walter try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside alternate Olivia.

My Review

Third season, here we go! That opener just proves how much of a fucking badass Olivia Dunham is and why she remains my favorite character ever. Her neverending will to always strive for something better and to not wait for anyone to rescue her is just one of the things that I admire about her. She will take matters into her own hands, just like she did when she was kidnapped back in season two and here when she was held against her will and brainwashed to be Fauxlivia. The way she escaped off Liberty Island really set the tone for this season in a big way. This show is not fucking around!

Seeing Olivia alone and realizing that she was going to be stuck her was utterly heartbreaking. The last hope that she had – Massive Dynamic – died when she realized that MD doesn’t exist in this universe. Makes me wonder why she didn’t try to look for William Bell, though. She doesn’t know that he probably got killed helping Walter and company cross back to their universe, but she could have asked Henry the cab driver to look up information on William Bell.

Olivia was very lucky to have gotten in on Henry’s cab instead of someone else because he was a good guy who was sympathetic and who wasn’t too alarmed about Olivia’s crazy stories and the fact that she was being hunted by the government. It warmed my heart when we saw him waiting around the corner from Fauxlivia’s mom’s house to see if Olivia would turn out okay.

It made me furious and sad to see our Olivia disappearing and absorbing Fauxlivia’s memories. This girl has been through so much already in her universe and she continues to be experimented on in this alternate universe and is forced to have someone else’s memories implanted in her for Walternate’s nefarious purposes. How much mental, physical, and emotional violations can one person take?

I have to commend Anna Torv for masterfully playing the slow transition from Olivia to Fauxlivia especially at Fauxlivia’s mom’s house. That scene with her sitting on the couch peacefully with a smile on her face and slowly tapping the couch with her thumb and then raising an eyebrow and saying “hey” to Charlie? Superb. I could totally believe that that was Fauxlivia with just the way Torv imbued Olivia with the same lightness that Fauxlivia exhibits.

Damn Walternate and AltBrandon for doing this to Olivia. I can’t wait for them to get their due. It did give me great satisfaction that Olivia was able to beat AltBrandon while she was trying to get away and it looked like she did a number on him with his arm on a sling. I’m not going to fault the Fringe Division yet because they have no idea what Walternate’s plans are so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt. AltBroyles clearly is conflicted about swapping Fauxlivia with Olivia, but he’s just following orders while AltCharlie and Lincoln are both completely in the dark.

Happy to see Lincoln recovering nicely, it seems. Props to the makeup department for that believable and gross skin job on Lincoln. Should be interesting to see if he and AltCharlie will recognize or come to the realization that this is not their Olivia. Same goes with Frank.

One other thing that I almost forgot to mention is the fact that Olivia waited until she was alone to allow herself to break down and cry. She will never hesitate to cover up what she’s really feeling and to appear strong to everyone and this is another aspect of her that I really like. So fucked up that Walternate went so far as to have the same tattoo tattooed on Olivia’s neck. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Olivia.

If I had a complaint about this episode, it’s a minor one. We have seen for the past two seasons how great of a shot Olivia is whenever she’s shooting bad guys. We’ve seen her shoot Newton’s guys in the head with one shot while the van is speeding away from her. Are we really supposed to believe that her being a great marksman in this episode was because Fauxlivia has an Olympic medalist for marksmanship? Nope, I refuse to believe it. Olivia telling Henry that she’s not really a great shot after he compliments her shooting ability made me raise my eyebrow. Olivia, please. Stop being humble. You know you’re an amazing shot, end of story. Fauxlivia’s abilities have nothing to do with this. However, I will grant that maybe Fauxlivia’s ability enhanced Olivia’s already great marksmanship.

Peter kissing Fauxlivia…noooooooo. And this is the point where the audience repeatedly ask “How come he can’t tell?” Valid question. The Olivia I saw on the steps waiting with Walter was definitely off. There’s so much lightness to her and the way she was sitting all slouched…Olivia would not sit like that. She would sit up straight and would probably just stand instead of sitting on the steps. This is going to be so hard watching Fauxlivia masquerading as Olivia and no one realizing it’s not the real Olivia.

And now for a few random observations:

– The AltVerse has a musical called Dogs which is a complete sensation. I see what you did there, show. Very cute.

– Daily Flights To The Moon being advertised on a video screen outside a store. How cool is that?

– Olivia’s eidetic memory comes in handy when she recited Henry’s Show Me card back to him in complete detail. “Jedi Mind Trick” 😄

– “Thank you for not shooting me” – Charlie to Olivia. This made me laugh because we all know that in our world, Olivia shot shape-shifter Charlie.

– “She is our Olivia now” – this gave me chills

Season three is off to a great start!


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