“Girl with a PhD. That’s like a monkey with a harmonica.”

TV Show: Manhattan
Episode Title: The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Original Air Date: August 3, 2014
Episode Number: 1×02

Episode Description

A special shipment of the first sample of plutonium arrives at The Hill – one that could change everything. With the future of his team up in the air, Frank knows that having some of the precious material could make all the difference. As Frank desperately tries to keep his team alive, he learns that Liao has been detained by a covert outside party. Liza helps Abby find creative ways to survive life on The Hill. As the wives grow closer, competition escalates between Frank and Charlie in the lab.

My Review

Did not see that ending coming, omg. That soldier was just itching to pull the trigger and it was just unfortunate for Sid that that soldier was nearby and was probably too green to know what to do under those circumstances. He could have told Sid to not move and not shoot right away. So sad to see Sid gone and for sure Frank is going to even be more conflicted about this because he started this chain of events (well, Sid did, technically). If Frank is not stressed out enough, this will definitely make him on the verge of losing it.

Poor Liza not winning any points with her husband at all. I’m siding with Liza here because how would she know that Charlie and Frank don’t get along. She was only trying to be nice to Abby and to possibly have a friend within the compound. If their husbands don’t get along, I hope this doesn’t stop either of them from becoming friends.

I liked seeing Liza teach Abby the ways of living in the compound and using supplies to barter for other essential items. I want Liza to be Abby’s mentee, in a way. There’s a lot of potential here with these two when they become friends.

Frank and his team failing to prove their theory to that scientist was disheartening, but I hope they don’t give up and just continue to soldier on, plutonium or not. Was not a fan of Charlie picking up that scrap of paper from the test site because I have a feeling he’s going to use it to his team’s advantage and will probably take credit for it. This will just further the conflict between him and Frank.

I’m still holding out hope that both men will come to a realization that their ideas are more aligned with each other than they care to admit and that Charlie will eventually end up working with Frank. I liked seeing him interact with the rest of Frank’s team even though they duped Charlie into the situation. The whole Krypton conversation was quite amusing and it was great to see him just roll with it.

My curiosity is piqued again with that woman who lives across from the Isaacs seeing Abby and Charlie through the window being all affectionate. I want to know more about her and if she has a family or husband working in the lab.


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