“You have to come back because you belong with me”

TV Show: Fringe
Episode Title: Over There, Part 2
Original Air Date: May 20, 2010
Episode Number: 2×22

Episode Description

Sacrifices will be made and both universes may never be the same again after Walter and Olivia visit the “other side.”

My Review

For the second straight season, Fringe ended its season with another huge cliffhanger and I’m not sure I can choose which one is my favorite. This finale had a huge emotional cliffhanger while the S1 finale had a huge and shocking cliffhanger. Well, this one was shocking, too, I guess. Gah, I can’t choose! They’re both excellent and such great hours of TV.

The introduction of the alternate universe and its characters were so well-executed and I’m still in awe (after all these years) at the creativity and the imagination of the creators and the writers and, of course, of the acting talents of this amazing and capable cast. So many kudos to be passed around. These first two seasons of Fringe have been one of the best two seasons of any show I’ve seen and ranks right up there with The West Wing’s glorious first two seasons.

This episode was chock-ful of twists and had tons of suspense, didn’t it? Loved every second of it, but I think my favorite moment was definitely the Olivia and Bolivia confrontation. Anna Torv, my majestic and beautiful queen! All those people who complained about Torv’s wooden acting when this show began, where are you all at now, huh? There was a reason why Torv acted that way when the show first started out. It’s because the script called for it. Only when she started that little family with the Bishops and Astrid that she begun to loosen up and we see who Olivia really is. Torv was more than capable of being just a wooden actress. She is a fantastic actress and I’m so glad that people realize this as the show progressed.

Tatiana Maslany has been praised non-stop for the amazing work that she has done and continues to do on Orphan Black, but I’m somewhat bitter that Torv was the first one who did what she did and never got the same praise. Granted, what Maslany is doing is more extreme since she’s juggling several characters, but the fact that critics and viewers didn’t give Torv the praise that she’s due just irks me a little bit. But I’ll let it slide because both actresses are brilliant at their crafts.

Anyway, kudos to Torv and her stunt double and the director for the fight scene. That was seamlessly shot and so believable. Of course our Olivia would win out in the end because she’s awesome. It was good to see that they seemed to have been evenly matched and Olivia got the drop on Bolivia at the last minute. I also liked how both of them were trying to have a conversation while sizing each other up. We learned that Bolivia’s mom is alive while her sister died during childbirth and Olivia tells Bolivia that she has a sister and a niece named Ella.

Another favorite scene was Peter’s second meeting with Bolivia where she asks what the Olivia on the other side is like. I really loved Peter’s description of our Olivia: “She’s a lot like you. Darker in the eyes, maybe. She’s always trying to make up for something. Right some imaginary wrong. Haunted, I guess. Maybe she’s nothing like you at all.” This perfectly describes who Olivia is and for Peter to put that succinctly into words was admirable. He knows her so well.

The scene with Walter, Bell, and Olivia at Kentucky GRILLED Chicken was another highlight. Walter and Bell were behaving like two grandfathers who Olivia has to babysit. I was so amused by her reaction when they were arguing and she’s looking at them in disbelief and then scolding them to get it together. 😄

Bell sacrificing himself so that Walter, Peter, and Bolivia could come back to our world was quite noble. He turned out to be a good guy after all and we find out that Walter was the one who asked Bell to remove parts of his brain because of what/who he was becoming. We also found out that Bell was the who created the shape-shifters, not because he’s helping Walternate, but because it was the only way he could stay in Walternate’s good graces and be useful to him and still keep tabs on him. I’m surprised that Bell hasn’t had any communication with our world to pass along this information, but for all we know, he probably was sending messages to Nina and just doesn’t know that she’s not receiving any of them.

Bolivia assuming Olivia’s life…oh man. I am giddy at the thought of starting season three right away because this whole storyline is quite emotional and just destroys you in the right way. Makes me wonder if Walternate was the one who planned for Bolivia to swap places with Olivia (most likely) to infiltrate the other world and to keep Walternate apprised of the situation.

Poor, poor Olivia stuck in the other side and being kept in solitary confinement in the dark. As if she hasn’t gone through enough, Walternate is keeping her there locked up and caged like an animal. No one deserves to be treated this way. I can’t wait for her to bust out next season (because we all know she will, come on) and find a way to go back to our world. I believe in you, Olivia!

It’s so like this show to have Peter and Olivia finally kiss only for her to get stuck behind the alternate universe and for him to go back to our world with Bolivia. I love it. Olivia’s speech to Peter about why he should go back with her made teary-eyed and, dammit, the kiss made me smile. Yup, I think I can probably officially call myself a shipper. It’s not an intense shipping, but I do love them a lot more than when I first watched this show. I was so opposed against the two of them becoming more than friends, but knowing what I know now and what happens in the end, watching their story from the beginning and how organic everything played out, I’ve become a fan.

How badass were Bell and Olivia trying to fend off the entire Fringe Division? I got a kick out of Bell showing off his inventions to Olivia and how ridiculous and dangerous they became, lol. I still want to know how Bolivia managed to knock out Olivia in such a short span of time. They were right next to each other and I guess she sneaked up behind Olivia, knocked her out, threw the grenade which scorched everything on that street, revived Bell, and then went inside the opera house to infiltrate the team. Good thing Bell sacrificed himself to power that machine to create a crack between the two universes, otherwise, they would have busted Bolivia right away if they needed Olivia to do her thing.

Loved the continuation of the differences between the two universes:

– Red Arrow and Red Lantern vs. Green Arrow and Green Lantern
– Bell died in a car accident as a young man
– Madison Square Garden is ambered and quarantined
– Kentucky Grilled Chicken vs. Kentucky Friend Chicken
– The road from New York to Boston is scorched and is a wasteland

Other random observations:

– Peter telling Bolivia during their first meeting that he prefers her hair over Olivia’s blonde hair. Sacre bleu!

– “We’ve accomplished a lot together, Walter, but she may be our greatest achievement.” – Bell to Walter, talking about Olivia.

– So it looks like Walter and Bell share a love for red vines. I thought Leonard Nimoy and John Noble had an excellent chemistry as Bell and Walter. Totally believable that they could be long time friends and scientific partners.

– Peter tells Olivia that he figured out that Walternate didn’t bring him back to heal the alternate universe, but rather to destroy our universe. Dun dun dun!

– “What’s a little universe hopping between friends?” – Peter to Bell during their first and only meeting. I laughed.

– Astrid bakes when she’s nervous! Loved how she kept on feeding Peter after he’s back from the alternate universe. Their friendship is so sweet.

– “You did cross universes twice to save my life. That’s gotta count for something, right?” – Peter to Walter. This is a good sign that Peter would hopefully eventually forgive Walter for taking him from the alternate universe.

All in all, this has been a superb second season and I would give it an A and I can’t wait to relive the awesomeness of season three.


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