“I bet Galileo knew how to read a road map”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: You Always Hurt the Ones You Love
Original Air Date: July 27, 2014
Episode Number: 1×01

Episode Description

Frank Winter and his team have been recruited to work on a project even they could know nothing about until their arrival. Once inside “The Hill,” a middle class bubble on a dusty foothill in the New Mexico desert, they begin to sense that this is no ordinary assignment. In fact, they are living in a town with the world’s highest concentration of geniuses, yet it can’t be found on any map, a place where men and women are torn between duty and their moral values, husbands and wives conceal the truth from each other and their families, the military keeps secrets from the scientists they chaperone, and the scientists keep secrets from each other.

My Review

Now that I’m done with Sweet/Vicious, it’s time I finally watch this show because it has been on my to-watch list since last year. I’m amused by the fact that I started watching this on July 4th because this episode was somewhat set on July 4th decades ago.

I thought the pilot was very strong with the characters’ conflicts being evident right away. Good thing that no one immediately jumped out as me as someone I would dislike – definitely a positive. Seems like all the actors are all very good and well-cast.

I can’t even begin to imagine the scientists having to keep this enormous secret from their families and on top of that, they have this huge burden and moral dilemma that if they succeed in building this bomb, this could mean wiping out thousands of people. That is some heavy shit, man. I admire the show for exploring this dilemma because surely it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns for the real men and women who were involved with the Manhattan Project. I’m looking forward to watching how each character is going to deal with this new reality.

Frank looks like he’s about to break any moment now and I feel bad that he has no one to talk to and that it’s killing him not to tell his wife what exactly it is he’s working on. Him talking to their maid was his way of being honest with someone else aside from the people he works with. Poor guy. I wonder if he’s eventually going to end up telling her.

As for Charlie, did he really tell Abby everything and when Abby slipped at the party, she was told that she should tell people that they’re building some kind of radar that will help win the war. Does she really know everything?

I can already see that maybe Frank and Charlie will eventually team up so it’ll be interesting to see how they get there. Or I’m wrong and they’ll continue to be rivals with Akler’s team against Frank’s team. Speaking of, I loved that there’s a woman in Frank’s team and I’m already itching for her backstory. I just don’t want her to get involved with any of the men that she’s working with.

I’m also interested in learning more about Abby and what her story is. Is she just a housewife or does she also have a job back in Massachusetts? I want her to become friends with Liza to further create the tension between Frank and Charlie. Also, what was that scene about with her watching her naked neighbor a little too long? Curiosity or something else? That definitely made me perk up!

Frank giving up Sid was a shock. I thought he didn’t have it in him. Frank was put in a tough position by Sid, though. How would Frank know that Sid is not lying and didn’t already sell those classified papers to someone who would eventually sell them to the enemy? The military have a right to be so vigilant in containing the information in the compound because this could make the Allies win or lose the war.

I got a kick out of seeing so many familiar faces on this show:

Abby (Rachel Brosnahan) – was on House of Cards
Liza (Olivia Williams) – was on Dollhouse and a million other things
Louis/Fritz – I know him as Piper’s brother on Orange Is The New Black
Jim – he was just on this past season of Billions
Akler – of course he’s Sheriff Hopper on Stranger Things

Anyway, strong start for this show. I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes.


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